How Do I Know If I Have a Guardian Angel?

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I’ve been asked many times if I see angels around the people I meet. Once I am asked, an angelic presence will or will not make itself known, but typically, the answer is a resounding yes!

Angels are commonly defined as supernatural/metaphysical beings that help us when we need it most and serve as an intermediary between God, heaven and humanity. They also carry out God’s work.

Your guardian angel could be a relative or dear friend that has passed away, an angel from a higher realm that is assigned to you when you are born, or an archangel (an angel of high rank). Each archangel serves a special purpose, according to Angel Intuitive Gina Sendef.

Michael: Life Purpose and protection
Raphael: healing mind, body and spirit and safe travels
Gabriel: creativity, communication and conceiving children
Uriel: emotional healing and recalling information
Jophiel: watches over artists, brings calm, “beauty of God”
Haniel: works with the lunar cycles
Ariel: helps create prosperity or abundance, guardian of animals
Zadkiel: helps us remember
Azrael: helps with healing from grief
Chamuel: helps with love, self-love, romance and finding lost items
Metatron: time warping, creator of Sacred Geometry Healing
Raguel: harmony and justice
Raziel: healing from past trauma and pain
Sandalphon: music
Jeremiel: helps newly crossed over souls

How to Determine if an Angel is Nearby
An angel may appear as a slight breeze near you on a day that is perfectly still. You may feel a light tickle around your shoulders, neck or head, which is an angel’s way of letting you know you are not alone. You may see a bright light or “small fog” around you or near someone who is ill. You may feel as if someone is next to you, but when you look there is no one there. You may have an inspiration that you know was not generated by you alone. All are indicators that there is an angelic presence nearby.  Other common signs of angels, according to, include:

  • Finding feathers in your path
  • Angelic looking clouds
  • Sweet scents with no known origin
  • Angelic music
  • Coins
  • Sparkling light
  • Rainbows
  • Feeling the presence of an angel
  • Temperature changes
  • Messages or signs
  • Whispering voice inside your ear
  • A series of single digits such as 333, 11:11, 222

Calling All Angels!
So how do we access the angelic realm? Remain Positive. Radiate Love. Meditate. Pray. Be Present. Ask for help then be prepared to listen with all of your physical senses for a response.

Angels know the best way to respond to you and your request. Contact may be indirect by sending you signs, numbers in sequence, or messages while you sleep, or contact may be direct via the “quiet, still voice within.”

How Do I Identify My Angel?
Find a quiet place. Remove electronic distractions. Ground yourself by visualizing yourself connecting to the earth below your feet. Breathe deeply to calm the mind and body. Let your angel know you are ready to release all outcomes (surrender), and you are willing to follow your angel’s direction for your highest good. Then ask for a name and listen for an answer.

Meditation and Prayer Can Open Up the Higher Realm to You
In the last few months, I have been meditating for 20 minutes every day. Besides making me calmer and more productive, the 20 minutes I set aside for myself enables me to connect to the higher realm where I receive information and direction.

During a recent group meditation session, I called on my angel to come in. Through my closed eyes I saw a brilliant, warm white light. I wasn’t the only one who saw the light. Following the session, another lady in the group asked, “Did you see that white light, what was that?!” Her question made me smile.

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