Death is Nothing at All

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A friend’s mother passed away today. She died shortly after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer at 2:22 p.m., a time of significance in the parlance of Angel Numbers. She had fulfilled her soul’s mission, and the angels called her home.

Some believe that when we die we simply leave the body behind and become spirit – going back to the source energy from which we’ve come. Other’s believe that we are called home to heaven, and that’s where we stay. Dr. Duncan MacDougall conducted experiments on the dying and determined that as a person passed there was a detectable loss in weight  of 21 grams; he called it the soul.

I believe that some choose to leave this plane of existence behind and literally go to another level, never looking back. Others who have passed learn quickly how to move among the levels of consciousness or planes of existence. Still others who have experienced trauma in death get lost along the way. Many realize who they can contact to get help, should they seek it, to cross to the other side.

Loved ones will sometimes send little reminders that they are still watching over us – it could be a strong scent, a bright coin or purposeful misplacement of something that was dear to them. If they cannot draw our attention in the present moment, they come to us in our dreams to let us know they are not so far away that we cannot still communicate with them.

Death is Nothing at All
by Henry Scott Holland

Death is nothing at all…
I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I, and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
Call me by my old familiar name,
Speak to me in the easy way you always used.
Put no difference into your tone
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
Let it be spoken without effort,
without the ghost of a shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was;
there is absolutely unbroken continuity….
Why should I be out of your mind because I am out of sight?
I am waiting for you for an interval,
Somewhere very near, just around the corner.
All is well

Past Life Exploration: Have You Been Here Before?

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Do you ever wonder if you have lived in the past or had a past life?

There are many people on the planet today that have lived a past life, even past lives. However, few recall these experiences. How can you tell if you have been here before? Ask yourself if a situation or place seems familiar even if you don’t recall having the experience previously. Turn off your logical mind-set for a moment and let your unconscious mind take over, prompt your unconscious mind to provide the answers – ask the question internally and then keep yourself busy doing other things to occupy conscious thought. Memories that do not exist within your conscious experience will begin to pop up. If that’s not possible, pose the question just before you go to sleep. You may receive answers – in pictures – in your dreams. Test your “memory,” and document what you see or feel. Try to focus on dates, events, the environment, weather or any catastrophic events that may have occurred during that period – see in your mind what people look like, what they are wearing, etc. Do whatever it takes to trigger a deeper memory. Then research your findings. See if there is any documented history around that moment that verifies what you’ve seen.

Try This Test
Here’s another way to discover if you have had a past life experience. You and a trusted friend should find a low table and sit cross legged on the floor on each side of the table. Turn the lights down low. Place a white candle between you and light it. Allow your gaze to relax and stare into your friend’s eyes for a while over the candlight. Talk about what you see. After a little while features will begin to change and new features will appear. Write down the things you see. Chances are you are seeing what your friend looked like in a past life. You may be surprised where the path takes you.

An Ending and a Beginning
In the mid 1980s, classes were taught in downtown Atlanta on psychic development. During one of the classes, a session on past life paris-riverseine9regression was held. The results were quite interesting. As a class participant, I was able to identify instances and experiences from a number of past lives. For example, I recalled an experience from the 1700’s in Paris. The love of my life was killed, and it was never clear to me what happened to him. By chance, I went to Paris for a weekend in 2011. Traveling on a riverboat down the Seine, I looked up as we passed beneath a bridge and almost fainted. A scene from the past played out before my eyes as my lover was robbed, stabbed in the back and thrown into the river. The next day, I returned to the bridge and released the man and the past. It was a healing moment. By letting go of the past, and any regrets, we are better positioned to welcome the present moment.

Why can’t I remember?
It’s acceptable for small children (up to age 4) to have imaginary friends and unique experiences (including thoughts of past life experiences), but as we get older those memories fade. It’s only natural to focus on what’s happening today and forget where we came from. That doesn’t mean it didn’t occur, only that we no longer remember. Because we have so many information sources available to us on the Internet today, we are seeing many more stories about children who are remembering past lives. Here are a few interesting ones:

The child who lived among the stars of Hollywood

Memories of a former life as a slave

The case of the fighter pilot

Death by fire, a woman becomes a little boy

Chances are you, too, have had a past life experience. Take time to explore the possibility.


It’s All In Your Head: Lessons Learned from the Seven Principles of Huna

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Why does this <insert problem/situation> keep happening in my life?  Sometimes the answer is simply:  What you Think about You Bring About, or better yet, Where Attention Goes Energy Flows.

