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Energy Fields are All Around Us – So What are They and How Do We See Them?

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In his 1975 book, Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World, Raymond Buckland describes auras as having three dimensions. There is the etheric double, a dark line that is grey in color that extends across the surface of the body. There is the inner aura, which is about two or three inches wide and is colored by the health of the individual and by the individual’s mental and emotional state. And then there is the outer aura, which extends from the inner aura out about six inches. Colors of this aura vary greatly and are influenced by mental and psychic conditions present at the time.

A Brief How To Lesson

So how do you train yourself to see auras? This can be done in the following manner:

Get a horseshoe magnet and suspend with a pair of strings or threads or prop it up so there is space around it. Now darken the room you are in and where the horseshoe magnet is located. Study the magnet from different angles. After a little while you will notice there is a faint luminescence along the outside edge of the magnet and the “poles” at the end.  Now do the same thing in the light; hold the magnet up against the backdrop of a window. It’s important to be able to see energy fields or auras in darkness and in broad daylight.

Try looking at the magnet with one eye closed then the other and with both eyes open. Some people have a dominant “psychic eye,” that is better to use when viewing auras.

I’ve also tried not looking directly at the person or object but just above it. I find that it’s easier to see auras that way.

Now try the same thing with photographs of the deceased versus photographs of people that are alive. See if you notice if there is an aura or not around the individual in the photograph.

Once you begin to see the energy field around a magnet, start looking at other things such as plants, animals and people in daylight and in darkness.

It takes practice and patience, but you should begin to see energy fields or auras around people more readily over time.

As a healing channel, I look for “dips” or breaks in the energy field around someone or with a pet in order to isolate a problem.  Sometimes I find that physical afflictions are the result of mental conditions or attitudes. There is definitely something to be said for maintaining a positive attitude, as it is reflected in the person’s energy field.

Clairvoyance and the Remote View: The Story of A Diamond Ring

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The other day my sister called, she was staying at a friend’s place in Berlin, Germany. While cleaning the counters, she lost her friend’s diamond ring and could not find it anywhere. In a panic over the loss of the ring, she used Skype to contact me and ask me if I knew where it was.  I was driving at the time, which was notthe ring the best location for me to get a visual. I did it on the fly and asked for help from my angels to find the ring. What I was told, and what I saw, was something metal with slats. I said it bounced rolled and is behind a metal grate or metal slats of some sort. Are there any metal grates there? On the floor, anywhere? She showed me the floor and an area beneath a dishwasher. She said, “Is this what you see?” I said, “It could be.” I kept repeating over and over: it’s beneath a metal grate. It bounced and rolled, and it’s lying flat. You cannot see it.”

It turned out it was on a shelf underneath a metal grater. It had apparently bounced into it when it fell, and they could not see it.

The point of the story: I did my best not to interpret what I was seeing – only saying what was coming to me. As a psychic I know that sometimes information can be convoluted or unique in the way the information is presented by the psychic to the client. It is best to allow the information you receive from a psychic to percolate because the answer might not be clear immediately, but it will make sense once you, yourself, see the answer in the context it was presented.

Look for the Signs

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good signDo you ever wonder if you are on the right path? I suggest looking for signs, both internal and external. It may be a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach warning that the situation is not working for you. Or that rapid heartbeat you feel when you meet someone for the first time and look into their eyes which may be telling you it’s a good fit.

When I wonder about a situation, I stop and ask for signs to show me the way. A billboard message may catch my eye, or a bumper sticker on the back of a car. Hawks may fly into view just to let me know I need to pay more attention to my surroundings or balance something in my life. Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak (, published a guide book on the spirit meaning of animals, which has proven to be helpful when determining the greater meaning of a situation.

Clarity From a Possum

Once when I was in an argument with my partner while on vacation, I stormed outside and sat on the curb to think. Rbe kindight about that time, a possum walked up to me from out of nowhere and just looked at me. A light bulb seemed to turn on inside my brain, and I realized that the argument stemmed from my own baggage carried from past relationships. The possum then waddled away and I walked back to the room, only for my significant other to tell me, “You know this is your baggage.” I said, “I know, I know. The possum already told me. I got the message already, thanks!”


A sign quote from Doug Cooper

Sometimes information comes to us in dreams. I like to keep a smoky quartz crystal on the nightstand, which helps with lucid dreaming. For myself, information plays out as a scene or in a symbolic manner, which gives me more clarity.  For dreams with particularly unusual symbols, I refer to an online tool called Dream Moods (  You can also ask for help from your subconscious. State to yourself just prior to sleep time, “I have a clear and direct communication with my subconscious.” After making the statement, ask the question you want information about and then sleep on it. Often, you will have your answer by the morning.

If you would like guidance to help you determine your correct path, contact me for a reading by filling out information on the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

When did you know you were a psychic?

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So many people have asked me when did you know you were psychic?  And then the follow-up question: So what am I thinking now?

I think I’ve always known I was psychic, but I could not put a name to it for a long time. Things became clearer when I was 13.

The Voice Inside My Head
That was when my family took a 2-week trip in a Winnebago out west.  While we were traveling through Los Angeles I heard a voice inside my head say: make sure everyone is secure. So I walked around and made certain my mom and dad had seat belts on and my brother and sister were sitting and sort of lodged against a table. I took my dog and headed for the back of the vehicle and wedged myself against a wall with my dog in my arms. A few minutes later, our vehicle struck an immobile car and everything went flying. My mom’s head hit the dash but she was held in place by the seat belt. My brother and sister fell beneath the table and I fell forward in the back. No one received anything more than scratches that day. When question markI look back, I would say that was the first very clear act of cognition I can recall.

So What Am I Thinking Now?
Psychics are used to being asked the question what am I thinking now?  The answer is not always simple. For me, if the individual is thinking a million thoughts at once (and you know who you are!) it’s hard to get a fix on one or two things. But if the person has a singular thought or image in a moment
than I can see it fairly clearly.  It was in my early 20’s that I first realized I could hear someone’s thoughts. It was a disturbing realization because, let’s face it, not everyone says what they think. Today, I try not to delve into someone’s head out of respect for the person’s privacy.




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