Ghosts in the Antique Store

Psychic Viewpoint

Two weeks ago, a friend invited me to visit her in North Georgia. She wanted me to take a tour of the store where she and other vendors sell handmade crafts and antiques.

The two-story, brick and wood-frame store was constructed more than 100 years ago along the town square. Over time, a couple of fires gutted portions of the building, and the store was rebuilt. The only original section remaining was an elevator shaft in the middle, which was used to store empty boxes.

The store was also haunted.

In fact, my friend, other vendors, and the store owner have experienced quite a bit of paranormal activity at the store. Flying Christmas trees, flickering lights, shifting booth displays and whispered words are just a few of the experiences relayed to me by my friend.


The Elevator Shaft

The first stop on my personal tour was the elevator shaft. From what I could determine, several male entities hung out there and requested through me that the employees “clean up the place,” because boxes were stacked up haphazardly, which created a bit of a mess. If ghosts live in a hierarchy, those ghostly guys would be considered the head honchos. They seemed happy enough to be there and clearly liked the place. I believe they were people that worked there many years ago.


The Elderly Couple

As I moved through the store, I “saw” an old couple sitting side by side in a wicker love seat. Even after death, they appeared to be completely in love, which made their presence even more special to me. They didn’t die at the store, and the seat was a new, handcrafted piece. The couple just seemed to like it and were comfortable there.


Creepy Staircase

Sometimes a ghost may not have a direct connection to a building but will choose to inhabit it because old buildings are re-purposed and reused rather than torn down. In other words, the building is steeped in history. That was the case for the two gentlemen I spotted on the stairs. One of the men was standing at the top of the stairs. He indicated to me he had been killed in a gun fight. The other was standing at the bottom of the staircase. He did not indicate why he was there but appeared to be looking up towards the other gentleman at the top of the staircase. I hope that my presence brought them some peace.


Runaway Slaves

The attic was covered with everything imaginable. It was here that I felt fear. It wasn’t my fear, it was the fear of two ghosts – a man and a young girl – who remained somewhat hidden among the boxes. I realized they were very likely runaway slaves from the 1800’s. They did not know it was 2019. I told them it was OK now, they were safe, and no harm would come to them. I felt their relief. Then I heard the man laugh and looked over into the general area where he seemed to be looking. I laughed too when I spotted a soft sculpture of Casper the Friendly Ghost.


Antiques Hold Energy

Sometimes antiques retain the energy of the original owner. This isn’t necessarily a ghost, rather an energy presence or energy signature that may bring paranormal activity with it upon purchase.

That’s because antiques have a history, says Amanda Linette Meder. History could include:

  • The people who owned it
  • How the piece was used
  • Where it was placed before you purchased it
  • Residual energy that has been picked up over the years

I buy specific antiques because they speak to me. Before making a purchase, I will touch an antique to see if it is “real” or a cleverly made copy. I believe when an antique has an energy presence around it, it’s more important than ever to treat the antique with respect and care.


Never Forget

As I walked by the antique stalls, I was drawn to a dusty corner where I saw a canteen from WWII. Over and over I heard in my head, “Never Forget.” I told my friend the man who owned the canteen had died in WWII and remained attached to it. I thought to myself, why do the words sound so familiar? Today I found a quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower referencing the Nazi death camps he saw at the end of WWII.

“The world must know what happened, and Never Forget.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower


The Pearl Necklace

Another lighted display case held a double string of pearls. There was a clear energy presence attached to the beautiful strands. An elderly widow had once loved those pearls and left behind an energy “signature” to make certain they remained safe. I told my friend it was very, very important to appreciate the pearls and treat them with care and not to let children play with them. The lady seemed adamant about not letting children play with the pearls.


The Christmas Room

The resident ghosts seemed to enjoy the Christmas room the most. I kept hearing words in my head: “We love the Christmas room. It’s so much fun!” I let my friend know that whatever the owner decided to do with the space, she should consider keeping the Christmas room intact. Apparently, the ghosts enjoyed moving the decorations around.

