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Ghostly Experiences: What Should You Do?

Psychic Viewpoint

Have you felt the presence of an angel or spirit around you or perhaps even a ghost? Psychologists explain it as being nothing more than a sensed presence, which occurs when we are under great stress or when we are in a situation we are not prepared to deal with. Social isolation following the loss of a loved one could also create an opportunity for a “visit” from a departed friend or relative, psychologists suggest.

What if the vision you had wasn’t brought on by a case of extreme stress? What if it was so real to you it could not possibly have been a hallucination? And how do you determine exactly what it was you saw – whether it was a ghost, a spirit or an angel?

Ghosts may indicate they are nearby by stating something that you would not otherwise say – it could be a whisper or words spoken aloud. You may feel the hair go up on your arms, you may see objects moving by themselves, or you may see something moving out of the corner of your eye and when you look in that direction there is nothing to see. Spirits, on the other hand, may provide guidance when you are stuck, or open up a new path of opportunity, or guide you to where you need to be, literally. Angels help us by making us feel more peaceful and loving in a tough situation.

Acknowledging that you what you saw was most definitely real to you is the first step to understanding what you saw. The second step is determining whether the experience represented a ghost, a spirit or an angel.  Knowing the difference can help you to communicate, should you choose to do so.


A ghost is someone who is stuck in non-physical form on this plane of existence. The ghost could be someone who died unexpectedly, due to murder, a car crash, or some other calamity. Sometimes they don’t realize they are dead yet, which has happened a few times in my experience.

When I walk through a cemetery, I am often called to the grave sites of those who have passed during the Civil War; although these men hover by their gravestones, they do not feel “lost” to me. Instead I sense peace. In those situations, I recognize and honor them for the contribution they’ve made, regardless of which side of the conflict they fought on.

Car Wrecks and Ghostly Appearances

Last fall, I was sitting on my couch when I kept hearing in my head over and over, “I made one mistake, just one mistake, and now it’s over!” I searched the news for him, knowing he had died behind the wheel of a car. As it happened, he was driving late one night and had entered the highway in the wrong direction via an exit ramp. He was killed immediately in a head-on collision. I searched and found a picture of him and sent it out to friends over social media, asking for their prayers. I understood that it was important for him to be appreciated and recognized for his life, and it seemed to help him go to the other side.

Not all people who die suddenly or in chaos get stuck. A friend of mine and his wife were driving across the mountains when a tractor trailer came out of nowhere and broadsided them. My friend died at the scene with a smile on his face and barely a scratch on him. His wife survived. I’ve never felt his presence again. I believe he went to heaven and did not come back.

Ghost Children on the Tracks

There is a story out of San Antonio, TX, that talks of a group of “ghost children” who will push cars uphill and out of the way of oncoming trains. While there is no news story of children being struck there by an oncoming train, the legend has persisted for years.

According to witness accounts, “if you park your car directly over the tracks and shift into neutral, the ghosts of the children will push it uphill, out of the way of any oncoming train. And if you have the foresight to cover your bumper with baby powder or flour, you can reportedly see the children’s fingerprints upon your car.”

Those Old Houses Hold Memories … and Ghosts

There are other times, in old houses in particular, where ghosts stay behind because they like the place. I came across a well-dressed gentleman in an historic residence who was standing by an antique floor clock. I asked him, “Do you need help to go to the other side?” He said, “Why would I leave? I love it here. Look at this place!” He seemed pleased to be there.

Sometimes, people die in a house and don’t know how to leave. I recall an old house that was part of a Christmas tour in Grant Park (Atlanta, GA). I looked up the staircase, and there, at the top of the stairs, was a man lying across the threshold of a room on the right. I could “see” he had burned to death. I went to the owner and asked him if he was aware that there was a dead man upstairs. He said, yes, homeless people had lived in the place before they had purchased it, and there had been a fire and a man died in that spot. The owner’s partner was none too happy about the revelation and could not get me out of the house fast enough. After all, it was a Christmas tour, not a ghost tour. 🙂

Noises in the Dark

How do you determine if there is a ghost in the house? LiveAbout.com suggests you look for the following:

  • Unexplained Noises
  • Doors, cupboards and cabinets opening or closing
  • Lights turning on and off
  • Items disappearing then reappearing
  • Odd shadows
  • Strange animal behavior
  • A feeling like you are being watched

If ghosts ask for my help, I do my best to assist them in moving towards the light. If you are asked to help, I hope you are willing to assist these lost souls too.


