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The Story of the Talking Fish and the Power of Water to Heal

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Several years ago, I was walking along a stream near my rental house outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, when I heard a voice calling for my help. As I ventured closer, I realized the voice I was hearing was not a voice at all; it was a clairvoyant message I was receiving from the fish swimming in the stream. They said their habitat was going to be destroyed the next day and could I help? Not knowing what I would find, I came back with a camera the following day and took photos of a landowner on the other side of the creek. He was using a backhoe to change the creek’s configuration so it would be shallow and flat. I submitted photographs of the altered trout stream to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), which prompted an investigation. I would like to say the story ended well. Unfortunately, a state senator stepped in on behalf of the millionaire property owner and stopped the investigation.

I understood that day just how important it was to speak up in order to protect the water, regardless of the outcome. This belief is shared by Native Americans who consider water sacred; Anishinaabe women are known as the “water keepers.”


Water has to live, it can hear, it can sense what we’re saying, it can really, really, speak to us. Some songs come to us through the water. We have to understand that water is very precious.

Water is considered an important element in Celtic mysticism as well.

The Celts would perform ritualistic cleansing in spring-fed pools during Beltaine and Samhain. They would leave offerings and trinkets to make amends for offending someone, activate their own powers and appease the spirits and guardians of the water.  It was believed that drinking water from a spring would connect the Celts to the earth.


Springs, lakes and wells, rivers and the ocean are important touchstones in the Celtic quest for Wisdom. Sojourning at springs & wells, awaiting encounters with spirits and divinities, is a discipline to which the Celts were prone.

The belief that water has the capacity to heal and protect can be found throughout the world and in a number of religions.  The Hindus believe specific waterways are sacred and offer spiritual cleansing. Even today, several Christian religions use water to bless and baptize constituents.

Why is Water So Important?

It is estimated that we cannot live for more than a week without water. If a person is dehydrated, the time span can be even shorter. At the end of life, a person will stop drinking water and eating food, which is an early indicator that the person is preparing for death. It’s especially important to hydrate because a human adult’s body weight is made up of at least 60% water.

Does Drinking Water Increase Psychic Ability?

Absolutely. Because water represents the emotions and feelings, it may be a link to improving your psychic ability, according to Drink water, take baths, buy a water fountain, or walk in the rain – all are ways you can improve awareness. And while I don’t really believe there are specific foods that can make you more psychic, I do believe water provides greater clarity, because it makes you more fluid so vibrations can come through more easily.

Enlightenment, Health and Qi (Chi) Activation

Martial artist Erie Montaique believes water can serve as an energy source by activating a person’s Qi, or lifeforce energy. He recommends drinking water when you start your day – before reaching for that first cup of coffee.

First thing in the morning, after cleaning your teeth and doing all of those early morning things, take some pure water into your mouth and hold it there for a count of 7. Then spit it out! This is important. Do this three times in all. On the fourth time, take the water into the mouth and drink it. And that’s all there is to it. You must of course drink water throughout the day at least a glassful one half hour before every meal or snack.

Note from Patricia: I have tried the technique of drinking water before coffee using the method described, and it definitely will make you feel more awake in the morning!

According to, drinking warm water offers the additional benefit of “moving stagnation” by enabling better mental health, relieving depression, anxiety with tiredness and digestive problems.

Drinking More Water Changes Your Vibration

Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu medicine which focuses on health via the mind-body connection, suggests that drinking water from a copper vessel offers additional benefits as it balances the three “doshas” and is believed to “heal wounds, slow aging, fight cancer and combat arthritis.”

To further improve the outcome, you should (1) swirl the water and (2) send healing energy to it, (3) use a neti-pot, (4) consider taking hot/cold showers, (5) consider a water massage (watsu), (6) use steam to sweat out the toxins, and (7) start the day by chugging warm or hot water.

According to NDTV of India, additional benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel include: better performance of the digestive system, weight loss, speedier wound healing, heart health is maintained, aging is slowed, it lowers the risk of cancer, helps the thyroid gland, offers anti-inflammatory properties, improves skin health, and reduces the risk of anemia.

