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Sky Cat and Other Weird Tales from the Suburbs

Psychic Viewpoint

Birds, reptiles, animals, fish – wild and domestic – communicate with me. For example, a dog may walk up to me and say hello, surprising the owner. I’ve served as a healing channel, which may be the reason for the connection, or they may just “know” I can communicate with them psychically, or they may remember me from another lifetime.

Recently, I’ve been having animal experiences that have been good, somewhat unsettling, and just plain bizarre.


Just Passing Through

A little over a week ago I was looking through my kitchen window and could not believe what I saw in the front yard. It was a large snapping turtle (about the size of a dinner plate).  Snapping turtles live in ponds, swamps or near water. There is no lake, pond or creek at my house, which prompted me to ask, “What in the world is a snapping turtle doing in my front yard?”

I believe he came to me for help.

I knew just what I had to do.

I grabbed a plastic pet carrier and had my partner pick up the turtle by the back of its shell and place it carefully in the carrier. I called my friend who has a spring-fed creek behind her house and asked her if I could bring the turtle over. Once I reached the creek, I set down the carrier, opened the door, and she and I watched as the turtle slipped out of the carrier and disappeared into the muddy creek bottom.

Not only did the turtle need help, he was sending a message.

According to Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak, turtles represent the connection between heaven and earth and represent the doorway to the Faerie Realm.  The turtle helps us awaken our senses – both physical and spiritual – meaning all senses including psychic (sixth sense) become stronger. It also meant I needed to slow down so I could see the abundance around me.

I expressed my thanks for the information and began making a greater effort to become more grounded and attuned.

“Turtle reminds us that all we need for all that we do is available to us, if we approach it in the right manner and time.” – Ted Andrews, Animal Speak


The Ravens

Ravens have been coming around often lately. I am striving to understand them better.

Once before a reading, a raven landed in a backyard tree just beyond the back steps and cawed at me while looking down. I followed his gaze and noticed a low-lying gray cloud at ground level. I knew instinctively the cloud represented someone’s addiction, and the addicted individual had passed away. I was able to share with his dad that he was finally free of heroin.

The raven is “the keeper of synchronicity. He is the master of bending and folding time and space.” Those with the raven as a totem “seek stillness and quiet … and will bring messages for others. As a result, the spirit world uses you as a bridge to the physical world to bring forth its directives,” per


The Thrasher Family

The brown thrasher is the state bird of Georgia. I’ve named the brown thrasher that lives in my yard “Brownie.”

I’ve always enjoyed chatting with Brownie. One day he disappeared, and a week later, Brownie brought “Mrs. Brownie,” home to my house where they built a nest in the arbor.  I was thrilled, and before long Mrs. Brownie laid three eggs in the new nest.

A few days later, two ravens showed up and made a loud ruckus just above the nest. I also heard what I thought was a hawk.  I ran outside and said, “What the heck is going on?!” At that moment, the ravens left, the hawk left, and unfortunately, the brown thrashers left too.

I thought Mr. and Mrs. Brownie were gone for good. I was crushed as I knew the eggs would not hatch without a bird to incubate them.

I talked to the other birds and asked them to tell the brown thrashers it was safe to come home. It took a few days, but the birds returned to feather their nest.


The Battle Is On

A couple of days ago, I heard the ravens calling out again – they cawed loudly as they flew from tree to tree. I thought, “Not again!” I ran outside to investigate. I asked, “What are you doing ravens?!” At that moment, a huge hawk flew out of a nearby tree. I realized the ravens had chased it away. I heard, “We are the protectors of the realm.” I finally understood they were guarding my backyard from predators. In this case, it was a hawk looking for an animal snack.


Sky Cat

My mom lives alone so I drop in often to say hello or help out. Last Thursday was like any other day except there was a small black kitten by the sidewalk near her front door. I looked to the left, to the right and to the front of the property. My mom doesn’t have a cat and neither do her neighbors. I thought, “What in the world is a little black kitten doing here?” Even more unusual is that kitten was in the one spot I would notice upon walking up to my mother’s front door. It is the one spot that isn’t covered with thick green English ivy.

