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UFO Activity is on the Increase Around the World

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Have you ever seen a UFO? Did you shrug it off thinking your eyes were just playing tricks on you, or perhaps it was a sun flare, a meteor, or a military aircraft being tested? There’s a good chance that what you really saw was an Unidentified Flying Object.

Almost 200,000 Sightings Reported

There have been many UFO sightings over the last couple of years. has tracked 196,097 on an interactive map. United States UFO hotspots have been reported in Florida, (Atlanta) Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, (Houston and Dallas) Texas, (San Diego) California, (Chicago) Illinois, Connecticut and elsewhere.

In Connecticut alone, there were 93 reported sightings in 2018 and six so far this year. A Southington, CT resident reported seeing a silver “triangular shaped object” rapidly descending to the ground along Route 84 at 6:30 in the morning. He estimated where he thought the object landed but there was nothing there. “Kept looking for any orange glow and or smoke but nothing.”

One man reported seeing a UFO while pumping gas at a Sandy Springs, Georgia, Kroger store in June 2018. (I’ve been to this Kroger Store!) He was surprised to see a uniquely shaped object hovering over nearby trees and buildings, saying “nearly as quickly as it appeared, it vanished again into thin air.” He filed a description of the event on MUFONSM, which claims to be the world’s “oldest and largest civilian UFO investigation and research organization.”

UFO Researchers Report Life-Changing Experiences

Another renowned research organization, FREE (The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters) conducted a three-tier public study in 2016, reaching out to people via social media, radio, magazines and websites.  The results were interesting. More than 2,000 people who responded to the survey reported seeing a UFO, and 1,390 had seen a non-human intelligent being (NHIB). Approximately 85 percent of those who had seen an NHIB said the experience was positive, while 71 percent felt that they experienced expanded consciousness as a result.

Study participants indicated that they were either missing time or had extra time (meaning they arrived at their destination more quickly than expected).

The National UFO Reporting Center ( maintains a database of all sightings. The organization provides a summary description of all sightings by state, year and date.

UFOs Have Been Visiting Us Since Ancient Times

Three thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians recorded alien sightings on hieroglyphic panels.

“The Temple of Seti I at Abydos has a hieroglyphic panel that bears symbols resembling a helicopter, spaceship and jet planes. These hieroglyphic panels were made three to five thousand years ago, when man had no idea about these modern-day vehicles.” – Kim Jones,

The first U.S. sighting of a UFO was made by pilot Kenneth Albert Arnold on June 24, 1947 on a clear day north of Mt. Rainier in Washington state. He was 9,200 feet in the air when he saw what looked like bright flashes. Upon closer inspection he noticed a series of saucer-like shapes. He tracked their movement and determined they traveled 50 miles in just under 2 minutes or approximately 1,200 miles per hour. Read his story here:

UFOs in Georgia: My First Experience

My own interest in UFOs began when I was a news anchor for a small radio station in North Georgia in the mid-1990s. One day, a young girl and others in her community called the radio station to report a UFO flying over the area. Click here to hear the radio story. What I did not report as part of the story was that a number of planes were dispatched from Dobbins Air Force base in Marietta, Georgia (approximately 60 miles away) shortly after the UFO was sighted. After I heard the planes overhead, I called Dobbins Air Force base for a comment. To my amusement, an Air Force spokesman would not confirm that they dispatched jets to chase a UFO, only that the jets caused a sonic boom.

UFOs in Central Florida

Image by Thor_Deichmann on PixabayIn the late 1990’s, I was traveling with a friend on Interstate 4 in Florida (between Daytona Beach and Orlando) when we spotted a series of seven silver discs flying in an intricate pattern as we traveled west. The unidentified flying objects flew in formation along the Interstate for approximately 45 minutes before disappearing. The unusual activity caused a serious slowdown in westbound traffic as people watched what was taking place in the night sky! I was not able to take a photograph or video of what I saw, but I will never forget it.