Clocks Chime out of Time

On one wall of the store, there were chiming clocks of all kinds. As we walked by, or if we were on the other side of that floor of the store, several clocks would chime, letting us know there was an entity by the clocks. The ghost that stayed in that area let me know he enjoyed caring for the clocks and was detailed in life as well. Perhaps he was an engineer?


Caring for Antiques

So what do you do after purchasing an antique? Clean it, and if possible, and use salt as a way to absorb the energy that may be clinging to it. For more on the topic check out this link: I recall a situation years ago involving another friend. She brought a small set of dried bones on a leather string back from her international travels and hung the bones on a cabinet in her hallway. I asked, “What did you bring home?! Please put them in salt water, and let them dry in the sun. These bones have something attached to them.” She did so, and the unusual paranormal activity in her hallway settled down.


Peaceful Days Ahead

All in all, we counted 21 ghosts in that store and 6 energy signatures. I spoke with my friend yesterday, and she said the ghosts seem to be calmer now. It is my hope that acknowledging their presence in a kind way helped dissipate some of the pent-up energy. I let them know they were welcomed to stay or they could go on to the light.

Psychic Fun: Determining Whether an Antique is Real or a Replica

So how can you tell if an antique is real or not? By letting it speak to you. Do some deep breathing and enter a calm state of mind. Walk into the store and look around and listen. This will allow the real antiques to “shine with their own special light.” When that happens, I will walk over to the antique and lightly touch it with my hand. By doing so, I can feel a slight vibration indicating the antique is worth considering further. If you are still unsure, consider these tips on antiques from the DIY Network:

Have fun!


What To Do When Life Throws a Curve Ball … or Two

Psychic Viewpoint

When life throws you a curve ball, or a series of curve balls, you can choose to ignore it, feel despair and sadness over it, get angry over it, or make life changes in response to it.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross, in her book, “On Death and Dying,” described the five stages of grief as denial, depression, anger, bargaining and acceptance. When faced with a big change in life – loss of a job, the end of a relationship, a move away from home, a horrific accident, loss of a loved one – we find ourselves experiencing some or all of these emotions. It’s OK. That’s what makes us human.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”  – Elisabeth Kubler Ross


Deadly Experiences: Two Reactions

There is a story on The Guardian news website about a couple who went for a hike. The woman smelled something and got a queasy feeling and did not want to move forward. Her husband said her concern was groundless and pressed on. The two were subsequently attacked by a bear on the trail. Both sustained horrific injuries and disfigurement. The husband chose to see it as a second chance for life. His wife chose to let fear overcome her and “fought the bear” in her mind for the remainder of her life.

Another Guardian story involved a couple who went scuba diving. The wife, Micki, was attacked by a shark and almost lost her arm. She allowed herself to become fearful, reliving the attack over and over again in her thoughts. She announced she would never scuba dive again. Micki’s husband decided to take action. He had taken a photo of the shark, which he put on her computer screen to help her overcome her fear.

“Every time I walked in, I had to look at her (the shark) again,” she said. “It took a week or two, but I was gradually desensitized.”

Two years later, Micki decided to try snorkeling again. By doing so she overcame the fear around the traumatic event and gained her freedom.


When Angels Step In

I was recently talking to a client and friend who described a traumatic car accident to me. As she was describing the event, I “saw” an angel lift her by the shoulders, pulling her out of the way just as the collision occurred. She survived with minor injuries, but the car was a goner. The message for her was simple: It’s not your time, and the angels made sure of it.

Her story of angelic intervention is not the only one. In a story, An Angel at the Amusement Park,” the writer describes a sister and brother’s experience on the amusement park ride, the Viking Fury. During the course of the ride, the safety bar popped open. At that moment, the sister screamed then immediately felt a warm hand grab her t-shirt from behind. Both she and her brother were yanked back in their seat, and they pulled the bar shut again. They looked back to see a tall, blonde man seated behind them who said: “That came loose on you, didn’t it?”