The kitten was laying flat on his belly. He stared at me and wasn’t moving. I scooped him up, and he began meowing loudly. At that moment, a large shadow passed over me. I looked up to see one of the largest hawks I have ever seen in my life as it swooped low over me and the kitten. It became clear to me the hawk was coming back for the lunch he had dropped! I ran into the house with the kitten and made an appointment to see the veterinarian later in the day. According to the vet, the kitten has nerve damage in a back leg, which is likely where the hawk grabbed it. I am hopeful his leg will heal over time.

The irony in this story is while I’ve always had a black cat, I promised my partner I would not get another one as the loss of my cat Pretty Girl last June was heartbreaking for both of us. But what if a cat drops from the sky, literally at my feet? Shouldn’t I keep it?

I looked through my mom’s video footage to see when the kitten fell from the sky. It appears he showed up 17 minutes before my arrival.

So much for promises. We have a new kitten now. His name is Luke, and he’s one lucky cat!

Psychic Fun: Learn How to Listen Clairvoyantly

Clairaudience, or the ability to listen in a clairvoyant manner (clear-hearing), is an important step to becoming more intuitive.

The voice of angels and spirit guides is usually soft and clear. (Although sometimes, I’ve heard an angel shout to get my attention!)

When spirit is speaking, and we are not ready to listen, we will spend time second-guessing what was heard, and the communication, as well as the meaning of the message, will be lost. However, when we are ready to listen, a whole new world of sounds will open up.

How is the development of this skill helpful? Becoming clairaudient allows you to gain a lot more insight into what the other person is NOT saying. It also enables you to hear the voices of souls who have passed as well as guidance from your spirit guides that is specific to you.

So how do you become a more active listener?

  1. Practice shutting your eyes and listening to everything around you. Really tune in. Listen to the birds, the trees, the cars, the trains, the telephones, people talking, people laughing. Everything. In time, all the crazy noise will become a constant stream. It’s at this point you can hear the music.
  2. Meditate regularly, and if possible, during the same time each day. This is great training as it enables you to listen objectively in a relaxed state without expectations. Daily meditation lets your spirit guides know you are serious about developing your skills too. (A psychic investment!)
  3. Be clear with your intentions. Decide what you want to know from your angels or spirit guides. Put together a list of questions. Find a quiet place, take some deep breaths. Ask a question and wait for an answer. Then truly listen. If you don’t receive an immediate response, don’t give up. Try again another day.

Good Luck!


A Time for Rebirth and A Time for Hope

Psychic Viewpoint


As we enter the third month of the coronavirus pandemic, people wonder – will this ever end? Yes, but until we have a vaccine to stop the progression of this disease or build immunity in some other way, we can expect permanent changes in the way we live, play, work and interact with other people.


It Happens So Fast

As a psychic and an empath, I have been experiencing something unique with this pandemic. Usually, I feel the presence of someone when they die tragically or unexpectedly. Instead, these days I hear the cawing sounds of ravens often, which I interpret as marking the COVID-19 death of someone local. At this point, no one who has died from COVID-19 has reached out to me for help in making the transition to the next plane. Is it because people die so fast with this disease? Maybe, maybe not. It is my hope that they have no need for clairvoyant help and are in a place of peace and acceptance instead.


Keeping Hope Alive

A few days ago, I was sitting outside watching wind blow the leaves of a nearby tree. A lovely red cardinal flew to a branch near me and chirped. At that moment, I felt a lightening of the heavy melancholy and sadness I felt for all of the souls lost to this disease. With this new feeling, I knew that the situation had begun to shift somewhat.

Life may not be the same as it once was, but that doesn’t mean that life has lost its beauty or its special moments. In our new normal, we can learn to change and adapt, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful present and special moments that make life worth living.


The Coronavirus Family

A female stormwater engineer was walking by my house Wednesday as I was filling my bird feeders. She and I struck up a conversation, and she said, “I have a coronavirus family now; I guess we all do.” She was talking about who she is with right now including her two children, her husband, and two friends who are in the “safe zone.” Similarly, my face-to-face interactions have been limited to my immediate family and a few neighbors since March 17.


