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Where We Once Danced: A Ghostly Presence in an Old Hotel

Psychic Viewpoint

Have you ever visited a place that left such an impact you thought, “I will remember this experience forever!” What about after you die? Is it possible that your spirit would come back to a place again if given the opportunity? In my experience, the answer is a resounding YES.

Do spirits stick around forever in the place they once experienced joy or other strong emotions? Not necessarily, but they may leave an energy imprint behind after they go.


The Hotel with a Storied Past

Recently, I was hired to spend the night in a downtown hotel that used to be frequented by famous celebrities, musicians, athletes and politicians. The hotel is in the process of being fitted with modern adaptations of furniture and lighting reflective of its glamorous past.

Pictures throughout the main areas of the hotel showcase the long list of illustrious guests including Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, the Supremes, Eartha Kitt, former president John F. Kennedy, civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, the Rat Pack, and more.  Additionally, several baseball teams left their mark on the place as well.

The top floor of the hotel, which housed the penthouse suite and two additional suites, was left open for the night for me to gather my impressions. Additionally, I allowed my psychic impressions to lead the way through some employee-only areas of the hotel as well as several of the common areas. My partner followed me around with a series of cameras to capture my impressions and actions on video.

I brought several cameras that night as working with spirits tends to kill batteries in my electronics, and this experience was no different.

We stayed overnight in the penthouse suite. Needless to say, after activating all of that spirit energy I was pretty wired and chose to “sleep” with one eye open for the rest of the night until I could go home.

Overall, I have to admit the experience was enlightening, exciting, emotional and a little spooky as, at times, the entities spoke through me.


Energy Signatures or Psychic Imprints

Energy signatures can be found on things and in locations. An energy signature is captured by an empath as an impression, which can be a smell, a song, words, feelings, sounds and movements. Carolyn Thompson describes it as the “feeling in that first three seconds of sensing, before it turns into some emotion.”

Another author describes the phenomenon as a “psychic imprint,” as the experience hangs in the air, but there doesn’t appear to be a ghostly presence attached to it.

“This theoretical phenomenon occurs when emotional energy somehow “records” sights, sounds or smells upon a location that can be picked up many years (or even centuries) later when conditions are right or someone with the proper sensitivity is present. These sensory impressions do not involve the presence of an actual disincarnate spirit.”

Sam Uptegrove, “DIMENSIONS: Haunting or a psychic imprint?”


Playing a Tune, Singing a Song

One of my favorite musical artists of all time is Jimi Hendrix. What I “saw” and “heard” in the penthouse suite was Hendrix composing the lyrics to Crosstown Traffic, which was released in October 1968. He was with his band in Atlanta for a show in August 1968. During a different time period in the same suite, Elvis Presley was strumming his guitar. I did not recognize the song as I am not familiar with his music. However, my psychic impression told me both enjoyed that particular spot in the penthouse because it provided access to an outside balcony with a view.


The Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King, Jr., and his family were frequent guests at the hotel. Reverend King would meet with others to discuss and plan initiatives around the Civil Rights Movement. I could feel the fear, the hope, the excitement and the overall energy of the Civil Rights movement as I walked from room to room. I had the impression the family felt safe at the hotel despite the noise of protesters outside, which was reassuring to me.


Dancing in the Grand Ballroom

When I entered the grand ballroom, I was surprised to see tables, a large TV screen and carpeting. I plopped down on the floor and listened. It was then I “heard the music” and felt the stirrings of the magic that once existed inside the room.

I looked down and thought, “Where is the parquet floor?” I looked up and said, “Where are the chandeliers?” The spirits truly enjoyed dancing there. I saw glittering gowns and upswept hair. I saw Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor dance together too.

The next morning, I asked the hotel manager if there was a parquet floor beneath the carpet. He said yes. I asked him, “Where are the chandeliers?” The question shocked him. He showed me where they were kept: they had been grouped haphazardly in the corner of the parking garage.


Protecting the Famous

In addition to seeing, feeling, hearing and smelling snippets of the past through energy signatures they left behind, I noticed something else: some of the celebrities that stayed at the hotel had people that would protect them from others who attempted to approach them. They looked like bodyguards to me; their energy was somewhat menacing as well. They would stand at the edges of the room in various locations, so people that were not invited could not approach the guests.

Discretion was one of the benefits of staying at one of Atlanta’s premier hotels at that time. And there was one guest, who my guides chose not to identify, that would leave a key behind for a specific room. The room key was left for his mistress.


The Grand Escape

The most surprising find during my stay was an “escape hatch” used by celebrities to elude fans who patiently waited in front of the hotel for a glimpse of fame. I heard laughter as a group of women ran through the kitchen. It had to be the Supremes. By entering the dumbwaiter inside the kitchen and pressing the down button, celebrities could go to the bottom floor of the parking garage, walk up a short flight of steps and exit the building onto a side street entrance into waiting limousines. The backroom getaway was used by several celebrities quite a bit it seemed.

A Past Well Lived

I am of the belief that people are given choices after they die. A spirit may come back for a visit, or stay, or he or she may choose to move on to the next realm and leave this life behind.

Also, just because a loved one isn’t visible in the light or in your dreams, it doesn’t mean they can’t hear you. It just means they don’t think it’s necessary to show up in person.

More than once I’ve noticed entities hanging out at their final resting place. These spirits are not angry or sad; they are simply at peace.

In the case of the spirits in the hotel, I believe only one stayed behind, the rest were energy signatures. She was full of sadness over the loss of someone. I talked to the spirit to let her know I felt her pain. I wanted her to know I cared. I would like to think it helped release her so she could go.

The next day, I suggested to the manager to consider adding flowers to the room the next time it is rented in order to “brighten it up” in order to release the sadness.

In addition, I told him the spirits were happy with the hotel management company, and what they had done to retain the mission and excitement of the hotel during its former heyday. The spirits added it was their hope the ballroom could be brought back to life again as a place where couples could dance the night away and feel the magic they had felt.


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