How Do I Know If I Have a Guardian Angel?

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I’ve been asked many times if I see angels around the people I meet. Once I am asked, an angelic presence will or will not make itself known, but typically, the answer is a resounding yes!

Angels are commonly defined as supernatural/metaphysical beings that help us when we need it most and serve as an intermediary between God, heaven and humanity. They also carry out God’s work.

Your guardian angel could be a relative or dear friend that has passed away, an angel from a higher realm that is assigned to you when you are born, or an archangel (an angel of high rank). Each archangel serves a special purpose, according to Angel Intuitive Gina Sendef.

Michael: Life Purpose and protection
Raphael: healing mind, body and spirit and safe travels
Gabriel: creativity, communication and conceiving children
Uriel: emotional healing and recalling information
Jophiel: watches over artists, brings calm, “beauty of God”
Haniel: works with the lunar cycles
Ariel: helps create prosperity or abundance, guardian of animals
Zadkiel: helps us remember
Azrael: helps with healing from grief
Chamuel: helps with love, self-love, romance and finding lost items
Metatron: time warping, creator of Sacred Geometry Healing
Raguel: harmony and justice
Raziel: healing from past trauma and pain
Sandalphon: music
Jeremiel: helps newly crossed over souls

How to Determine if an Angel is Nearby
An angel may appear as a slight breeze near you on a day that is perfectly still. You may feel a light tickle around your shoulders, neck or head, which is an angel’s way of letting you know you are not alone. You may see a bright light or “small fog” around you or near someone who is ill. You may feel as if someone is next to you, but when you look there is no one there. You may have an inspiration that you know was not generated by you alone. All are indicators that there is an angelic presence nearby.  Other common signs of angels, according to, include:

  • Finding feathers in your path
  • Angelic looking clouds
  • Sweet scents with no known origin
  • Angelic music
  • Coins
  • Sparkling light
  • Rainbows
  • Feeling the presence of an angel
  • Temperature changes
  • Messages or signs
  • Whispering voice inside your ear
  • A series of single digits such as 333, 11:11, 222

Calling All Angels!
So how do we access the angelic realm? Remain Positive. Radiate Love. Meditate. Pray. Be Present. Ask for help then be prepared to listen with all of your physical senses for a response.

Angels know the best way to respond to you and your request. Contact may be indirect by sending you signs, numbers in sequence, or messages while you sleep, or contact may be direct via the “quiet, still voice within.”

How Do I Identify My Angel?
Find a quiet place. Remove electronic distractions. Ground yourself by visualizing yourself connecting to the earth below your feet. Breathe deeply to calm the mind and body. Let your angel know you are ready to release all outcomes (surrender), and you are willing to follow your angel’s direction for your highest good. Then ask for a name and listen for an answer.

Meditation and Prayer Can Open Up the Higher Realm to You
In the last few months, I have been meditating for 20 minutes every day. Besides making me calmer and more productive, the 20 minutes I set aside for myself enables me to connect to the higher realm where I receive information and direction.

During a recent group meditation session, I called on my angel to come in. Through my closed eyes I saw a brilliant, warm white light. I wasn’t the only one who saw the light. Following the session, another lady in the group asked, “Did you see that white light, what was that?!” Her question made me smile.

Cleansing Techniques for Mind-Body Balance

Psychic Viewpoint

What does it mean to be balanced? Everything in moderation? Eating the right foods, getting plenty of rest, drinking water, or exercising? A proper work-life balance? What about making a difference in the world or with humanity, following your dreams, experiencing joy, or just having fun? All of these things are important, but what if we were born to experience even more?

Why Being Balanced is Important

Did you know there are an estimated 100 billion stars and an estimated 10 trillion galaxies and possibly more? If this is possible, why would we assume there is just one planet like earth?

What does this have to do with creating a mind-body balance? If we achieve balance, we can connect with universal consciousness – which is also a great source of information for ideas – in turn enabling us to communicate beyond the physical realm (and speak to loved ones who have passed on) or even talk to people outside of our galaxy. After all, it’s not like we can travel there by commandeering a neighbor’s space ship, so why not connect in another way?

Blocked Chakras Don’t Feel So Good

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. The word Chakra (pronounced shock-rah) comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel, disk or circle. When our chakras are out of alignment or not fully open we experience problems. People can get stuck in life due to a blocked chakra.

The root chakra is our foundation. When it’s blocked, we feel sluggish, stressed, abandoned or exist in survival mode.  A blocked sacral chakra can mean a lack of healthy self-image, inability to have an emotionally and sexually intimate relationship, or we may experience a lack of trust. The solar plexus chakra, when blocked, may cause us to feel anxiety or experience a feeling of powerlessness.  Likewise, a blocked heart chakra can prevent us from giving and receiving love. A blocked throat chakra may make us be afraid to speak up. The third eye chakra, when blocked, may make it harder to make decisions.  And the crown chakra – which is where we connect with universal consciousness – when blocked can cause us to feel lonely and insignificant. For a more detailed discussion on blocked chakras please visit:

The First Step Towards a Better Life Experience is Being Kind to Yourself

When you have done something you regret, you might be inclined to beat yourself up verbally, which tends to create even more stress and problems. You’ve heard the saying: If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? When you have unkind thoughts towards yourself you may veer down a path that causes depression or bad feelings about everything.  One of the best ways to stop this behavior (and serve as a reminder to you) is to say to yourself: Be Kind to Self. The second step is to realize there really is a connection between the body, mind and spirit, and there are ways to improve these connections and get more out of life.

