Dreams Become Reality

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For those who hear the bugler’s call. Go forth and carry out your dream. The angels are with you. The universe will guide the way, putting the people and the circumstances in your path to make your dreams happen. Follow the call.

All of us have dreams of success, love, prosperity and a better life. I’ve been a proponent of positive thinking and The Secret for a number of years now. What I’ve found is if you can visualize the outcome and believe it will happen and ELIMINATE DOUBT your dreams can manifest into reality. The key is not to concentrate on the how but the outcome. Ask, then watch, listen and wait.

This morning I made a request of the universe. I said, “Do you hear me universe?!” Then I casually glanced at the ground in front of me. BugleWhat I found embedded in the grass was a brass bugle ornament. I must have failed to remove it from my Christmas tree as I took the tree to the curb for composting. I’ve never known where that little bugle came from originally, and thought it odd when I found it amongst my ornaments this year, but I hung it on the tree nonetheless.  I think the bugle showed up today so I could HEAR the response from the universe.

My answer to you is to dream BIG. Make that vision board. Put a picture on your wall of what you want to happen in your life. Believe it WILL happen. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, with all the hustle and bustle of daily living, we were given all the tools and skills we need to accomplish what we need to accomplish in this lifetime. We were put on this planet – not to suffer – but to live a great life. Yes, there are lessons we must learn along the way and challenges that may cause us to hesitate, but those lessons and challenges also shape us, and grow us, so we can become better people.

If envisioning something big seems like too much to do, then picture something small. A place you would like to visit, or a friend you would like to connect with again. Put a simple picture up, pat it with your hand and say, “I’ll see you soon!” Then wait for the universe to make happen.

Tis the Season for Magic to Happen

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As the year draws to a close, I like to take the time to reflect upon the people I’ve met, the adventures I’ve participated in, and the new things I’ve learned. To me, life is a learning path and an adventure, rather than a chore to get through, a means to an end, or a future state of happiness to hope for. If you have ever had a death-defying experience, you know as I do that you learn to appreciate all things because you are grateful just to be alive.

I’ve come to appreciate the unique abilities I was graced with as well as the abundance in life, no matter its source (even if it’s the absolute love of the “fur babies”/pets in my life). So when an event happens –whether it’s “good” or “bad,” I ask myself: “Is this a teaching moment? Am I the teacher or the student? What is the message the universe is trying to deliver?” I ask the question then I shut up and listen. Sometimes I am answered with words, sometimes images, and sometimes nothing at all, because I need to wait for the answer to reach me.  I make a strong effort to find the positive in all things, even the “teaching moments.” If I focus on the negative aspects of a situation, then I get what I am asking for – more “bad” situations.  Simply put, negative thoughts and emotions can take a heavy toll. To illustrate, look at Masaru Emoto’s work on water crystals. He shows how negative thought and negative words change the very structure of water crystals. http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html. Consider the changes negative thought can have on your life.

praying childWhat about prayer? Does it have a similar impact? That depends on the individual, but for myself, I would say yes. When someone prays for me, I can feel it – much like air being released from a balloon, I feel a calm wave of energy roll over me. In instances where people are praying for a common purpose simultaneously, I have felt the cumulative energy of the room shift to a higher level.

What about healing channels? Can they help with a physical ailment? On an individual level, I believe the “healer” and the “healee” should be in agreement about the impact of prayer/healing on the body/mind/soul. I say this from the healer’s perspective. As a healing channel, I have helped people become mobile again, regain visual clarity or remove years of bothersome pain.  Other times, illness and injury are a response to a psychological condition where the person is “stuck” in an emotion or experience that they cannot release; this can manifest itself on the physical level. That’s why keeping a check on runaway negative thoughts is important, because it can manifest itself in illness.

If the individual has an inner belief that healing energy will not work for their situation, it likely won’t. Even if the individual does not say what they believe, I know on the physical level. If someone has asked for healing but doesn’t believe in it, I can feel the energy bounce back into my hands with a sharp pang – as if the individual is made of Teflon; at that point, I realize I am wasting my time and their time and discontinue the effort. So what does healing work look like in real-time? Check out this brief video for an answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HecA7XRO7eQ.

What’s interesting about the video is that both parties believe in the power of prayer and the power of healing… and in that instant Magic Happens.

Energy Fields are All Around Us – So What are They and How Do We See Them?

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In his 1975 book, Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World, Raymond Buckland describes auras as having three dimensions. There is the etheric double, a dark line that is grey in color that extends across the surface of the body. There is the inner aura, which is about two or three inches wide and is colored by the health of the individual and by the individual’s mental and emotional state. And then there is the outer aura, which extends from the inner aura out about six inches. Colors of this aura vary greatly and are influenced by mental and psychic conditions present at the time.

A Brief How To Lesson

So how do you train yourself to see auras? This can be done in the following manner:

Get a horseshoe magnet and suspend with a pair of strings or threads or prop it up so there is space around it. Now darken the room you are in and where the horseshoe magnet is located. Study the magnet from different angles. After a little while you will notice there is a faint luminescence along the outside edge of the magnet and the “poles” at the end.  Now do the same thing in the light; hold the magnet up against the backdrop of a window. It’s important to be able to see energy fields or auras in darkness and in broad daylight.

Try looking at the magnet with one eye closed then the other and with both eyes open. Some people have a dominant “psychic eye,” that is better to use when viewing auras.

I’ve also tried not looking directly at the person or object but just above it. I find that it’s easier to see auras that way.

Now try the same thing with photographs of the deceased versus photographs of people that are alive. See if you notice if there is an aura or not around the individual in the photograph.

Once you begin to see the energy field around a magnet, start looking at other things such as plants, animals and people in daylight and in darkness.

It takes practice and patience, but you should begin to see energy fields or auras around people more readily over time.

As a healing channel, I look for “dips” or breaks in the energy field around someone or with a pet in order to isolate a problem.  Sometimes I find that physical afflictions are the result of mental conditions or attitudes. There is definitely something to be said for maintaining a positive attitude, as it is reflected in the person’s energy field.

Clairvoyance and the Remote View: The Story of A Diamond Ring

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The other day my sister called, she was staying at a friend’s place in Berlin, Germany. While cleaning the counters, she lost her friend’s diamond ring and could not find it anywhere. In a panic over the loss of the ring, she used Skype to contact me and ask me if I knew where it was.  I was driving at the time, which was notthe ring the best location for me to get a visual. I did it on the fly and asked for help from my angels to find the ring. What I was told, and what I saw, was something metal with slats. I said it bounced rolled and is behind a metal grate or metal slats of some sort. Are there any metal grates there? On the floor, anywhere? She showed me the floor and an area beneath a dishwasher. She said, “Is this what you see?” I said, “It could be.” I kept repeating over and over: it’s beneath a metal grate. It bounced and rolled, and it’s lying flat. You cannot see it.”

It turned out it was on a shelf underneath a metal grater. It had apparently bounced into it when it fell, and they could not see it.

The point of the story: I did my best not to interpret what I was seeing – only saying what was coming to me. As a psychic I know that sometimes information can be convoluted or unique in the way the information is presented by the psychic to the client. It is best to allow the information you receive from a psychic to percolate because the answer might not be clear immediately, but it will make sense once you, yourself, see the answer in the context it was presented.


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