After the ride was over, the pair of children looked for the tall man, but he was nowhere to be found.


When Does Angel Intervention Begin?

I’ve ignored angelic warnings before to my detriment. Once, I attempted to take a flight three times for an event in another state. I never did get on that plane. I realized later I was meant to stay home due to the unexpected death of a family member several hours later.

Perhaps you’ve ignored an angelic warning or two in your own life? Angelic warnings can take several forms including:

  • Mechanical failures (your car refuses to start or it stops suddenly and won’t move forward).
  • You feel a queasiness in your stomach.
  • You can’t find your keys.
  • There are weird delays when you attempt to leave.
  • You hear a “disembodied voice,” that gives you a warning.
  • You become ill suddenly.
  • You are advised to stay home by family or friends (even your pets!).


Finding Peace Following a Disaster

Not everyone experiences a monumental shift into a better life path following a traumatic incident or life-changing event, especially if it feels like all areas of your life are being hit simultaneously.

Realize the Wheel of Life goes around and around. Sometimes you find yourself at the bottom and sometimes you are at the top.

Patrycja Domurad

When you are feeling like you are at the bottom of the Wheel of Life, Patrycja Domurad suggests you change your attitude by taking time to accept where you are right now then give thanks for the good stuff. In her blog post, “Stop Waiting for Life to Happen and Start Living Now,” Patrycja asks the question “How would my perspective change if I realize my quality of life is directly related to my reactions?”

“Instead of waiting for life to happen, make it happen. Instead of waiting for a change, create a change.” – Patrycja Domurad

She recommends keeping a daily gratitude journal to get back on track. A shift in direction will occur if you take a couple of minutes each day to list the things you are grateful for in your life, she said.

  1. Commit
  2. Begin
  3. Write it down
  4. Feel it
  5. Choose a set time of day
  6. Practice present-moment gratitude
  7. Share the gratitude
  8. Don’t stop once you start seeing results
  9. Allow yourself to be human

Simply put, if you are continuously thinking negative thoughts about life’s unexpected changes it makes you feel bad and can ultimately impact your health. And while it may seem impossible to feel great all of the time, it is possible to appreciate life’s special moments as they happen if you are able to shift your focus.


EMDR and PBM Therapy

Sometimes it takes more than feeling grateful or tackling a situation head-on to resolve it, especially if the event is traumatic. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is one non-traditional therapy that has proven useful for some people. How it works: Therapists will guide a person’s eyes back and forth as the person describes the traumatic event in detail. Over several sessions, the therapists assists you by replacing negative images with more positive ones.

Another non-invasive medical solution is Photobiomodulation (PBM). How it works: PBM uses near-infrared light to “stimulate and heal” in response to traumatic events, degenerative diseases such as dementia, psychiatric disorders such as depression, injuries or chronic pain. A double-blind 2016 study showed a positive impact using this type of light therapy for patients suffering from neuropathy (nerve damage).


Living in the Present Moment

A friend of mine told me the other day she was impressed that I was able to interact with a wild animal. She was referring to an experience I had last summer when I walked up to a young blue jay, took photos and petted it as it sat on my bird bath.

Truthfully, I was living in the Present Moment.

Being in the present moment removes expectations and allows you to feel with your senses – especially your heart – while preventing your brain from taking over to tell you how things should be. Other benefits of living in the present moment can be found here:

Psychic Fun: Are You an Earth Angel?

Have you ever thought that you are not in sync with humanity or that you feel like an alien in your own skin? Perhaps you are an Earth Angel. Earth Angels, who have also been referred to as Lightworkers, believe they have come to this life for a higher purpose.

