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When the World Seems Upside Down … Blame it on the Planets!

Psychic Viewpoint

Do you ever feel like up is down and down is up and no matter how hard you try to communicate your message is not getting through? It may not be your fault at all. Instead, the problem may be due to the Mercury’s position in the sky.


Mercury Goes Retrograde

Mercury is one of the fastest planets in our solar system, traveling around the sun at 112,000 mph. About three to four times a year, the planet Mercury, when viewed from the earth, appears to be moving backwards. It’s an optical illusion caused by the confluence of the earth’s rotation, the sun’s rotation and Mercury’s rapid movement around the sun.

“The planet Mercury is named for the ancient Roman messenger god, who traveled across the skies on winged sandals, sharing news and delivering messages from the gods. Like its namesake, this hot little orb is associated with communication, information and travel.”


Just as the ocean’s tides go in and out due to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun as well as the earth’s rotation, it is believed Mercury’s transit through the astrological signs of the zodiac can effect us too.  When Mercury goes Retrograde, it’s as if it is going backwards into the astrological sign it recently transitioned through.


What Does This Planetary Change Mean for You?

Because Mercury is the messenger of communications and travel, everything is slowed as Mercury travels “backwards” across the sky during periods of Retrograde. Expect communications to break down or become misconstrued. Patience may run short and frustration can occur. Communication via email and mail may not get through, and devices such as cellular phones and computers and vehicles could break down or fail to function properly. Transportation may present a challenge as travel by air, ocean-going vessel, car, bus or train may be delayed or disrupted.

On the bright side, Mercury in Retrograde gives us an opportunity to step back and reflect on life, helping us to determine where we need to place greater focus in daily living. Remember, “What You Think About You Bring About,” so focus on positive changes rather than negative experiences from the past if possible.


“Measure Twice, Cut Once”

My grandmother understood the importance of taking her time when cutting material for a new dress. Woodworkers understand the measure twice, cut once axiom too. Likewise, it’s important to take your time and check your work, your communications, and your travel arrangements during Retrograde. Simply put, rushing forward with travel plans or communications may mean more work later on to correct a situation.


Three Opportunities for Reflection and Increased Awareness in 2021

Mercury is in Retrograde three times this year.

  • January 30 to February 21
  • May 29 to June 22
  • September 27 to October 23


Retrograde Advice from Around the Web

If you find yourself struggling during this particular Retrograde period, hang in there as Mercury goes direct before the end of February. There are different viewpoints around the web on this subject, and no two people are the same, so each may be impacted in a different way.

Scullywag.com says Mercury is in Retrograde in the eighth house of astrology, which is “other people’s money,” or the house of shared finances and resources.

“(Mercury in Retrograde in the eighth house) can cause delays and mix-ups in regards to such matters as inheritances, financial agreements, including divorce settlements, taxation, insurances and loans from financial institutions. There may be a need to double-check paperwork concerning these topics.”


Shape.com says Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius is in a fixed air sign, which effects social activity. Likewise, other fixed astrological signs may be impacted more than others including Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. Taurus will feel its effect in careers, Leo in partnerships and Scorpio in home life.

“This retrograde might serve as a nudge to look back and handle unfinished biz, as well as reflect on past lessons around group projects. It could also encourage us to focus on working toward the greater good.”


Cosmopolitan.com says miscommunications will player a bigger role during this period.

I saw an example of this personally when two friends attempted to meet for lunch yesterday. One went to the restaurant location near his house, and the other friend went to the location near his house. Neither realized they were were visiting two different city locations of the same restaurant!

“Old friends and ex-lovers are pretty much guaranteed to come back around, that one personal project you dropped might become relevant again, or an ex-boss (or an old job opportunity you couldn’t take in the past) might pop up in your inbox. This is your big chance to find closure so you can start something new…”


Women’s Health MSN.com says this retrograde will cause you to take a closer look at your career.

“This particular astrological event has a lot to do with work and rethinking that area of your life. Do you actually enjoy the work you’re doing? … Rethinking your work life will seep into your non-work life, too. You’ll give your day-to-day the once-over, looking into what you can do to make your schedule better reflect your goals.”


While it may seem alarming that Mercury in Retrograde could have such an impact on us (and to top it off there is a pandemic to contend with!), there is a bright side. Mercury in Retrograde causes us to slow down, reflect, and make changes and corrections, while providing feedback for better alignment along life’s path.


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