Nature Transforms Itself

It was nice to have a conversation with someone new. I talked about how important it has become to keep our water supply safe and grow our own vegetables this year. Not only does growing your own food create less demand on the food chain, but it’s healthy and healing to plant, grow and harvest food and herbs grown in your own backyard. Some studies suggest that digging around in the dirt can reduce stress and depression and improve your immune system too.


“Researchers have already found clear evidence that childhood exposure to outdoor microbes is linked to a more robust immune system; for example, Bavarian farm children who spent time in family animal stables and drank farm milk had drastically lower rates of asthma and allergies throughout their lives than their neighbors who did not.” – Zoë Schlanger, Dirt has a microbiome, and it may double as an antidepressant.


The female engineer said she looked for vegetable plants so she could have her own urban garden this year, but few were available. It seems the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of first-time vegetable gardeners, which has wiped out a lot of the supply, at least for now.


Grow Your Own

Every spring, I grow vegetables and herbs in my little garden plots. Past harvests have been limited due to a couple of challenges (squirrels, chipmunks, insects, birds, too much rain, you name it!). After seeing empty grocery store shelves over several weeks, I realized just how important it is to dedicate myself to growing a bountiful garden this year.

I added a third garden plot, fruit vines and bushes, and I placed seeds in cups to plant elsewhere and share with others. I’ve even planted some vegetables in my flower garden, and I bought netting to stop the birds and critters from nibbling the plants too.

Earlier this week, I noticed bean seedlings growing in a couple of the cups, and I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to give some vegetable seedlings to a family who would enjoy watching them grow?

I had an idea. I asked the lady engineer if she would like to see my garden and took her for a tour. I asked her if she would like some extra bean seedlings I had grown in a cup. She nodded yes then gave me the most beautiful smile. It felt as if I had given her a cup of gold!

She and I talked about the Victory Gardens of WWI and WWII, where everyone was encouraged to grow their own food in order to supplement rations and improve morale.

After she left, I called one of my relatives and asked if she recalled growing a victory garden during WWII. I was told everyone in school was required to participate. The victory garden was on public land near her school. Three rows were planted east to west and three rows were planted north to south. Students received a “blue” stick of approval if they did a good job. I could hear the smile in her voice as she described gazing out her classroom window and seeing the blue marker in her garden row.

There are a lot of benefits to growing your own vegetables. Here are just a few:

  • Feeling closer and more connected with the earth and the seasons.
  • Self-reliance – the feeling that you have control over your food sources.
  • Fresh, unspoiled, perfectly ripened food at your fingertips.
  • The joy of food exchange, sharing with others in your community.
  • Your food can be totally organic.
  • You can create bio-diversity in your garden.
  • Grow what you like to prepare and eat.
  • You can reduce the number of miles required for food transport.


Focus on What’s Important and Let Go of the Drama

If anything, the pandemic teaches us the importance of creating something positive – whether it is our thoughts, a new attitude or growing a garden. It is teaching us what is important. It is forcing us to live in the present moment because we don’t know what the future will bring. It is teaching us not to take our health for granted. It is giving us a chance to rest or daydream so we can come up with new and creative ideas to keep ourselves entertained and get things done.

It is my hope you will come out of this pandemic better and stronger than ever before, brimming with new ideas, hopes and dreams to guide your future.

Embracing Self-Love and Sanity in a Pandemic

Psychic Viewpoint

In communities across the U.S. and around the world, people are being mandated or encouraged to distance themselves from friends, family, co-workers and strangers. We are told to avoid social gatherings and just stay home. People are working remotely via an Internet connection; they are on the front lines; or they are experiencing unemployment.

We’ve learned some new terms in recent months: Stay Home/Stay Safe, Social Distancing, Flatten the Curve, Self-Quarantine, Curb the Spread of the Virus, and of course, Coronavirus and COVID-19.

Many of us know someone that has or has had the coronavirus. As I write this story, I am praying for the recovery of a friend who is in the hospital.

As plans, events and celebrations are placed on hold or are cancelled all together, we come to realize that this virus, COVID-19, is changing the way we live. Most of all, it’s giving each of us time to assess what’s important in life.


