Magic Around Us: Do Fairies Exist?

Psychic Viewpoint

In the not so distant past, children were encouraged to “go outside and play” until we were called for dinner. We would participate in outdoor games with friends, or we would use the imagination to conjure up magical creatures, invisible playmates, forts and castles.

As adults, we choose to set aside the magic of our youth as “playful notions” in order to make a living and raise our families, while striving to maintain good health and well-being.

But what if there really is magic in nature, and we just need to slow down a little bit to see it? While angels can make themselves visible as spots of light around us, there may be something even more magical right in front of us.

Are Fairies Real?
Some may argue that fairies do not exist; they are simply a figment of the imagination. However, if photographic images can verify the existence of ghosts and angels, is it possible that fairies can be photographed too? The first visual example of fairies – the Cottingley Fairies of England – was debunked as a fake (with the exception of the last photograph). Years later, John Hyatt, a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, presented the “Rossendale Fairies.” These winged creatures look nothing like flies, moths, butterflies, or dragonflies. See the images here:

Were the images actually glowing insects or were they magical creatures? In another video, the video producer includes example images of unusual creatures from multiple sources and locations to further illustrate the possibility of magic around us: Another image compilation from Planet Dove may even reactivate your sense of wonder – and prompt you to ask: “Are these insects or tiny beings?”

Synchronous Fireflies Nantahala, North Carolina
Summer can be a magical time, especially if you enjoy watching fireflies (lightning bugs) at night. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to camp for the weekend across the way from the Nantahala (River) Outdoor Center. While listening to the night sounds around me, I looked up and watched in awe as thousands of fireflies moved in waves across the sky. I chose not to attempt to capture the experience with a photograph; instead, I enjoyed nature’s light show. Here is an image I found that is closest to matching what I saw:

What in the World Was That?
During a 2016 visit to South Georgia, I was walking along a sunlit path through a wooded area when I came across an unusual sight of unidentified flying insects? around me. What makes the experience so unique is that they appeared to be differing species, and they glowed. I’ve looked through a lot of insect books since that day, and I have yet to find a match for what I had seen. I like to think that magic was afoot that day.

Creating Magic in Your Own Backyard
Perhaps you don’t believe in fairies, or maybe you do. Either way, stepping outside to enjoy a quiet moment in nature – even if it’s in your own backyard or in a nearby park – offers many health benefits. Connecting with nature is the key.

Here are a couple of ways to attract nature or maybe even fairies. Hang a bird feeder outside of a window, or, if you have land, why not build a fairy house? Consider planting flowers – to feed the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds – or a Hawthorn Tree, which is native to Georgia and reportedly a fairy favorite.



Psychic Fun: Predicting the Future

This experiment will require you to set aside a little “non-thinking” time. Take out a pen and piece of paper. Put the date and time at the top, then sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths while visualizing white light coming into the top of your head as if it is being poured into you with a funnel.

Once you feel that your heart rate has slowed down, and you feel an overall sense of calm, pick up the pen and write down some simple predictions WITHOUT THINKING. Start with 10-20 predictions such as: who will call you next, the return address for the next letter you will receive in the mail, who will knock on your door, who will approach you first at work and what the person will be wearing, etc. Once you’ve completed the list, set it aside. If the prediction is accurate then give it a check mark. Count all the check marks in the end to see how well you did.

It’s OK not to get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect. Good luck!

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