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Parallel Universes and Multiple Versions of You

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Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered, “Is there someone from a faraway planet in another galaxy that is just like me?”

The idea may not be as farfetched as it seems.

The universe in its totality is evolving at an exponential rate as energy in its inflationary state converts to matter and radiation, forming new planets, stars and whole galaxies that may be similar or different than our own. We cannot see these new galaxies because they are light years away. Also, our galaxy does not interact with or collide into these new galaxies because of the waves of inflation in between, according astrophysicist and author Ethan Siegel.

One Parallel Universe or Many?

If the forming of particles of matter and radiation from energy creates new planetary systems, is it also possible that the same pattern can be repeated to create another earth, or are we truly unique?

Scientists have been searching for an answer to that question, and they may have found it. Three years ago, scientists discovered Kepler-186f, about 500 light years away from earth. Dubbed “Earth’s cousin,” the planet is 10 percent bigger than earth, has less intense sunshine and is likely cooler than earth.

So if there are other earth-like planets, could the planets be populated with people that look and act like us?

A Word on Doppelgängers

Has anyone ever said to you, “You know who you look like? You look exactly like (my cousin, this friend, that actor ….). Most of us have had the experience at one point or another. One type of “twin” is a Dopplegänger, which to me means look alike. Have you ever seen someone that looks just like you? If you are curious about the possibility, check out, which allows you to upload your photo to see if there is a possible match.

A friend spotted “me” once in a magazine. She tossed the magazine to me and said, “You are on page 68.” I’ll never forget looking at the image and thinking, “That can’t be me, but she DOES look a lot like me.” The experience was a little scary but exciting at the same time. I thought about what her life must be like and how it differed from my own. We looked the same but led very different lives.

Another time, I had a college roommate who was a bit of a grumpy sourpuss. One day, I left her behind in the dorm room and headed to a nearby food hall for lunch. Who should I see there but someone that looked EXACTLY like my roommate (who was still in the dorm). This lady was smiling and laughing and had a completely different personality. I never did get a chance to tell my roommate as she left college shortly thereafter. I always wondered, did she ever get the chance to meet her other self?

Is it possible that there are multiple copies of you in the universe? Theoretical astrophysicist Suketu Bhavsar says that the possibility exists based on the multiverse theory. Then there is the story of Santana Gutierrez of California. Turns out she has multiple Dopplegängers throughout the world!

Another meaning of Dopplegänger, this time from ancient Egyptian mythology and Norse mythology, is spirit double or ghostly double. This “energy” double may share your thoughts and feelings or even take action for you in advance.

Law of Attraction speaker Abraham-Hicks had this to say about aligning with the energy version of you:

The non-physical part of you looks ahead and evolves alongside you. Living in the present moment gives you the thrill of the experience along with your energy version because it allows you to tune into that “higher self” and become aligned with who you truly are.

For more on the subject visit:

Psychic Fun: Testing Your Abilities

Find a place where you can sit undisturbed. Take deep breathes to calm yourself. Breathe in for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. Breathe out for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. Do the breathing exercise a few times until you feel relaxed. To maintain a meditative state, focus on your breath.

Have a pen and a piece of paper ready.

WITHOUT THINKING write down 3 predictions and put dates on them. I would not go much farther in the future than a month. These can be simple predictions such as: I will be eating dinner out with (name of friend) on Saturday (date), I will find a $20 bill by Friday (date).  If you hear a lot of chatter in your brain – commence with the deep breathing again.

If writing down predictions is too much of a challenge, do deep breathing then let your mind wander, again WITHOUT THINKING, and write down impressions of what you see. Water rising (may indicate a flood), Water lapping on the shore (may indicate a beach trip), seeing an unusual animal walk up to you (may represent a spirit animal), etc.

Put the predictions underneath a mattress and pull them out in a month and see how you did. The most important thing to remember when doing psychic channeling is to dislocate yourself from yourself and serve as a channel rather than an interpreter of what you see. Good luck!

Life’s Experiences Can Be Wondrous When You Let Go of the Outcome

Psychic Viewpoint

The Pilgrimage

Recently, I attended a Gathering of Nations in Canada to gain a greater understanding of my Native American Heritage. In preparation, I searched for written documentation and historic records kept by my family to back up my claim of being a direct descendant of two “princesses” from two Canadian tribes. I had their first names, the names of the tribes, and the areas of Canada they came from. My grandmother told me before she passed that the gift of healing was passed to me by one of these ancestors.