Whether you drink water from the tap or from a copper vessel, it’s important to consume plain water (versus tea) on a daily basis. According to, drinking enough water can:

  1. Help maximize physical performance
  2. Help with brain function and energy
  3. Drinking water helps treat headaches
  4. Helps relieve constipation
  5. May help treat kidney stones
  6. Helps prevent a hangover
  7. Can help with weight loss

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

While much of today’s tap water meets federal clean water standards, not all tap water is the same. To see how your community compares and determine what your tap water supply contains, enter your zip code on the Environmental Working Group’s website: The organization is a great resource for information on water filtration as well.

Can pure water exist? According to, such water would be too positively charged to drink.


In the ’90s, it was proclaimed that Lake Baikal had such pure water that if you were to take a glass of this water, the water would start to etch the glass,” Nyman said, “because water likes ions, it would just take the ions right out of the glass into the solution.

So What is the Best Source of Water for Your Health?

Spring water may be the best water you can drink because it’s full of oxygen, it’s hydrating, it tastes good and offers minerals that may not be available in tap water. To find a qualified spring water source near you, go to:

If there is no nearby spring, you may want to consider filtering your drinking water using a filter attached to your faucet or through the use of a pitcher which contains a carbon filter. Plain water without additives is best as the additives may be considered to be food by the body.

Psychic Fun: Making a Water Witch

Perhaps you’ve heard of a water witch, which may also be called a divining rod or dowsing rod? Dowsing rods are used for a variety of purposes including finding water, wells, energy paths (Chi) or lost objects. While it’s nice to purchase a pair of handmade divining rods from your local metaphysical store, it’s not necessary because you can make them yourself. I made mine using cut up metal hangers, straws and cut up material (for handle wraps). For more information on making divining rods visit:

After I built my rods, I used them in the backyard to find low spots (where water is close to the surface), as well as an old well. I had fun trying this out, and I hope you try it too!

Good luck!

Is My Pet Telepathic? Science Proves Animals Understand More Than We Realize

Psychic Viewpoint

If you are a pet owner, you may find your pet seeking your attention persistently before a major storm hits, when you are physically ill, or when you are feeling blue. Is your pet’s response a result of his or her connection to you or is it something that can be explained through science?

Scientific Proof: Animals Know When an Earthquake is Coming

Mitsuaki Ohta, a professor in the Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology, Azabu University Graduate School of Veterinary Science, Japan, conducted a study and survey in 2012 involving unusual animal behaviors (UABs) prior to an earthquake. About 1/3 of pet owners surveyed said their pets began acting strangely about 24 hours prior to an earthquake. Unusual dog behaviors included barking loudly, acting panicky, hiding or biting the owner. Cats acted restless, meowed constantly, climbed a tree or disappeared.

One reason for the reactions may be due to a heightened sense of smell and hearing, officials said. Animals may sense environmental changes we as humans cannot including: “changes in atmospheric pressure, changes in gravity, ground deformation, acoustic signals and vibrations due to the generation of micro cracks, ground water level changes, and the emanations of gases and chemical substances.” What the study did not explain was the change exhibited by cows, which generated less milk approximately one week before the earthquake hit.

Tornadoes: Dogs and Warblers

If you have ever been in a tornado, you know its coming by the way the air feels (heavy and electrified), the way the sky looks (yellow and green with dark patches), and the distinct lack of outside sounds (birds stop chirping and the air is still).

Once while living on a mountainside in North Georgia, I was lucky enough –  or unlucky enough – to live through a tornado. What amazed me the most however, was the reaction of my dogs. I knew the tornado was almost upon us, and I had to move the dogs quickly from their pen to the basement. Being outside dogs, they had never been in the basement. I opened the gate, pointed, and said, “Go to the basement!!” Four dogs ran to the back door and into the basement without delay. It was a good thing as the pen they were in was destroyed by the tornado. To this day I believe the animals knew well before I did that a massive storm was about to hit, and they needed to take cover.

It’s not just dogs that know a storm is coming either. A group of scientists recently tracked a tiny perching bird known as the warbler.

Transmitters were placed on five birds, which were living in nests on nearby breeding grounds. During the course of the study, a tornado popped up on the radar. The birds had flown almost 1,000 miles away to avoid the storm 24 hours before it happened.

The Honeyguides of Mozambique

The Yao people of Mozambique have a special relationship with a little bird known as the Honeyguide. When the Yao honey hunters begin their search for honey, they emit a unique trilling sound. The sound alerts the wild birds which, “fly from tree to tree, calling and leading the person on, until the team reaches a bees’ nest,” according to a 2016 National Geographic article.  Both parties benefit: the Yao people locate honey quickly, and the birds get a piece of honeycomb as a reward.