Ask Yourself if These Statements Describe You:

  1. Prefer to avoid conflict
  2. Empathic (feel the pain of others around you)
  3. Strong intuition
  4. Highly sensitive to crowd noise or other loud noises
  5. Love nature
  6. Love to spend time alone
  7. You feel like you have been called to a higher purpose
  8. You reject the ideals of others, preferring to embrace an alternative path (Independent)
  9. You accept people as they are
  10. You look younger than your chronological age
  11. You are artistic
  12. Proper time management is beyond your capabilities
  13. You are independent
  14. You are intuitive

If you answered yes to the majority of these statements, you are very likely an Earth Angel. What do you do now? suggests you take time to meditate and connect with your angels, set a goal to be helpful each day, explore your abilities and take care of your physical body. Ask: “How may I serve? How may I more fully and vibrantly shine?” Above all, give permission to yourself to be who you are and ask for divine help. For more information on this subject please visit:

Good luck!



The Day My Cat Saved My Life and I Heard the Voice of God

Psychic Viewpoint

Chased by a Kitten

In the Spring of 2002 I was a reporter covering a story at a local church. Following my interview with the pastor I saw – in the back of the parking lot – a pile of kittens eating food from a plastic plate. I knew what I had to do. I was going to get a pet carrier so I could bring the kittens home. I was on my way back to my car when a tiny black kitten with a stick tail chased me through the parking lot and meowed at me repeatedly. I told her I would be back as soon as I could.

I took the kittens home and gave them all away except for one: a little black cat. I named her Pretty Girl.

Pretty Girl Saves the Day

August 23, 2004, started out like any other day. I cut vegetables from my garden to prepare them for lunch. I heated up the skillet then walked to the back of the house to check on something. It was at that moment that my dear cat, Pretty Girl, came running to me in the hallway. I heard her say: “Mommy! Mommy! The kitchen is on fire!”

I raced to the kitchen in time to see flames beginning to burn the cupboards above the stove. I turned off the stove and realized there was no way to stop the skillet from continuing to burn everything other than to move it out of the house. I grabbed the skillet and threw it on the driveway outside of the back door. The flaming skillet extinguished itself instantly.

The cupboards continued to smolder, but I had stopped the blaze from burning down the house.

It was then I realized that my legs and right hand were on fire. I begged God to help me as I used my hands to pat out the flames burning my legs.

I started to go into shock. It was at that moment I heard a deep, quiet voice that said: “Call 911. Tell them you were in a fire, and you are badly burned.” To this day, I believe I heard and felt the calming presence of God.

After I called 911 and my mom, I waited in my front yard for the fire department to arrive while holding the collars of each of my dogs. I was concerned the dogs, in an effort to protect me, would attack anyone who entered my yard. A Hispanic lady, who lived nearby and spoke no English, stood quietly outside of my gate and waited for the ambulance with me. Her presence felt Angelic.

I was in a burn center for two weeks. Friends and family took care of me as I recovered at home following my hospital stay. I slept in a lounge chair for two months and moved around with a walker then a cane for a year.

I thought at the time that if I could walk again, I could run, and if I could run, I could hike, and if I could hike, I could climb mountains again. I made a promise to myself that day that I would never take my legs for granted again.

A Rainbow Sky as a Final Goodbye

On Monday, June 24, 2019, Pretty Girl left this world. I had saved her life, and she had saved mine. She looked deeply into my eyes as I thanked her for loving me and saving me. I told her it was OK to let go.

Shortly after she died, I looked up at the sky and saw that it was covered in rainbows. It was beautiful. I believe my precious cat was letting me know she had gone to heaven, and she was alright.

Ghostly Experiences: What Should You Do?

Psychic Viewpoint

Have you felt the presence of an angel or spirit around you or perhaps even a ghost? Psychologists explain it as being nothing more than a sensed presence, which occurs when we are under great stress or when we are in a situation we are not prepared to deal with. Social isolation following the loss of a loved one could also create an opportunity for a “visit” from a departed friend or relative, psychologists suggest.

What if the vision you had wasn’t brought on by a case of extreme stress? What if it was so real to you it could not possibly have been a hallucination? And how do you determine exactly what it was you saw – whether it was a ghost, a spirit or an angel?