Following an exhaustive search, I realized the scant information I did have was all I was going to get. I had to let go of the definition of who I was and where I came from and be present for whatever experiences came my way.

After landing in Detroit, I rented a car and drove to the Canadian border. I was stopped at the border, questioned extensively, and underwent a search of the car I was driving. The same thing happened when I crossed the border again from Canada to Detroit upon leaving. It seems to me the border patrol doesn’t appreciate anyone visiting an Indian Nation that has never been occupied by anyone other than Native Americans. And while I cannot say I was embraced by everyone on the island – I am a “white” person with no tribal affiliation card after all – that did not stop me from having an incredible learning experience, which included the following:

  • The wild animals were unafraid and came to me unbidden – even offering a gift (a freshly killed salamander called a Mud Puppy).
  • Paddling a freshly handmade birchbark canoe can be a spiritual experience.
  • Healing the Native American way involves prayer, healing herbs and singing.
  • Sharing a peace pipe as an offering of gratitude around a Sacred Fire during the daily sunrise ceremony grounds you and brings you closer to God.
  • Native drumming ceremonies and Pow Wow dances can make the bones vibrate while connecting everyone as a group.
  • The Potawatomi were known as seers and shapeshifters but many had lost the knowledge (My Ah Ha! Moment).
  • Not all Native Americans embrace the idea of WiFi, casinos and hotels as a means of supporting their way of life.
  • Organic gardening is more than steering clear of pesticide use. Organic gardening means re-purposing things including seeds, soil, and old odds and ends, while using plants as herbs for cooking as well as medicine.

My most important experience by far was an opportunity to gain insights from a Medicine Man who allowed me to hold the carved amulet he uses for protection. Holding the amulet was both frightening and intriguing at the same time. The Medicine Man was more forthcoming than others I had talked to and provided the insight I needed. He told me I needed to find a teacher as he did (still searching) and learn to speak the language. He provided information about my guides – both Spirit and Animal – and said I was selected by the ancestors to serve as a healer and seer (psychic) because of the “the way I am with people.”

The experience was so much more than anything I could conceive in my mind, simply because I let go of my presumptions and experienced the moments as they unfolded.

Another Life-Changing Experience

Another life-changing moment came recently during the Total Solar Eclipse.

Having never seen a Total Solar Eclipse before, I headed with my partner to the North Georgia Mountains. We set up camp at the base of Yonah Mountain then traveled to Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee the next day. There I was among a small gathering of 20 strangers experiencing a once in a lifetime event.

There was not a cloud in sight. The duration of totality was 2 minutes and 27 seconds. Silence fell over us as we gazed up into the sky awestruck as the moon glided in front of the sun, leaving behind a yellow ring of fire. My seven-month-old puppy barked in confusion as the day went dark at 2:35 p.m. in the afternoon.

In that short period of time, so many feelings and sensations passed through me. I shouted out in exhilaration as the moment happened and felt permeated with the energy of both the moon and the sun at once. I realized how powerful the sun truly is and how much I depend on it. I understand now how little I know about life that lies beyond our solar system, and how blessed I was to be there to experience the moment.

Psychic Fun: Seeing Life and Death in Photographs
This test will take some practice on your part. Collect a group of photographs of people familiar to you.

Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and clear your mind.

Pick up one of the photographs and allow your gaze to rest on the outer edges of the hair of the individual before you. Allow your focus to relax. After a minute or two you will notice what appears to be a shimmer of light around the person – almost like a halo. The halo is the energy or aura of the person, which indicates the person is alive (a life force). Now look at a photograph of someone you know that has passed away. You will notice after a few moments that a halo of light does not surround the individual.

Once you are able to do this with a high percentage of accuracy, request the help of a friend. Ask the friend not to tell you who is alive and who is dead in the photographs. See how you do and record your findings. Once you become fairly accurate with this test, you can take the process a little deeper and provide psychic impressions about the individual.

Magic Around Us: Do Fairies Exist?