Animals Understand Loss

Washoe the chimpanzee was raised by researchers who taught her sign language as well as human behaviors such as dressing herself, playing games and brushing her teeth. Washoe was upset because one of her caretakers had been away for a while. The caretaker, Kat, decided to tell Washoe the truth about her lack of visits. She signed to Washoe that her baby had died. In response, Washoe “peered into Kat’s eyes and signed CRY.”

Another story shows us that its not just chimpanzees that understand and experience grief. There is the story of the author and conservationist Lawrence Anthony, also known as The Elephant Whisperer.  Mr. Anthony had lived on the Thula Thula game reserve in South Africa where he worked to save wild, rogue elephants from certain death. On the day Mr. Anthony died, his son described how two herds of elephants traveled 12 hours through the bush to pay their final respects. “They had not visited the house for a year and a half … They all hung around for about two days before making their way back into the bush.” How did the elephants know their friend had passed away? Were they paying their final respects to the man that saved them?

Cat Magic: The Story of Oscar

There is also the story about Oscar the Therapy Cat. Oscar is a rather unfriendly cat that lives at Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. In his time there, Oscar has predicted 100 patient deaths at the facility. He lets the human caregivers know by napping next to the person on the patient’s final day. Once hospice staff see Oscar by a patient’s bedside, they contact family members so they can say goodbye to their loved one. Does Oscar smell a chemical emitted by the person when he or she is dying, as scientists suggest, or is he intuitive? No one is certain, but the hospice workers have expressed gratitude for Oscar’s help.

Dogs Know How We Feel

Science has come around to proving what most dog owners already know: pets respond to the way we say something as well as how our physical expressions (facial cues) change when we say it. In a study conducted by specialists in the UK and Brazil, 17 dogs were shown pictures and were then played sounds. The combination of the two modes of communication allowed the dogs to match the sound to the picture.

“Our study shows that dogs have the ability to integrate two different sources of sensory information into a coherent perception of emotion in both humans and dogs. To do so requires a system of internal categorisation of emotional states. This cognitive ability has until now only been evidenced in primates and the capacity to do this across species only seen in humans.”

– Dr. Kun Guo, University of Lincoln, UK

No Time for Second Guessing
Years ago, I was home from college for the weekend when our family dog, Callie, looked at me with a sad expression. At the time it sounded like he was saying, “I am having problems with my ears.” I went inside the house and asked my mom to take him to the vet. “I think he is having trouble with his ears,” I said. It turns out Callie had an ear infection that was soon cleared up with medication.  The motto of this story: if you think your pet is trying to tell you something, take the time to listen and respond.


Psychic Fun: Animal Communication

This psychic test involves you and your pet.

Take five minutes in the mornings and the evenings to pet your dog and give complete focus to the dog’s feelings. Even better – get on the floor so you can see eye-to-eye. Look into your dog’s eyes, scratch his head and let him know you love him.  Then ask him how he feels.

Sometimes there may be no answer. Other times you may receive images or hear words that appear to be spoken inside your head. Work with your dog until you feel you have reached a point where you can communicate.

Another way to determine if your pet is telepathic: call his name inside your head and visualize his face. Ask your pet to respond in a certain way to indicate he hears you.

If your pet was a recent adoption through a shelter, you may want to know more about his history. Ask him about what he remembers, whether he is in pain, did he lose brothers and sisters and is he sad? By keeping communication simple, it will help you and your pet communicate at a much higher level.

Good luck!

Animal Signs and Totems: What Are They Telling You?

Psychic Viewpoint

Have you ever wondered why a particular animal has crossed your path, or do you find the same animal showing up over and over again? Animals can tell us a number of things, depending on what we are doing at the moment.

Animals as Messengers

When an unusual animal catches your attention, such as a deer, a hawk, a possum, a fox, or another creature that somehow manages to show up in an urban/suburban environment, take a moment to ask yourself: What am I thinking right now? What is going on in my life right now? Is there a message I need to understand?

Are you thinking about something significant such as a charting a new direction in your life, cutting relationship ties, starting a new career, or making a big move? The animal that shows up may be confirming that you are making the right choice. Conversely, the animal may be suggesting you need to think a little harder about the decision you are about to make.

