Awareness Through Nature: Listening to Animals to Understand Self

Psychic Viewpoint

Recently I received news that would change my life. I was told by a doctor that I needed to be on a specific medication until it corrected a problem I had or kept the problem in check. He did not advise me on lifestyle changes I could make to eliminate it. Instead, the doctor wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way.

Once home, I researched the medication and was alarmed by its possible side effects. The drug was inexpensive and used by many, many people; however, it would literally alter my physiology, and I could be on it for the rest of my life without actually curing the problem.

I thought: There has to be another way, so I began researching alternative solutions.

I realized that in some instances, at least in my situation, what I really needed to do was take a hard look at what I was doing to create the problem in the first place. I asked myself what changes could I make to address this problem once and for all?

Through a process involving a lot of research and trial and error I found a way to adjust my body’s response by incorporating daily walks, daily meditation and specific herbal supplements into my routine. My grandmother used to say worrying was “just borrowing trouble,” so I decided to let go of worries as much as I could also.

Tackling health problems through herbal supplements, proper food and self-care is not for everyone. It’s a lifelong commitment, and some may prefer to take a pill instead. Also, there is always a role for medicine. For example, I was recently vaccinated against the coronavirus. My guides said it was necessary, and I trust the guidance I am given. Additionally, I’ve incorporated medical care in the past, especially during emergency situations.


Negativity is Bad for Your Body


Whether you have a negative view of the world, yourself, your relationships or your circumstances, the negativity you feel can create a stress response in your body, which negatively impacts your health. Lissa Rankin, MD, author of Mind Over Medicine, explains that the practice of medicine should be more than fixing someone up to keep on going. The underlying issues must be addressed as well.

She says we need to treat the nervous system to realize it’s not necessary to be in fight or flight mode all of the time. Know what triggers nervous system reactions. Give the body good food, tap into a higher power and be yourself rather than who others want you to be. Sing Your Song! Take time to care about other people and animals. Those that volunteer their time will tell you they get more out of the effort than the recipients of their volunteer work.

When you give yourself this medicine, you turn off your stress responses, turn on your relaxation responses and allow the body to do one of the things it does best – heal. – Lissa Rankin, MD

Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, explains that our thoughts about ourselves define us. “What we give out, we get back,” she said. She offers a set of exercises to determine the origin of our rules and self-limiting beliefs in order to eliminate negative self-talk and make positive changes in life.


Awakening Self-Awareness Through the Eyes of Animals


The other aspect of self-care is to turn off the noise and return to nature when you can. Once I was vaccinated and received appropriate shots to prevent illness, I went on a long-awaited vacation to Costa Rica with my life partner.

I tackled my perceived fear of heights and had a blast zooming along one-mile ziplines, dancing across high hanging bridges and connecting with animals during walks in nature and at animal sanctuaries.


Night Screams: A Visit with the Howler Monkeys

One morning I was awakened at 3 a.m. by an unearthly sound. Howler monkeys were screaming in a nearby tree. Howler monkeys are smart, so it pays to be respectful in their presence. I asked the monkeys for permission to photograph them, and they gave me the OK. When another person came by to look at the monkeys In the tree, she was greeted with a mango thrown at her head. Best to keep your intentions pure! I felt the pride and the sadness in that group of monkeys. They felt underappreciated, so I thanked them.


Wild Macaws and the Natuwa Sanctuary

Macaws are large, beautiful birds of many colors that fly around in less populated areas of Costa Rica. These are also the type of birds that are smuggled out of Costa Rica to reside as caged pets in the U.S. and elsewhere. To see these birds call out and fly in groups from tree to tree was breathtaking; it’s something I will always remember. The Natuwa Sanctuary in Puntarenas, Cost Rica helps these birds and other animals return to nature when possible. What was interesting to me were the wild macaws that would hang out outside of the enclosures to be close to the other birds.

We weren’t allowed to talk aloud to the animals at Natuwa, so I talked to them psychically. After a while, our volunteer guide figured out what I was doing. He asked me about various animals and how they were feeling.

I told him the pumas were grateful to be safe (I was able to lure them out of hiding). One of the monkeys had a worm problem. The lizard was frightened by people and wanted out, and the group of macaws hanging on the fence in front of me were actually three brothers, and they were glad to be together. A hurt squirrel showed up in front of me and said he was in great pain and was scared. I worked on his pain by doing healing energy work and calmed him until our guide was able to get a staff member to help.

Seeing animals in cages is heartbreaking to me. Knowing they were safe and in a caring environment helped ease the pain I felt.


The Vulture and the Toucan

After I ended my walk on the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges, I was visited by a vulture. He made a point of flying directly in front of me then landing five feet away and walking sideways towards me while on the other side of a fence. He watched me as he walked.

Depending on your point of view, the vulture may be seen as something that is ugly to look at or beautiful due to its uniqueness. I was fascinated that this massive bird had a 30-million-year-old evolutionary heritage. It was clear this bird had a message to give me.

The vulture represents purity and cleansing as it reduces disease by eliminating dead animals. It’s also perceived as a link between the spirit world and the living.

The vulture totem teaches you how to consume your energy efficiently and grants you the ability of clairvoyance. …Vultures meaning magic, can help you find the strength and resources within yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.-

As I was heading back to the car, I heard something and looked high in a tree. There sat a toucan, singing his heart out! I was to see the toucan in the wild twice before leaving Costa Rica. The toucan represents the need to speak loudly and clearly and share your inner wisdom with the world. The toucan was telling me to share my story with you.

Upon returning to Atlanta, I realized I have come to a deeper understanding of people and who they are. My “nature break” has allowed me to become more intuitive and inciteful. It brought the medical issue under control too, which is the right prescription for me.



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