Ghosts may indicate they are nearby by stating something that you would not otherwise say – it could be a whisper or words spoken aloud. You may feel the hair go up on your arms, you may see objects moving by themselves, or you may see something moving out of the corner of your eye and when you look in that direction there is nothing to see. Spirits, on the other hand, may provide guidance when you are stuck, or open up a new path of opportunity, or guide you to where you need to be, literally. Angels help us by making us feel more peaceful and loving in a tough situation.

Acknowledging that you what you saw was most definitely real to you is the first step to understanding what you saw. The second step is determining whether the experience represented a ghost, a spirit or an angel.  Knowing the difference can help you to communicate, should you choose to do so.


A ghost is someone who is stuck in non-physical form on this plane of existence. The ghost could be someone who died unexpectedly, due to murder, a car crash, or some other calamity. Sometimes they don’t realize they are dead yet, which has happened a few times in my experience.

When I walk through a cemetery, I am often called to the grave sites of those who have passed during the Civil War; although these men hover by their gravestones, they do not feel “lost” to me. Instead I sense peace. In those situations, I recognize and honor them for the contribution they’ve made, regardless of which side of the conflict they fought on.

Car Wrecks and Ghostly Appearances

Last fall, I was sitting on my couch when I kept hearing in my head over and over, “I made one mistake, just one mistake, and now it’s over!” I searched the news for him, knowing he had died behind the wheel of a car. As it happened, he was driving late one night and had entered the highway in the wrong direction via an exit ramp. He was killed immediately in a head-on collision. I searched and found a picture of him and sent it out to friends over social media, asking for their prayers. I understood that it was important for him to be appreciated and recognized for his life, and it seemed to help him go to the other side.

Not all people who die suddenly or in chaos get stuck. A friend of mine and his wife were driving across the mountains when a tractor trailer came out of nowhere and broadsided them. My friend died at the scene with a smile on his face and barely a scratch on him. His wife survived. I’ve never felt his presence again. I believe he went to heaven and did not come back.

Ghost Children on the Tracks

There is a story out of San Antonio, TX, that talks of a group of “ghost children” who will push cars uphill and out of the way of oncoming trains. While there is no news story of children being struck there by an oncoming train, the legend has persisted for years.

According to witness accounts, “if you park your car directly over the tracks and shift into neutral, the ghosts of the children will push it uphill, out of the way of any oncoming train. And if you have the foresight to cover your bumper with baby powder or flour, you can reportedly see the children’s fingerprints upon your car.”

Those Old Houses Hold Memories … and Ghosts

There are other times, in old houses in particular, where ghosts stay behind because they like the place. I came across a well-dressed gentleman in an historic residence who was standing by an antique floor clock. I asked him, “Do you need help to go to the other side?” He said, “Why would I leave? I love it here. Look at this place!” He seemed pleased to be there.

Sometimes, people die in a house and don’t know how to leave. I recall an old house that was part of a Christmas tour in Grant Park (Atlanta, GA). I looked up the staircase, and there, at the top of the stairs, was a man lying across the threshold of a room on the right. I could “see” he had burned to death. I went to the owner and asked him if he was aware that there was a dead man upstairs. He said, yes, homeless people had lived in the place before they had purchased it, and there had been a fire and a man died in that spot. The owner’s partner was none too happy about the revelation and could not get me out of the house fast enough. After all, it was a Christmas tour, not a ghost tour. 🙂

Noises in the Dark

How do you determine if there is a ghost in the house? suggests you look for the following:

  • Unexplained Noises
  • Doors, cupboards and cabinets opening or closing
  • Lights turning on and off
  • Items disappearing then reappearing
  • Odd shadows
  • Strange animal behavior
  • A feeling like you are being watched

If ghosts ask for my help, I do my best to assist them in moving towards the light. If you are asked to help, I hope you are willing to assist these lost souls too.