Of course, daily meditation/prayers can help you along the path to self-realization as well.

Feel Better Today Fast by Clearing Your Chakras

This portion of the post was updated 4-7-18. I’ve begun using this technique prior to meditation, and I can honestly say I FEEL the difference. Updated content represented in italics. 

WikiHow has a great article that describes each of the seven chakras and the best way to clear them. I’ve condensed the information for this blog and included illustration provided from the WikiHow post. If you are seeking more detail on this subject, see:

For these series of exercises, you should be in a place that you are comfortable and have enough time to take part in the activity undisturbed. The time limit depends on you. If you can sense how your body feels before you clear the chakra, you will know when your body feels a little different, or a little clearer, which means you can move onto the next chakra clearing exercise. Since the root chakra is the foundation for all of the other chakras I’ve provided a little more detail. The chant should take place when you exhale, and it’s OK to chant silently. If your time is limited, it’s OK to work on one chakra at a time.

Root Chakra – Muladhara – body – color red – represents physical awareness, feeling comfortable in situations. Being in the moment: what is happening right now. Located between the anus and the genitals. Actions: Get active. Housecleaning, yoga or a walk around the block. Do a body scan. Does anything feel out of whack? Visualize sending healing energy to it. Accept your physical self – that means every part of you (even if you think your toes are misshapen for example). Get grounded by positioning yourself on the grass outside (see graphic). Once grounded, sit in a cross legged position, place your hands on your knees, loosely touch your thumb and first finger with each hand forming an “o” with each hand, visualize the root chakra and Chant: LAM. Visualize a closed red flower then watch it open up again.

Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana – mind – color orange – represents feelings, sexuality, and an ability to be passionate. Located at the sacrum (low back). Actions: Open it up by cupping your hands together, palms up, left hand beneath the right hand, thumbs touching gently, while sitting on your knees with your butt on your heels. Chant: VAM.

Solar/Navel Chakra – Manipura – intelligence – color yellow – represents the power center, gives us confidence. Location is just above the navel. Actions: Once again, get on your knees, but this time you will be forming your hands in the prayer position – fingers straight and pressed together at the top, one thumb crossed over the other, arms at a 90-degree angle aligned with the chakra location. CHANT: RAM.

Heart Chakra – Anahata – heart/maturity – color green – love, caring, compassionate about others. Friendly. Actions: Sit cross legged and place your right hand in front of your heart, forming a circle with your first finger/”pointer” finger and your thumb. Place your left hand on your left knee with your fingers in the same position. Chant: YAM and focus on the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – internal power – color light blue – self-expression and communication.  Communication can take place by using your voice or by being creative. Located at the base of the throat. Actions: Sit on your knees with your butt touching your heels. Take your hands and cross your fingers within the other hand. Let your thumbs touch at the top and pull them up. Chant: HAM while focusing on the throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna – knowledge via the paraphysical – color indigo/deep purple – clairvoyance, insight. Located at a point between and just above your eyebrows. Actions: Sit cross legged. Form a heart with your fingers somewhat. Take your first finger on each hand and fold it in so the backs of the fingers are touching. Take the second finger and extend it out, touching the finger of the other hand the same way. Take the remaining fingers and point them inward in the same way as you do the first finger. Take your thumbs, make them straight and touching and extend them towards you. CHANT: OM or AUM.

Give yourself enough time for each chakra. You need to be able to feel the shift or change in your body before moving on to the next chakra. This is particularly true before attempting to open the crown chakra, which is the gateway to universal consciousness.

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – bliss – color purple – wisdom and your connection to your higher power and the universe. Located at the top of the head. Actions: Sit cross legged. Cross your hands and point your little finger away from you while touching the other little finger, which is also pointed outward. Your left thumb should be beneath your right thumb. Chant: NG (I achieve this sound by holding the back of the tongue up towards the roof of my mouth).

What About the Use of Crystals to Balance Energy?

There are other ways you can maintain balance outside of the clearing exercise including eating certain foods, taking part in activities that relate to the chakra, and keeping crystals with you that represent the chakra. For a detailed description on the subject see:

For myself, I meditate daily, which helps me connect with universal consciousness and to those that have passed on. I am looking forward to incorporating this chakra clearing exercise in my daily regimen too.


Psychic Fun Test: Take the Chakra Block Test
Making a connection with the spirit world and universal consciousness begins with clearing out what no longer serves you including negative thoughts, piles of papers (I am guilty on this one!), and dust motes. There are a number of books on Feng Shui which can provide guidance on this subject.