One of my go to resources to gain understanding regarding animals that have crossed my path is the book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

When a raven showed up in my backyard over several days and began talking to me repeatedly from a low branch, I realized he represented something more than a casual visit by a neighborhood bird.  According to Andrews, “With raven, human and animal spirits intermingle and become as one.”

I took the meaning a step further and asked myself: What does the raven want me to see beyond the physical realm? What the raven did was open my eyes to something – a cloud – that was hovering low in the backyard. I noticed that the cloud that hovered was tied to a nearby spirit. That cloud was the young man’s addiction of choice: heroin.

Look Up, Look Down, Look Around You

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen quite a few eagles. These visits began following a trip to a house just north of Gainesville, Georgia. That day, I instinctively looked up to see a bald eagle and hawk flying in a circle above the house.  Since that time, I’ve seen golden eagles fly in a circle high above my house, and in the last few days, a line of golden eagles flew east over my house – in metro Atlanta – with one eagle swooping towards the earth before joining the group.

Worth noting: Native Americans use eagle feathers during healing ceremonies and for shape shifting, Ted Andrews writes. “Both the bald and the golden eagle have come to symbolize heroic nobility and divine spirit. These eagles are the messengers from heaven and are the embodiment of the spirit of the sun.”

By researching animal meanings, you can gain context to determine the messages you need to hear about things that are going on in your life right now.

Animal Totems and You

Are there certain animals that appear to cross your path time and again? The animal could be a totem or animal guide.  Animal totems, also called spirit guides or power animals, can change over time, depending on your path or your needs.

“Much of the process of identifying your spirit animal is paying attention to both your past and your present. It is a process of developing your inner knowledge and spiritual understanding,” according to

For a quick look at the Native American symbolism for your spirit totem visit:

Take it a step further, if the frequency of the animal increases, it may be putting you on alert to keep your eyes open or to be more aware of changes that may be occurring around you.

Talking to Animals

So is the animal that shows up frequently in your life a messenger or a spirit guide? A messenger guide, according to, comes into your life then leaves after delivering the message. A shadow animal addresses your fears during a time of great stress. A journey animal shows up when you are shifting the course of your life, and a life animal guide, or spirit guide, reflects your “inner-spiritual self.”

So, what do you do once you have determined one of your spirit animals or spirit insects (butterflies count!) has come to visit? Learn about the animal and its behavior and patterns and determine how those patterns relate to your own life, then look at things from the animal’s point of view if possible. For example, the hawk can be seen as the messenger of the daytime. He has the ability to fly high and see the larger view below him. The message of the hawk may be to see life, or your current situation, from the higher view, or to look at your life or situation from a different point of view.

When your spirit animal shows up in your life, give him the respect he is due, thank him for the visit, clear your mind, and ask what information he needs to share with you, then listen with all of your senses. For more information on working with your animal spirit guide visit: TO THE ANIMALS

As a healer of Native American heritage, I have the ability to connect with a lot of different animals – both wild and domestic. Some animals, particularly dogs and birds, are attune to the gift of healing and say hello or ask for help with a physical ailment. Sometimes, they ask me to communicate on their behalf with their human companion. If you have an interest in communicating with your pets, or are concerned with the behavior your pet is exhibiting, contact me for an appointment to sit down with you and your pet and conduct a “pet reading.” While not all pets are willing to talk, there may be an opportunity to gain greater understanding that may help you work with your pet on another level.


Psychic Fun: Are You a Healer?

Do you feel like you have the gift of healing? If people reach out to you so they can talk through a problem, your presence eases tension in a tumultuous situation, you have a calming touch, or you can sense the emotional unease in others, chances are you have the gift of healing.  Do your hands tingle or emit heat when you are in these situations? One easy way to see if you have healing hands is to cup your hands, keep them about a foot apart, and then bring them slowly together. For a demonstration of this technique visit: Good luck!

Transforming Consciousness Through Compassion

Psychic Viewpoint

If you keep up with the daily news, you may think the world is becoming increasingly uncaring and people don’t show compassion for each other anymore. Instead of focusing on the drama playing out in the national press, consider shifting your focus towards what is going on around you.

