Energy Fields are All Around Us – So What are They and How Do We See Them?

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In his 1975 book, Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World, Raymond Buckland describes auras as having three dimensions. There is the etheric double, a dark line that is grey in color that extends across the surface of the body. There is the inner aura, which is about two or three inches wide and is colored by the health of the individual and by the individual’s mental and emotional state. And then there is the outer aura, which extends from the inner aura out about six inches. Colors of this aura vary greatly and are influenced by mental and psychic conditions present at the time.

A Brief How To Lesson

So how do you train yourself to see auras? This can be done in the following manner:

Get a horseshoe magnet and suspend with a pair of strings or threads or prop it up so there is space around it. Now darken the room you are in and where the horseshoe magnet is located. Study the magnet from different angles. After a little while you will notice there is a faint luminescence along the outside edge of the magnet and the “poles” at the end.  Now do the same thing in the light; hold the magnet up against the backdrop of a window. It’s important to be able to see energy fields or auras in darkness and in broad daylight.

Try looking at the magnet with one eye closed then the other and with both eyes open. Some people have a dominant “psychic eye,” that is better to use when viewing auras.

I’ve also tried not looking directly at the person or object but just above it. I find that it’s easier to see auras that way.

Now try the same thing with photographs of the deceased versus photographs of people that are alive. See if you notice if there is an aura or not around the individual in the photograph.

Once you begin to see the energy field around a magnet, start looking at other things such as plants, animals and people in daylight and in darkness.

It takes practice and patience, but you should begin to see energy fields or auras around people more readily over time.

As a healing channel, I look for “dips” or breaks in the energy field around someone or with a pet in order to isolate a problem.  Sometimes I find that physical afflictions are the result of mental conditions or attitudes. There is definitely something to be said for maintaining a positive attitude, as it is reflected in the person’s energy field.

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