Psychic Viewpoint

In the not so distant past, children were encouraged to “go outside and play” until we were called for dinner. We would participate in outdoor games with friends, or we would use the imagination to conjure up magical creatures, invisible playmates, forts and castles.

As adults, we choose to set aside the magic of our youth as “playful notions” in order to make a living and raise our families, while striving to maintain good health and well-being.

But what if there really is magic in nature, and we just need to slow down a little bit to see it? While angels can make themselves visible as spots of light around us, there may be something even more magical right in front of us.

Are Fairies Real?
Some may argue that fairies do not exist; they are simply a figment of the imagination. However, if photographic images can verify the existence of ghosts and angels, is it possible that fairies can be photographed too? The first visual example of fairies – the Cottingley Fairies of England – was debunked as a fake (with the exception of the last photograph). Years later, John Hyatt, a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, presented the “Rossendale Fairies.” These winged creatures look nothing like flies, moths, butterflies, or dragonflies. See the images here:

Were the images actually glowing insects or were they magical creatures? In another video, the video producer includes example images of unusual creatures from multiple sources and locations to further illustrate the possibility of magic around us: Another image compilation from Planet Dove may even reactivate your sense of wonder – and prompt you to ask: “Are these insects or tiny beings?”

Synchronous Fireflies Nantahala, North Carolina
Summer can be a magical time, especially if you enjoy watching fireflies (lightning bugs) at night. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to camp for the weekend across the way from the Nantahala (River) Outdoor Center. While listening to the night sounds around me, I looked up and watched in awe as thousands of fireflies moved in waves across the sky. I chose not to attempt to capture the experience with a photograph; instead, I enjoyed nature’s light show. Here is an image I found that is closest to matching what I saw:

What in the World Was That?
During a 2016 visit to South Georgia, I was walking along a sunlit path through a wooded area when I came across an unusual sight of unidentified flying insects? around me. What makes the experience so unique is that they appeared to be differing species, and they glowed. I’ve looked through a lot of insect books since that day, and I have yet to find a match for what I had seen. I like to think that magic was afoot that day.

Creating Magic in Your Own Backyard
Perhaps you don’t believe in fairies, or maybe you do. Either way, stepping outside to enjoy a quiet moment in nature – even if it’s in your own backyard or in a nearby park – offers many health benefits. Connecting with nature is the key.

Here are a couple of ways to attract nature or maybe even fairies. Hang a bird feeder outside of a window, or, if you have land, why not build a fairy house? Consider planting flowers – to feed the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds – or a Hawthorn Tree, which is native to Georgia and reportedly a fairy favorite.



Psychic Fun: Predicting the Future

This experiment will require you to set aside a little “non-thinking” time. Take out a pen and piece of paper. Put the date and time at the top, then sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths while visualizing white light coming into the top of your head as if it is being poured into you with a funnel.

Once you feel that your heart rate has slowed down, and you feel an overall sense of calm, pick up the pen and write down some simple predictions WITHOUT THINKING. Start with 10-20 predictions such as: who will call you next, the return address for the next letter you will receive in the mail, who will knock on your door, who will approach you first at work and what the person will be wearing, etc. Once you’ve completed the list, set it aside. If the prediction is accurate then give it a check mark. Count all the check marks in the end to see how well you did.

It’s OK not to get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect. Good luck!

Ghosts Among Us and Objects That Move

Psychic Viewpoint

A few weeks ago, a dear friend I know stayed at my home for the weekend. As he sat in the backyard watching the birds in the morning, I took a quick photo. Later, when I looked at the photo I had taken, I noticed a large bright light hanging in the air around a nearby tree and two smaller lights near it. That night, we had dinner in my dining area. While I was enjoying my meal, a full glass of wine tipped over onto my plate, although no one had touched the glass. Later, the microwave door slammed shut, seemingly on its own.

While paranormal activity doesn’t “spook” me, the three incidents in one day caused me to take notice. The following Sunday, my friend passed away. I know now that the large light was an angel, and the smaller lights were his wife and another relative waiting to take him home.

Paranormal activity has always been a part of my life. The first time I can recall anything occurring was when I was living in a dorm room at the University of Georgia. A friend that lived at the dorm needed to move out of her room which had a very noisy roommate. Since my roommate had dropped out of college, I decided to let my friend stay in my room. I told her, “If you want to stay with me you need to know I like keeping my room neat, and I have ghosts.” At the time, my friend did not believe in ghosts, so I showed her. I said, “If there is someone in the room with me, please show us you are here.” At that moment, books fell off of a bureau with a slam! My new roommate jumped but was determined to tough it out.