Channeling ET

George Van Tassel, known as the original space channeler, learned about aliens when he visited what he claimed to be a Venusian spaceship. He moved to the desert and established the first UFO meeting center in 1947. He became known for his ability to channel a group of extraterrestrial beings called Ashtar, later called Ashtar Command. Mr. Van Tassel passed away in 1978 just weeks before he was to unveil Integraton, a formula designed to assist people with time travel and human longevity.

One of the first people to claim that extraterrestrials walked around our planet was Ruth Shick Montgomery, a well-known news journalist from the Nixon era. Following her retirement from her news career, Mrs. Montgomery began channeling information on the topics of extraterrestrials and reincarnation into a series of books including Aliens Among Us and Companions Along the Way. She also spoke of a term she called Walk-Ins, which are extraterrestrials that inhabit the body of someone who is ready to depart, a type of soul exchange.

Other-Worldly Insights Available on Youtube

Today, there are a number of channelers who provide insights from extraterrestrial beings and angelic beings. Here are a few well known channelers:

  1. Darryl Anka. Mr. Anka channels Bashar, a multi-dimensional being.
  2. Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks channels her inner being (Abraham) using her vocabulary by translating non-physical energy.
  3. Rob Gautheir. Mr. Gautheir channels TReb Bor yit-NE, described as a hybrid of human and reptilian species.
  4. Kerrie-Ann Thornton. Ms. Thornton is a former nurse in Sydney, Australia, who channels gray aliens as well as Draconians, Reptilians and Annunaki. She calls the process the Awakening. Kerrie-Ann Thornton
  5. Lee Carroll. Mr.Carroll channels Kryon, which he describes as an angelic entity.
Psychic Fun: Meditate to Open Up Your Awareness

One of the best ways to improve psychic awareness is to take time to sit in silence. Use a timer and set it for 10 minutes then just sit. Don’t fight thoughts just let them fade and focus on your breath. Breath in equals new energy. Breath out means breathing out your cares and concerns. Essentially creating a new you with every breath. If your mind begins to stray focus on the in and out breaths.

What does silence mean? Silence means allowing your thoughts to flow through rather than focusing on them. Also, if you are sitting outside, try to refrain from judging things around you while you are sitting in silence. What do I mean by that? If you are sitting outside and you notice a bird, don’t name the bird. Just look at the bird. If you feel a breeze on your face, don’t say, “What a delightful breeze.” Just feel the breeze. Sitting in silence will allow you to experience the present moment in all of its multi-layered wonder.

Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, says it best:

“Silence is Golden; it has divine power and immense energy. Try to pay more attention to the silence than to the sounds. Paying attention to outer silence creates inner silence: the mind becomes still. Every sound is born out of silence, dies back into silence, and during its life span is surrounded by silence. Silence enables the sound to be. It is an intrinsic but unmanifested part of every sound, every musical note, every song, and every word. The unmanifested is present in this world as silence. All you have to do is pay attention to it.”

Above all else, be patient with yourself. Good luck!

Psychic Intuition in Animals

Psychic Viewpoint

Ever wonder what your dog or cat is staring at when you see nothing at all? Could it be a ghost? When you see something out of the corner of your eye, you may shrug it off as being a figment of your imagination. Animals don’t judge whether something is real or not, they simply react to the change in the environment. Also, because dogs and cats have a heightened sense of hearing and smell and sight, they may sense something we cannot detect.

Stories abound about dogs acting oddly – pacing, barking, running, whimpering – as if sensing a ghostly presence. Dogs see some of the ultraviolet spectrum (which we cannot see), and can hear higher frequencies, which may be why they sense ghosts more often than we do.

A woman named Lacy was asleep along with her husband and Great Dane, Bellatrix. In the middle of the night she heard a man say hello. She shrugged it off until she heard the man say the word again. This time Bellatrix heard it too and began growling and barking at the ceiling.

“The belief that dogs are in tune with the spirit world, or have some sort of precognition which allows them to anticipate ominous events, is not just something from the distant past. It persists today.”

