Harnessing the Power to Heal Yourself

Psychic Viewpoint

Recently, I received a psychic message as I was waking up one morning: Illness appears in the auric field before it manifests in the body. Heal the auric field. Heal the body.

I wondered aloud, “What does that mean?”

The auric field can best be described as an interconnected energy layer that surrounds the outside of our bodies. This energy layer connects to each person’s body via the chakras (energy centers), which directs this energy into the body via the 12 major meridian lines. So not only do meridian lines interconnect planet earth, but our physical bodies are intersected by meridian lines as well.

The medical practice of acupuncture works on this premise: small needles are inserted (depending on the health issue) at designated points along meridian lines. In all, there are 365 acupuncture points on the body located along meridian lines. It’s believed that illness and diseases occur when chi energy is blocked, and acupuncture works by reestablishing the flow of energy.

Stop the Train … of Thought

While genetics, environmental factors and eating habits can have a negative impact on human health, there are other factors that may contribute to illness as well. Critical self-talk, exhaustion, stress, fear, anger, negative emotions and angry words, even loneliness can cause illness and disease.

The key to making a change in your health is becoming aware of the thought patterns and negative emotions that directly impact HOW you feel.

Illness is caused by disharmonious thought processes that mis-program the etheric template, and that gets passed on from the higher to the lower levels. When the gross physical cells are not supported by the proper set of frequencies, they start degrading or dying.

– Dr. Ulla Sarmiento, DVM, PhD, DACVP, Bigpicturequestions.com

Heal the Energy Field, Heal the Disease

Dr. Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA, now deceased, was a forerunner in the study of bioenergy. She believed disturbances of the energy field could negatively impact health and emotions. She created an instrument to detect and record energy being emitted from the human body and discovered that atoms, which are measured from the surface of the body, vibrated at a level that was 1000 times faster than other known frequencies.

Everything is Composed of Energy

In fact, free energy is all around us. The sun provides us with free energy, we just haven’t found a cheap way to harvest it …. yet.  Of course, I am referring to solar energy, which is created by collecting the heat from sunlight on specially designed glass panels, converting it to DC power and storing it in batteries for later use. This free energy from the sun can be used to operate LED lighting, DC-based equipment, electronics and more.

In a recent development, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a way to harvest energy from the air around us by focusing on temperature fluctuations.  The power generated is enough to keep a cellphone operational without a battery.

Connecting with Source Energy

If we can collect and convert energy from the sun, and produce Vitamin D for ourselves in the process, why not connect with energy on a much greater scale?

I am talking about Source Energy, which may also be referred to as divine energy, Christ consciousness, universal energy, and unconditional love, among other things. A regular meditation practice is one path you can take to get there. Acceptance, self-love and a lack of judgement are important first steps too. For more on this topic visit: http://mannabliss.com/what-is-source-energy-how-tapping-in-can-change-your-life/.

The Story of Edd Edwards

Edd Edwards understands Source Energy, and he taps into it for human healing, he says. He believes he can manage the energy fields around us. It’s what he calls bio intrinsic resonant energy, to facilitate healing. Scientific instruments at the University of Virginia are used to measure Mr. Edwards’ ability to manipulate energy.

Lynne McTaggart and Intentional Healing

International author and speaker Lynne McTaggart sees all of us as being part of what she calls a giant energy field – vibrating packets of energy going back and forth between everyone we meet, which creates a larger field of energy encompassing all of us.

Your thoughts are your most powerful tool of all. They have the capacity to affect other things. – Lynne McTaggart

Ms. McTaggart believes the combined factors of the power of intention and group consciousness can heal people. To prove the concept, she created the Intention Experiment to see if small groups, working in unison, can heal each other. The result: yes they can.

When I lived outside of Chattanooga years ago, I had the opportunity to participate once a month in meditative healing practices with a small group of energy healers. Everyone in the group focused healing energy within the group and extended that healing energy outside the group as far as we could. After each session we felt fresh and renewed on a profound level.

Of course, anyone that has participated in group prayer at church or with friends knows it’s a powerful way to focus our intentions on promoting better health and well-being for those that need it.

Psychic Fun: The Practice of Self Love and Healing
This is an activity you can do by yourself that will help raise your awareness.

Choose a day where you can focus on positive thoughts and feelings of love for an entire day. When you hear the thoughts in your head turning towards negative things or if you find yourself saying negative things, stop and refocus your thoughts. Take time to appreciate simple things such as sunshine, flowers, laughing children. In other words, stay positive as much as possible.

At the end of the day, express gratitude for all the good things in your life, regardless if you are thrown a curve ball during the 24-hour period. Then, when you are about to go to sleep, ask yourself: How do I feel? Chances are those nagging aches and pains won’t be quite as bad as they were the day before.

It’s not easy, but I promise you, it’s worth doing and will bring you closer to source energy and collective consciousness. Good luck!

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