Clairvoyance and the Remote View: The Story of A Diamond Ring

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The other day my sister called, she was staying at a friend’s place in Berlin, Germany. While cleaning the counters, she lost her friend’s diamond ring and could not find it anywhere. In a panic over the loss of the ring, she used Skype to contact me and ask me if I knew where it was.  I was driving at the time, which was notthe ring the best location for me to get a visual. I did it on the fly and asked for help from my angels to find the ring. What I was told, and what I saw, was something metal with slats. I said it bounced rolled and is behind a metal grate or metal slats of some sort. Are there any metal grates there? On the floor, anywhere? She showed me the floor and an area beneath a dishwasher. She said, “Is this what you see?” I said, “It could be.” I kept repeating over and over: it’s beneath a metal grate. It bounced and rolled, and it’s lying flat. You cannot see it.”

It turned out it was on a shelf underneath a metal grater. It had apparently bounced into it when it fell, and they could not see it.

The point of the story: I did my best not to interpret what I was seeing – only saying what was coming to me. As a psychic I know that sometimes information can be convoluted or unique in the way the information is presented by the psychic to the client. It is best to allow the information you receive from a psychic to percolate because the answer might not be clear immediately, but it will make sense once you, yourself, see the answer in the context it was presented.

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