Ask an Atlanta Psychic

Trying to decide where your life is headed? Looking for love but you keep landing the wrong one? Wish you could connect with a friend or relative or dear pet that has passed away?

As a psychic, I have helped hundreds of people gain clarity about all kinds of life issues and have helped them connect with relatives who have crossed over. To request a reading, send a text message to 404-507-2942, fill out the form on the contact page, or drop an email to me at If you are in the Atlanta area, I can meet with you in person. I can also conduct a reading by phone or via Skype.


R is for Raidho

What is the significance of the “R” on this website? The R represents the ancient runic symbol Raidho, pronounced Ride-ho. Raidho simply means one’s personal life journey and governs living in the present moment. Focusing on the present moment is key as we move through life. Runes are a set of 24 letters that predate the system of writing and may have been used for divination by Nordic tribes as far back as 150 AD.


Prayers of Protection

Each day I say prayers of protection. Here are a few that can help you.



All my Ways are pleasant ways and all my paths are peace


In quietness and confidence shall be my strength.


Protection Against Trouble

In the center of all light I stand. Nothing can touch me here. (See yourself in a pyramid of light).


White Light Prayer

I clothe myself in a robe of white light Composed of the Love, Power and Glory of God. Not only for my own protection but so that all who see it or come in contact with it May be drawn to God and Healed.


Psychic Development

I’ve been a clairvoyant and healing channel since I was very young. At the age of 23, my psychic abilities were greatly enhanced when my aunt, who was also an intuitive, passed her many gifts to me shortly after she died. To gain a better understanding of my gifts, I attended psychic development classes in Atlanta taught by Rev. Roger Tarbell (deceased), Virginia Southern, Robyn Quail (Andrews) (deceased), and Rev. Frank Rambow.

I come from a long line of psychics and healers from my Native American Pottawatomie and Chippewa ancestry.

I believe all of us have angels that guide and protect us during times of need. I am here to help you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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