What is compassion exactly? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines compassion as: “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” That may seem like a tall order to fill. Know that you are not expected to change the world. By lending a helping hand, a listening ear, a genuine smile or a caring touch, you are being compassionate, and those simple acts can create transformational change in yourself and in others. After all, we don’t know what battles someone else has been through before interacting with us, so it’s best to take the path of caring and kindness when we can.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”  – Ronald Reagan

What does compassion have to do with the psychic realm? By letting go of judgement and increasing our level of awareness by tuning into others, it’s possible to reach a higher level of consciousness and become empathic.

A Word on Empathy and Empaths

Feeling empathy towards others allows us to feel and show compassion. Empathy is also a well-known term in the psychic world. Empathy, also called clairsentience (clear feeling) means taking the time to understand someone by establishing an emotional bond, even a temporary one, so you can sense the person’s feelings and emotions. Once you are able to connect with another person in this way, it’s easier to transition to the next step: psychic impressions. A true empath can feel everything, including the physical and psychological pain of plants, animals and people around them. Of course, no one wants to be empathic all the time. To prevent feeling the emotions of others 24/7, take time to shield yourself daily by visualizing a bubble of white light around you. Ground yourself by picturing roots growing from the bottoms of your feet that travel deeply into the soil. Take deep breaths before stepping out of your front door to face the world. And when you come across feelings that you are unsure of, ask yourself, “Are these my feelings or do they belong to someone else?” You should get an answer.

Controlling empathic capabilities is a great way to increase your own psychic awareness.  For more information on controlling the empath in you visit:

Take the first step towards increased awareness by becoming more compassionate in daily life.

  • Establish a daily ritual, such as meditation, taking a walk, and/or setting an intention where you contemplate compassion.
  • On a regular basis, express gratitude to yourself and others.
  • Practice empathy by first being aware of your own pain. Recognizing it in yourself will help you see it in others.
  • Acknowledge your similarities with others.
  • Understand the various problems inherent in individuals, animals, and nations.
  • Consider the regular practice of lovingkindness. For example, smile or say kind words as often as possible, even with strangers.

Give it Some Time

Deciding to be more compassionate doesn’t mean the change will occur immediately. While some people have a natural ability to maintain a compassionate focus in life, it is a learned ability for most of us. Give yourself time to adjust.  For myself, I volunteer my time with several organizations; this helps shift my focus beyond my own needs towards the needs of others.

Opportunities to be compassionate with others go hand-in-hand with increased awareness. Increase your awareness by …

Appreciating the beauty of the moment. Enjoying quietude.
Understanding the great qualities that make you uniquely you.
Accepting what you cannot change. Releasing control.
Letting go of the outcome. Keeping the right focus.
Understanding the connectedness of Body-Mind-Spirit.
Feeling love. Sending Love.
Taking the time to breathe deeply.
Forgive yourself and others for past experiences that prevent you from enjoying your life

Activate Your Awareness

Recently, a gentleman at my gym noticed me and made eye contact, as if he was seeing me for the first time. I had noticed him before as I like to be aware of my surroundings when I work out. As he walked by I noticed something wasn’t quite right. It dawned on me that he was exhibiting the first signs of a heart attack; he just didn’t know it yet. I called one of the trainers over and asked him to help him. I said, it looks like he’s having a heart attack. At that moment, the man became pale, sat down and started sweating. The trainer called an ambulance.

While I don’t know the outcome to the story, I am hopeful that early intervention helped him. Had I not been aware of my surroundings and “in the moment,” I may have missed the opportunity to extend a helping hand. This experience and others keep me going in the right direction.


Psychic Fun: Raising Your Vibrational Level

To raise your vibrational level you need to get out of your own way. Simply put, it’s difficult to get past “ground zero,” if your thoughts and feelings dominate your mind and heart. Empty your mind by taking deep breaths. Ground yourself then focus on something simple like a candle flame or by saying the word ohm over and over (or a word of your choosing). Your body will let you know if a change or shift is occurring. You may experience a quickening heart rate, beads of sweat on your forehead or a sense of free-falling (Don’t worry, you have a parachute). You may experience a moment of panic as the sensation is unfamiliar. Know that it will be OK, you are simply experiencing an expanded state of consciousness. 




Advice and opinions provided here are for entertainment purposes only and is not to be construed as legally binding in any way. If you have a medical or legal concern, please contact a professional who can address the issue. Thank you!