– Dr. Stanley Coren, Psychology Today

When a pet parent passes away before the pet, pets may still be able to see their parent in spirit form and respond accordingly. In her book, Tails of the Afterlife, Peggy Schmidt writes about a lady named Del Johnsen who left behind seven pets when she passed away. Several people reported seeing her animals gather in a particular spot each day, wriggling around with joy, as if they are being petted by their deceased “pet mom.”

When providing psychic readings, I will often notice “ghost pets,” follow their owner into the room where I am giving a reading, especially if the pet has recently passed away. This tells me that love that is shared always remains, even after pets die.

Oftentimes, pets perceive danger before we do.

Pet Saviors

I will never forget the time I had a fire in the kitchen of my home. I was walking down the hallway when my little black cat, Pretty Girl, came streaking towards me in a sprint while meowing loudly. I heard in my head, “the kitchen is on fire.” I ran to the kitchen and put out the fire before it was out of control, thanks to my cat. She is my hero as she saved me, her fur buddies and the house that day. 

There are many stories about pets who protect their humans in dangerous situations as well. Holly, a domesticated short-hair calico cat, was just a year old when she came to the rescue of a father and his three-year-old son. A pair of dogs were attempting to attack the little boy while he and his dad were outside. The cat leaped into action and drew the dogs away and into the house where a battle ensued. It took two people to pry one of the dogs and the cat apart. She survived. After that fateful day, the cat began guarding the inside perimeter of the house and the little boy’s room on a daily basis.

Feline Comfort in Their Final Hours: Oscar the Nursing Home Cat

Then there’s the story out of a Providence, Rhode Island concerning a cat who was adopted in 2005 by the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. In more than 100 cases, Oscar would choose to nap next to a patient who would die within a couple of hours. Oscar has been the subject of multiple books about him and was featured in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Extra Sensory Perception in the Wild

Animals in the wild have the ability to sense not only danger, but weather-related disasters as well. In 2004, villagers in Bang Keoy, Thailand, noticed a herd of buffalo lift their heads, look out towards the sea, then scurry to higher ground. Those people that followed the animals to higher ground survived a cataclysmic tsunami.

In 373 B.C., in the Greek city of Helice, it was recorded that rats, snakes and weasels left the city shortly before a devastating earthquake happened.

In 1975, in Haicheng in Liaoning Province, China, scientists noticed farm animals and birds acting strangely. When scientists looked at other changes such as a drop in ground water levels, they decided to act and evacuated the city. Shortly after, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred, resulting in the death of more than 2,000 people. The situation could have been far worse, as the city had a total population of 1.5 million.

In my experience, wild birds change their tune when a tornado is about to occur. I’ve noticed they disappear in the trees and go silent just before it strikes. Do animals feel slight tremors in the ground or electrical changes in the air indicating extreme weather, or are they psychically attuned?

Wild Animals Come to the Rescue

Domesticated pets are not the only ones who save human beings in tough situations; wild animals have been known to come to the rescue as well.

In 2007, a young man named Kevin Hines attempted suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The jump did not kill him, but it did break his back and shatter his vertebrae. Unable to swim to shore and starting to sink, he felt something brushing him and looked down to find a sea lion nudging him to keep him above water until authorities could rescue him.

In March 2012, Robert Biggs of Paradise, California, was watching a mother bear and her cubs from a safe distance. In the next moment, Biggs was struggling to survive as a mountain lion attacked him unexpectedly from behind. Who should come to the rescue but the momma bear, who pulled the cat off of Biggs and fought with the mountain lion until the mountain lion ran away.

They Came to Say Goodbye

One of my favorite stories concerning animal intuition comes from South Africa. Lawrence Anthony, a conservationist and author, rehabilitated rogue, wild elephants at the Thula Thula game preserve. Known as the Elephant Whisperer, Anthony had a knack for calming the rescued elephants and establishing bonds of trust and love. The day Anthony died, the elephants somehow sensed his passing. Two herds of elephants traveled for miles to Anthony’s home to mourn the death of the man they loved. They stayed for two days to say goodbye.