Simply put: if you think about a situation hard enough, you give it a life of its own. In relationships, if we find ourselves with a partner that doesn’t meet our needs, and we dissolve the relationship but don’t release the negative aspects, chances are the same aspects will show up in a new partner. Then upon discovering that we are in a relationship that is similar to the past one we say to ourselves, “I don’t understand, why do I kImage of Paris Sculptureeep having the same kind of relationship?” Instead of focusing on the negative, switch to the positive aspects of the person because those positive aspects are what drew you to the individual in the first place. If it’s impossible to focus on anything positive, then place your attention on something else – a beautiful tree, a laughing child, the sunshine. Visualize someone coming into your life with positive aspects and steer clear of the negative.

When situations disrupt our lives, we ask ourselves, “Why Me?” One reason may be that we need a lesson to raise us to a higher level of understanding, or consciousness or connect us with people we would not otherwise meet so we can become the teacher or the student or both.

We may announce to the universe: “I am an island. I don’t need help.” Then we find ourselves depending on others due to a catastrophic accident. If we don’t take time to reflect on what has occurred and thank the universe for the lesson and MOVE ON or LET IT GO, then another situation will occur to remind us once again that we did not learn the lesson the first time. The other reason may be related to the first fundamental principal of Huna: The World Is What You Think It Is.

Eke: The World Is What It Is
Everything in our world, everything in our own reality, comes from our thoughts. We share this with friends,family, co-workers, and everyone else. According to the Huna belief, if we would change our world, we must change our thoughts. It is a waste of time and energy to try and change the outer world on our own.

This concept is sometimes difficult to grasp because we as humans believe things happen TO US rather than our thoughts creating disturbances in our lives. We may even go so far as to say, “Well this person did THIS to me, I didn’t ASK for it.” People that have been raped don’t ask to be raped, certainly, but if we have thoughts that say, “I am not worthy,” the universe may deliver confirmation in a most unexpected way…

Makea: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Events are created wherever there is a flow of energy and attention. Focusing your attention on a particular object or idea causes the energy to flow in that direction. Whatever the nature of your thoughts is, you feel that flow in  return. Positive energy put out into the universe, means positive energy flowing back to you.

The Seven Principals of Huna

For more on the subject of Huna visit:

Focusing on positive thought is not an easy task, particularly if attention is focused on all the mayhem in the world provided by daily news reports or from the posts of well-meaning friends. Take baby steps: for 15 minutes a day focus on positive things. Look around you and say: thank you flower for providing color in my world, thank you tree for providing oxygen, etc., and laugh. Laughter is healing. Researchers in Japan found that laughter actually reduced pain levels associated with arthritis. For more on the subject of laughter and how to bring more of it into your life visit: If you have thoughts that are self-negative, make a list of positive aspects and keep it close. When you experience feelings of self-loathing, pull out the list and reflect on the fact that you are not so bad after all.


Getting Blurry: Merging with Unconditional Love

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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s cabin in North Georgia. Around her place is untouched hardwood forest and a preserve for woodpeckers. They are everywhere – tweeting and calling and knocking on wood. I was sitting on a ridge, trusting in the universe to keep me safe and sound as I allowed myself to get lost in the moment. I sat there and listened. I did not identify anything by name – not the trees, or the birds, or the wind. I just sat and felt the wind rush through me as it topped the ridgeline. The best way to describe my state of being was blurry. I did not know where nature ended and I began. It was an incredible feeling just to be. I was living in the present moment, and in a state of expanded conciousness.

Penney Peirce, the author of Frequency, describes it best.

Imagine: your relationships dissolve, your work dissolves, your possessions dissolve. You don’t need food, water, money or approval. You have no goals, no needs, no body even. Everything solid and slow, gone into transparency. You have no beliefs, no right-and-wrong, no memory, no growth, no mistakes, nothing to communicate. What’s left is a vibration of clear light, a wave of love. You are glowing, floating, beating heart-stuff. This is who you are, and how you know, and what you know.

Tree at sunsetTake the opportunity to find a safe place to just let go and be. You realize in that moment that everything is transitory. Nothing is permanent, and that is where hope and new beginnings lie. I was in a state of unconditional love, and the best place to begin anew. If you do not have a ridge upon which to sit, you can focus on something you love unconditionally – a pet or a person or even the little old lady on the corner. Focus on that feeling if you can for 1 minute or so and drop all the other thoughts away – picture yourself sweeping the other thoughts out the door with a broom. Feeling unconditional love for even a moment will renew your body/mind/soul.


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