Later, we moved to an off-campus apartment together. I was unaware that the place had been converted to an apartment complex following the closure of a senior home for the aging at that location. As it happens, one of the residents who had died there chose not to leave. He caused all kinds of trouble for us – from flushing the toilet at odd times to appearing on my closet door in a threatening manner to pushing my roommate against a door. Finally, I had had enough, and I told the ghost, “You can stay if you will quit causing trouble. Help out with the rent money, why don’t you?” The next day, I found a man’s shaving kit in a closet. It was full of coins. I told him, “thank you,” and I never had any trouble from him again.

There was another situation in Athens that I laugh about to this day. Seems there was a group of ghosts who lived in my little rental house. They would sing spirituals and dance in my living room. The first time I ran outside to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating from too much studying and not enough sleep.  When I walked back inside they started singing again.  A few weeks later, my little sister came up from Atlanta to stay with me for the night. She woke around 2 a.m. to witness someone walking into the bathroom. She called out my name, but I did not answer, so she got up to see what was going on. When she looked into my room, there I was sound asleep. Needless to say, she did not sleep get another wink of sleep. The next day she announced to me that she would never stay over at my place again. And she hasn’t.

As a former reporter, I had many incidents where ghosts would show up to tell me how they died. Imagine the surprise of the members of the police department when I would call for confirmation already armed with the facts?

A few years ago, I was asked by a friend to visit Racoon Mountain Caverns near Chattanooga, Tennessee, for a special tour involving the two of us plus a guide. My friend brought a device to capture audio of any paranormal activity. It was a lively day, and I spoke to a number of spirits who enjoyed “living” in the cool, dark cave. As I was passing through a narrow space, I felt something – almost like a noose – around my neck. I realized that particular ghost had died from hanging. As the cave guide had never experienced the paranormal before that day, I stepped out of the passage and had him stand where I was. He had the same sensation and was simultaneously frightened and amazed. My friend asked me if I would like to stay overnight in the cavern to further explore it, but I declined.

These days, when I have a scheduled reading, a spirit may show up in advance to let me know they would like to “visit” during the session. Once I am in the session, they will indicate they are present, either with a smell or an image (such as planting flowers) that may be associated with them, or it may be the manner of their death, which I will feel in my body. Some will “speak” through me. Others will mention things that are important to the person I am reading for, so a connection can be made. There are also times when the spirit makes it clear that they have moved on to heaven or their final resting place and have no plans to come back to visit. In those situations, they let me know that they are happy and are no longer in pain.

So what signs should you look for to determine if you have paranormal activity around you? suggests the following:

  1. Unexplained Noises
  2. Opening Doors or Cupboards
  3. Lights or Electronics Switching on and off
  4. Disappearing Items
  5. Shadows
  6. Feeling of Being Watched
  7. Hot and Cold Spots
  8. Unexplained smells
  9. Levitating Objects
  10. Apparitions
  11. Objects at your feet (coins, feathers)
  12. Animal (pet) reactions

For the most part, these spirits are no threat to you, and may be stopping by to give you a message. Or it may be someone that is attached to an antique (I have a few of them!). However, if you would prefer the spirits to go on their way, rather than stick around, you can light a white candle and guide them to the light by letting them know their family is waiting. You can also burn sage in a bowl while carrying the bowl and fanning the smoke around the house, particularly around doors, yourself and your pets.

Psychic Fun: Seeing Past Lives

For this experiment, you will need a white candle, a low table and a willing friend. Sit on the floor with a small table between you. Place the white candle on the table and light it. Let your eyes relax and look at each other over the candlelight for a few minutes. In a little while, your friend’s features will begin to change. Take turns making observations of what you see.

Be ready for what you may find. I’ve tried this experiment once with a friend. Unfortunately, he realized I had left him in a past life. Whoops!




Advice and opinions provided here are for entertainment purposes only and is not to be construed as legally binding in any way. If you have a medical or legal concern, please contact a professional who can address the issue. Thank you!