“This man’s oh-so-abundantly loving heart offered healing to these elephants, and now, they came to pay loving homage to their friend.” – Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, PhD

Psychic Fun: Linking Telepathically with Pets

For several years now, I’ve attempted to link telepathically with my pets. My old dog Charlie Bear and I were telepathically linked, which was convenient, as I never had to call his name out loud for him to come to me or respond to my commands. These days, my animals hear me, but that doesn’t mean they choose to listen or respond (stubborn!). That said, here are some steps you can use to communicate with your pet on a telepathic level. (Steps provided by

  1. Relax and calm your mind.
  2. Use your mind to connect with your animal’s energy. (Feel it).
  3. Call out your pet’s name telepathically to get your pet’s attention.
  4. Ask your pet a question by visualizing a picture in your mind. Wait for a response. You may hear a childlike voice or you may see pictures. Note: I once heard my chihuahua speak in a childlike voice, which was cool and a little unnerving.
  5. Acknowledge to your pet that you received a response.

Good Luck!

Becoming a Psychic Sleuth: Psychics Who Work with the Law

Psychic Viewpoint

Psychics see visions (like a brief clip from a video), receive impressions (smell the earth, see leaves and glimpses of people and expressions), hear words from the dead and “feel” how they died (a sharp pain in the chest, a stomach ache, choking sensation, etc.), but may not always be able to pinpoint the location where the body can be found.  I am one of them.

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Live Intentionally and Change Your Life

Psychic Viewpoint

In recent months two friends crossed over to the light. Kent Boxberger was a teacher and mentor and Nikola Preusser was someone I have known all of my adult life. Kent taught me to trust in self with the knowledge that things will work out. Nikola taught me the importance of living the life I choose.

I attended Kent’s metaphysics classes on and off from 2013 until 2018. He spoke about the Law of Attraction and followed several channelers in the metaphysical world including Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham; Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar; and Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon.

One of the mantras he suggested practicing daily was this:

My Daily Life Path and Career is to FEEL AS GOOD AS I CAN FOR AS LONG AS I CAN expecting that “Things are always working out for me,” no matter what as I “Follow my Highest Excitement, moment to moment, with Love.”

I believe we come into this life for a purpose. It may be to learn unconditional love, patience, how to care for others, or simply to make a difference in the world.

While I did not always agree with Kent’s point of view, I realized the wisdom in many things he said.

Kent believed that we were greater than we believed ourselves to be; we were not just a pile of skin and bones. Instead, we were 97% vibrational energy. We start out in this life as 100 percent unconditional love and then we build belief systems along the way that create resistance (or what some may refer to as negative belief systems) in our lives.

The key is to radiate love and the feeling of love to build a better life. Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, talks quite a bit about being “in the vortex.” So how do you know if you are in or out of the vortex? Ask yourself how you feel about different things in your life and see where it registers on the scale. If you are out of the vortex on a certain issue, work on changing the feeling.

In life you may have had experiences of 100 percent unconditional love (think of the love you feel with a pet or a baby, a friend or a family member), but it’s not easy to maintain that “love” feeling all of the time. The reason is resistance. Resistance may be perceived as “negative thoughts” such as fear, feelings of lack, low self-worth, etc., all of which get in the way of feeling good.  Depending on your belief system, God may exist as a distant entity, as a part of you (the Still Voice Within), or Source Energy (God is in all things). When we have feelings of low self-worth, negative self-thoughts, jealousy and judgement of others or ourselves, we move away from God/Source Energy (unconditional love) and the positive things in life.

At the same time, in order to manifest what you want, you need to be in a positive frame of mind to create the path for it. You have to feel good and experience the feeling of what you want when you are in that positive feeling mode. I gave this concept a try with my most recent vehicle. I had driven 4×4 trucks for many years but was considering the purchase of a car – and more specifically – a sports car, so I took one for a test drive. Did I buy that car? No, but it enabled me to feel what it would be like to have a sports car. It felt great! A year later, I bought a sports car and have it – and love it – to this day.