Spirits or spirit guides are non-physical beings that offer guidance, inspiration, opportunities or warnings when we need to be made more aware. Spirit guides may be our ancestors, relatives or dear friends who have passed that have decided to stick around and help us here on earth. They are able to move back and forth between dimensions.  I rely on spirit guides, higher beings and angels for assistance when conducting psychic readings. I think of a friend, Diane, whose brother passed away when he was young. He is always there to provide guidance and show off his sense of humor whenever she and I speak.

Did Someone Call My Name?

Wherever I have lived, I’ve always let my roommates know that there may be some interesting goings on where we live. There may be ghosts, or spirits or other unusual activity (music, sounds and objects that move). Despite the warning, my roommates are surprised every time it happens.

I recall one evening when I was traveling by car from Atlanta to North Georgia. My roommate was standing outside when she heard someone call my name loudly. She freaked out and ran inside and locked the door. Then she heard the voice call my name again – this time it was inside the house. So much for locking the door! Meanwhile, I heard the same voice while driving. I pulled off at the next exit and called my parents to make sure everyone was OK.  No problem, they said. I got back on the interstate only to hear the voice again. This time, I stopped and called my roommate, who was a little shaky on the phone. After calming her down, I did not hear the warning again and proceeded home with no issues. To this day, I’ve wondered why the spirit stopped me on the highway. I can only think that it was to save me from having an accident. That accident did not happen because I was not there.


I believe all of us have guardian angels. They protect and console us, and they provide messages to us from other realms and connect us with spirit/God and the higher realms. Sometimes, when I am conducting a psychic reading and the client asks about someone who has passed away, I literally feel wings popping out of my back between my shoulder blades. That’s when I know that particular individual has become an angel. Angels can show up as balls of white light or brightly lit beings.  You may hear heavenly music to let you know angels are near. At times, my backyard is dotted with these enlightened beings, and it’s beautiful. I never hesitate to call on the help of angels when I am about to enter a difficult situation or need intervention for others.


If you sense a ghost near you, I would advise first asking for the white light of protection to surround you to keep you safe, then ask the ghost how you can help. Sometimes it’s just getting a message to someone. Other times, the ghost is simply lost and can’t find their way home. I would recommend lighting a white candle and explaining to the ghost that their relatives are just on the other side of the white light. In the event the ghost doesn’t seem to want to go, use bells or other clearing techniques (such as burning sage around doorways) to let them know they shouldn’t stick around.

With spirits, it’s easiest to communicate with them in your dreams. In the event they present themselves to you outside of dream time, welcome their presence. Let them know how much you appreciate them in your life.

In terms of angels, you may be in an unhappy or frightened state, and they are there to lift you up. Never hesitate to thank the angels for any guidance or help they can give. I call on angels often in my work and in my life. Angels can be reached through prayer, meditation, and in those quiet moments when we aren’t distracted by other things. Call on angels whenever you need help; that’s why they are here.

Psychic Fun: Testing Your Intuitive Skills in a Cemetery


In order to see if there are ghosts in a cemetery, I recommend the following steps.

(1) Bring a camera.

(2) Put the white light of protection around you.

(3) Turn off your cell phone and do some deep breathing to get yourself in a calmer state.

(4) Walk slowly and look at the trees and birds and enjoy the peacefulness of the place.

(5) Actively listen but don’t define what you hear.

(6) Take pictures and check them later.

You may hear a whisper, or a prayer or a name or sense another presence. If you are drawn to a particular gravestone, acknowledge the person and congratulate them on a life well-lived. Above all, don’t make assumptions. Stay calm and allow yourself the time to feel what’s happening around you. You should begin to hear things or see things that are not quite normal. Take time to explore but be respectful too. Good luck!


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