Letting Go to Just Be

Because we are inundated with information about COVID-19, it’s easy to become fearful. Realize, we can only control what we can control. So make an effort to eat right, get some sunshine, exercise, get enough sleep, wipe down packages that enter your home, and steer clear of crowds and physical contact with others. That’s it. That’s as much control as there is in this situation. By allowing fear to dominate our thinking, we are leading with the mind, not the heart, which makes it impossible to enjoy life’s special moments.


Coming to Terms with What Is

Being obligated to stay at home forces you to spend time with yourself as well, which gives you more time to think. Afterall, you cannot remain busy forever, right? Because the future is unknown, and we are not in control of the outcome to any extent, we are forced to let go and see what happens. While this approach may seem scary, being open to an alternative outcome can lead to a healthy release of expectations, which can result in enlightenment.

Once you realize this new way of living is not changing anytime soon, it’s time to take the next step: assess where you are in an honest and loving way and make positive changes in your life.

“By all means, deep clean your homes and offices. But more importantly, when feelings of anxiety, repression, fear, anger, or outrage arise, work with them. Investigate them. Turn them over and clean them out. Regardless of whether or not you become sick, you have an opportunity to work with the feelings that arise here.”
– Mikki Baloy, “Love in the Time of COVID

Learning to accept, love and appreciate yourself for who you are will help you get out of crisis/fear mode and into a state of peace. Margaret Paul, Ph.D., offers several steps you can take to learn to love yourself.

  • Be willing to feel pain and take responsibility for your feelings. Realize that feelings, “good” or “bad” are informational.
  • Be willing to learn about your emotions.
  • Learn about your false beliefs. Ask yourself, “What am I thinking or doing that’s causing the painful feelings?”
  • Open your heart and start a dialogue with your higher self.
  • Take loving action. Ask yourself: “What can I do to love myself?” and “How can I feel love for myself?”
  • Evaluate your actions and begin again.


Take Stock, Make Changes and Appreciate the Moment

With 75 percent of the U.S. population staying home, we’ve been forced to take stock and appreciate who is important to us in our lives. Whether it’s family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers, all provide us with a sense of being connected and a reason to care. Conversely, we also realize who we are with is who we are with until the public health threat is over.

We are being forced to slow down life’s frantic pace. Even better, being cooped up inside causes people to go outside (when allowed to do so) and exercise, or soak up some sunshine.

I’m astonished to see people I’ve never seen before walking, running and biking in my neighborhood. Neighbors are sitting and chatting 6 feet apart. People appear more relaxed, smile and say hello. There are stories of people under quarantine who are coming up with creative ways to spend time inside too.

Here are a few suggestions from

  • Learn how to cook.
  • Watch online videos.
  • Call friends.
  • Clean up your closet and donate clothes.
  • Redecorate.
  • Read that book.
  • Establish a schedule.
  • Check out museums online.
  • If you have a yard: plant flowers.
  • Paint, draw, take photographs.

The birds are chirping more, the sky is brighter, the air is cleaner, and wild animals you would not see are showing up in neighborhoods, towns and cities.

Just last night I heard a horrific sound outside – grabbed the flashlight and ran. Was it a cat being killed in my suburban neighborhood? Was a fox tangling with a coyote? I flashed the light onto the biggest raccoon I’ve ever seen in my life! He was chasing another one and screaming as he did so. An incredible sight!

Sometimes change is forced upon us if we like it or not. In addition to the loss of so many people, this virus is bringing about major changes in how we work and live. The worldwide impact shows us clearly that we are all one people on one planet, which makes us more connected as human beings. Neighbors are looking out for neighbors too!

Wishing you peace, love and light as we continue moving forward to summer and its offering of a hopeful reprieve.

Show Me a Sign!

Psychic Viewpoint

Have you ever asked the universe to show you a sign? Perhaps a loved one has passed away and you would like to connect? Or you have a big decision to make concerning a relationship, a job or a move?

Sometimes we receive signs when we don’t ask for them. That just may be the universe’s way of saying: Pay attention!


The Sign of the Falcon

The other day, I saw several versions of a falcon – one was a sign on a truck, one was an Atlanta Falcons ballcap worn by an older gentleman, and another was an actual falcon flying through the air. I said, “OK universe. I hear you!” I knew based on my reading of Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak, falcons teach us to recognize opportunities and act on them at the right moment, while encouraging us to be more mentally agile. Personally, I also view it as opportunities are going to start coming in quickly so be prepared! I’ve always thought the falcon embodied my dad, so when a falcon shows up that’s his way of saying hello.