When you maintain a vibration of love and a vibration of appreciation, good things result. The universe understands feelings and vibrations not words. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, or you are feeling negative about the world around you, or if you waffle back and forth between positive and negative thoughts, it makes it harder for What You Want to come to you. Likewise, if you are happy in the moment, or you decide to be deliberate about being happy and radiate that happiness, you can be more in alignment with your desires.

After all, Happiness is a Choice.

So how do you get into a “love vibration?”  First check in with your thoughts. If your thoughts are negative think of something else. Check in with your feelings. If your feelings are negative switch to something else. Once you land on something positive hold that positive thought or feeling in your mind for 17 seconds.

Kent suggests making peace with where you are RIGHT NOW then:

If you are feeling bad, even for five minutes, it means you are thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with your (highest benefit). RELEASE THE RESISTANCE. Relax when you bump into an obstacle. Be in a state of love (Picture something you love and send feeling to it). Don’t look to someone to love you. You need to love you.

Kent believed we create our own reality 100 percent of the time. While I don’t necessarily agree with that statement, I can see the merit in it. For example, if you believe that “things come in threes,” including negative events, then they do (Surprise!).

If you find it is difficult to feel good about things in your life right now, then focus on other things to appreciate instead. Express gratitude for the rain because it helps the plants grow, or thank the stop sign for preventing a car from crossing your path, or thank the bird for singing, or the street lights for helping you see while driving in the dark. Sometimes expressing gratitude for the little things helps steer thoughts in a better direction.

In the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra, he describes The Law of Least Effort (going with the flow rather than being resistant). Rather than remaining in an experience of chaos and disorder, make a subtle shift in the way you are handling the situation and ask for a simple outcome. If you struggle against the moment, then you are struggling against the universe.

Another key to a better life is to get out of the thinking mode and into the feeling mode (The Present Moment). The universe responds to what the heart wants versus what you think you want. Be specific about your wants and don’t second guess them. Let the universe figure out how to give you what you want. Here’s why: if you “send out there” without determining the how to or the outcome, you may receive something much better than you could have possibly imagined on your own.

When you are grateful and appreciative, more of the same can come your way. I call it an Attitude of Gratitude. I make a point of checking in with my thoughts and feelings often. By doing so, I find myself complaining a lot less and appreciating what life has to offer a lot more. For a number of years now, I’ve steered clear of negative self-talk; the result is a lot less stress and a much more positive sense of well-being. In fact, I find I no longer care if I have an extra wrinkle or two or gain a couple of pounds from eating too much holiday food! It’s what’s inside that counts, right?

Kent suggested you keep your focus on: Love. Pleasure. Gratitude. Service (to others and to self) in order to keep the physical self in tune. Other steps you can take to get yourself in alignment with what you want include:

  1. Find ways to feel good.
  2. Drink more water (1 gallon a day).
  3. Walk or jog for 15 minutes a day.
  4. Get outside and breathe fresh air. (Breathe deeply)
  5. Create New Beliefs.
  6. Meditate.
  7. Ground yourself.
  8. Detox a couple of times a year (one way to do so is to drink water only for 12 to 24 hours).
Psychic Fun: Using a Pendulum

Pendulums are helpful if you need yes and no answers for things in your life. You can buy a pendulum or make one using a crystal or stone (wrapping the stone in wire so you can attach it) and hang it from a string or a chain. Charge up the pendulum by placing it in a cup of water.

Once you decide on your pendulum treat it as a thing of value by placing it in a special bag or cloth.

When using your pendulum, think in terms of left to right. Back and forth means yes. Side to side means no. You can test the pendulum by asking a question that you know is a yes then asking a question that you know the answer is no. You can also test your pendulum by thinking of a number and asking the pendulum to tap a bowl to match the number.

Pendulums can be used for divination, to find ley lines, or to find something that is lost by placing the pendulum over a map (or a diagram of your house).

Good luck!


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