Spirits or spirit guides are non-physical beings that offer guidance, inspiration, opportunities or warnings when we need to be made more aware. Spirit guides may be our ancestors, relatives or dear friends who have passed that have decided to stick around and help us here on earth. They are able to move back and forth between dimensions.  I rely on spirit guides, higher beings and angels for assistance when conducting psychic readings. I think of a friend, Diane, whose brother passed away when he was young. He is always there to provide guidance and show off his sense of humor whenever she and I speak.

Did Someone Call My Name?

Wherever I have lived, I’ve always let my roommates know that there may be some interesting goings on where we live. There may be ghosts, or spirits or other unusual activity (music, sounds and objects that move). Despite the warning, my roommates are surprised every time it happens.

I recall one evening when I was traveling by car from Atlanta to North Georgia. My roommate was standing outside when she heard someone call my name loudly. She freaked out and ran inside and locked the door. Then she heard the voice call my name again – this time it was inside the house. So much for locking the door! Meanwhile, I heard the same voice while driving. I pulled off at the next exit and called my parents to make sure everyone was OK.  No problem, they said. I got back on the interstate only to hear the voice again. This time, I stopped and called my roommate, who was a little shaky on the phone. After calming her down, I did not hear the warning again and proceeded home with no issues. To this day, I’ve wondered why the spirit stopped me on the highway. I can only think that it was to save me from having an accident. That accident did not happen because I was not there.


I believe all of us have guardian angels. They protect and console us, and they provide messages to us from other realms and connect us with spirit/God and the higher realms. Sometimes, when I am conducting a psychic reading and the client asks about someone who has passed away, I literally feel wings popping out of my back between my shoulder blades. That’s when I know that particular individual has become an angel. Angels can show up as balls of white light or brightly lit beings.  You may hear heavenly music to let you know angels are near. At times, my backyard is dotted with these enlightened beings, and it’s beautiful. I never hesitate to call on the help of angels when I am about to enter a difficult situation or need intervention for others.


If you sense a ghost near you, I would advise first asking for the white light of protection to surround you to keep you safe, then ask the ghost how you can help. Sometimes it’s just getting a message to someone. Other times, the ghost is simply lost and can’t find their way home. I would recommend lighting a white candle and explaining to the ghost that their relatives are just on the other side of the white light. In the event the ghost doesn’t seem to want to go, use bells or other clearing techniques (such as burning sage around doorways) to let them know they shouldn’t stick around.

With spirits, it’s easiest to communicate with them in your dreams. In the event they present themselves to you outside of dream time, welcome their presence. Let them know how much you appreciate them in your life.

In terms of angels, you may be in an unhappy or frightened state, and they are there to lift you up. Never hesitate to thank the angels for any guidance or help they can give. I call on angels often in my work and in my life. Angels can be reached through prayer, meditation, and in those quiet moments when we aren’t distracted by other things. Call on angels whenever you need help; that’s why they are here.

Psychic Fun: Testing Your Intuitive Skills in a Cemetery


In order to see if there are ghosts in a cemetery, I recommend the following steps.

(1) Bring a camera.

(2) Put the white light of protection around you.

(3) Turn off your cell phone and do some deep breathing to get yourself in a calmer state.

(4) Walk slowly and look at the trees and birds and enjoy the peacefulness of the place.

(5) Actively listen but don’t define what you hear.

(6) Take pictures and check them later.

You may hear a whisper, or a prayer or a name or sense another presence. If you are drawn to a particular gravestone, acknowledge the person and congratulate them on a life well-lived. Above all, don’t make assumptions. Stay calm and allow yourself the time to feel what’s happening around you. You should begin to hear things or see things that are not quite normal. Take time to explore but be respectful too. Good luck!


Patricia Interviewed by Beth Peters of Psychic Soup

Interview with Stan Holt, Energy Healer



Advice and opinions provided here are for entertainment purposes only and is not to be construed as legally binding in any way. If you have a medical or legal concern, please contact a professional who can address the issue. Thank you!