When is it Time to Pay Attention?

So, what are some of the signs from the universe that can alert you? Infinite Soul Blue Print suggests the following:

  • Seeing the same things over and over – road signs, words on the radio, something you read.
  • Lights flickering – this may serve as confirmation for you that the universe is listening.
  • Technology fails to “send the message.” Ever written a text message or an email and your phone or computer suddenly conks out? When that happens, I do not send the message. That may be your sign not to send the message either!
  • See the same animal several times (other than a squirrel).
  • Songs on the radio provide an answer when you are thinking of a question.


Asking for Divine Help to Guide Us

Spiritual medium and author James Van Praagh, says we can all use divine guidance to “help us navigate this challenging human existence.” He suggests we invite the universe to provide guidance, which can be done by living in the present moment, trusting in the intuitive nudge we are receiving and expressing gratitude. The key is to be specific when we ask.


I Hear You!

Andrea Mai, a legally blind photographer and medium, calls herself the “twin flame,” of the deceased musical phenomenon Prince. She describes an event where she asked Prince to send her angels as a sign he was listening. Several days went by. As Andrea was walking through an airport, she entered the duty-free shop and spent time around the colognes and perfumes, something she says she never does. It was there in the perfume aisle that she spotted Paco Rabanne’s cologne; all the packaging was decorated in angels’ wings! She laughed when she realized that was the sign!


Trust Your Voice

As I was researching prior to writing this post, I came across a story written today by a man named Jonathan Rockey. Mr. Rockey said his desires “seemed too big,” when he prayed for healing, peace and unity, but to his surprise, his prayers were answered. Mr. Rockey knew to let go and trust, which is the first step to allowing positive change in our lives. That’s not to say that all prayers are answered, and perhaps that is as it should be too.

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs
That just because he may not answer doesn’t mean he don’t care.
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered – Garth Brooks, song: “Unanswered Prayers


How Do we Know We are On the Right Path?

Often, I am asked by clients if they are on the right path. I respond based on the information provided to me by my guides. However, there are things you can look for that let you know you ARE on the right path too.

  1. Things are aligning. People and events show up and fall into place.
  2. Obstacles don’t seem to stop you – you find a way over them, around them or through them.
  3. You no longer care what others think because what you are doing feels right to you.
  4. You are excited and motivated.
  5. You feel peaceful (because you know in your heart this is what you are meant to do).
  6. Making decisions seems easier.
  7. You lose track of time while you are working. *Important*
  8. You don’t feel overwhelmed or trapped.
  9. Your health seems to be improving to support you in your new endeavor.
  10. You don’t have to compromise your beliefs.
  11. You feel tired in a good way.

One of my favorite poems is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. In his poem he talks about forging a new path. I suppose when each of us decides to do what we want to do -what we are meant to do – instead of what others expect us to do it is alright.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost, the Road Not Taken


Taking the First Step

I’ve talked about a spiritual teacher in my writings who helped me delete any negative self-talk and steer myself into a new direction. Kent Boxberger talked about the importance of focusing on the three “I’s” – “I let go, I follow, I trust.” He said sometimes if you don’t feel good you need to convince yourself (the mind) that you do. One fast way to do this is to tell yourself, “I feel better.” This simple statement, when repeated over and over like a mantra, can pull you out of a negative space into a receptive place, and that’s where new opportunities happen.

By changing negative thought patterns into positive ones, new energy and opportunities can manifest. Kent believed in the Law of Attraction and suggested saying the following mantra daily to get into a more positive, “flowing” state of mind. Give it a try and see how it can make a difference in your life!

My daily life path and career is to FEEL AS GOOD AS I CAN, for as long as I can expecting that Things Are Always Working Out for ME, no matter what, as I follow my highest excitement, moment to moment with Love.


Psychic Life Advice by Knowing Through Growing

Interview with Stan Holt, Energy Healer



Advice and opinions provided here are for entertainment purposes only and is not to be construed as legally binding in any way. If you have a medical or legal concern, please contact a professional who can address the issue. Thank you!