If you are interested in knowing where to start with chakra clearing consider taking a test to find out how blocked or balanced you are. Here are three to choose from, and good luck!

OBEs and Visits from the Other Side

Psychic Viewpoint

Time is fluid in other dimensions, which enables spirits, higher beings and angels to visit us and allows us to travel through time and have Out of Body Experiences. Those spirits that have unfinished business, or prefer remaining here, sometimes stay behind. It doesn’t mean they are in pain, far from it. It simply means they are not yet ready to let go.

Astral Projection, also called an Out of Body Experience (OBE) can occur in several ways: via meditation, as we near sleep, due to extreme physical effort and when we have a near death experience. Stories abound concerning people who leave their bodies during surgery. Patients often describe hovering above the operating table and seeing all that takes place during the operation. Afterwards, they describe in detail what they have seen.

Typically the experience includes such factors as: a sense of being dead; a feeling of peace and painlessness; hearing of various non-physical sounds, an out-of-body experience; a tunnel experience (the sense of moving up or through a narrow passageway); encountering “beings of light” and a God-like figure or similar entities; being given a “life review” and a reluctance to return to life.

Downtown Athens, Georgia Circa 1860

During my first OBE, I found myself traveling into the past purely by accident.

I lived in an apartment while attending college at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. One day, I decided to take a well deserved afternoon nap following a night of study. As I was about to slip into unconsciousness, I suddenly found myself in Athens as it existed in the 1860s.

I saw a trio of women in the front parlor of their house; they were having a party. I then saw them traveling in a carriage down a dirt covered street (now a paved main road).  I traveled to downtown Athens and met an Irishman at an open market and more. Just as suddenly I dropped back into my body. Once I got over the shock of it, I grabbed my purse and drove quickly to the history center where I verified with a historian everything I had seen.  He even showed me an image of the three women (who it turned out were sisters). He said to me, “Most people don’t know this part of the history of Athens, how did you discover the information?” I smiled, gave a vague answer, and left.

Einstein and the General Theory of Relativity

The idea of time travels first appeared on the radar when Albert Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity, which demonstrated that an object’s momentum is determined when measured in relation to something else. However, other factors, such as the pull of gravity and the curvature of the earth can change an object’s momentum. The one constant, when measured, is the speed of light. The closer an object gets to the speed of light, the slower an object travels. Taking this concept a step further, Einstein proposed the idea of the space-time continuum where space exists in three dimensions (up-down, left-right and forward-backward) and time. All factors impact objects in motion: therefore, objects in motion appear to move more slowly than objects at rest.

“The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein (when commenting about the death of his friend).

The Theory of Biocentrism and the Afterlife

More recently, Robert Lanza, MD, says that it’s consciousness and life, not space and time, that defines the universe and reality as we know it. For example, time seems to drag on when we are doing something we don’t like to do versus something we do like to do. Time hasn’t changed, just our perception of it. Likewise, the theory of quantum physics proposes that energy and matter are composed of particles and waves which can exist in multiple states simultaneously, but if observed, energy (such as a light photon) measures only as particles when observed. In December 2017, physicists from the University of Cambridge were able to demonstrate that wave function (movement) can be measured without looking at particles because particles leave tags to define the path of the wave. The experiments at Cambridge confirm both theories.

We are Energy

Human beings are composed of atoms (electrons, protons and neutrons) and empty space, kinetic mass and binding energy called gluons, which keeps it all together. If space and time are continuous, and we are energy, where does all of that energy go when we die? Depending on your beliefs, if we go back to a state of energy, and we no longer have earthly needs or human emotions, then it becomes much easier to rejoin our Creator and exist in a state of Universal Consciousness/Higher Consciousness until the time comes when we decide we want to rejoin the “land of the living,” or not.

“The kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-21

Unearthly Visits from the Other Side

As a clairvoyant, I am accustomed to visitors from the spirit world. Sometimes they make their presence known by voice, as a physical being, as a mist, a feeling, or a thought. What has been most perplexing is when I have an experience with people in spirit form before they die. I’ve researched this topic many times and have not found an adequate answer as to why this phenomenon occurs. I can only surmise that these visits are due to the fluidity of time and bending of time and space. In these situations, the individual or individuals are in energy form and simply travel ahead of the physical person prior to death.

Where is My Mommy?

Three days prior to September 11, 2001, I saw a little girl in my front yard. For three days she repeated the phrase, “Where is my mommy? I can’t find my mommy.” It broke my heart. I knew something terrible was about to happen, and this little girl was going to die.  I told her, “Honey, your mom is not here yet, but she will be with you soon.” I attempted to console her the best way I knew how. For three days, I would see that little girl now and again standing in my front yard. Each time, we would say variations of the same things. Because the event still affects me, I’ve waited until now to look her up in the news coverage of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. I’ve never forgotten her face.

I found an image of her today. Her name was Juliana Valentine McCourt. She was on the ill-fated United Flight 175 that crashed into the south tower. She was four years old. Read her story here:

Jim Always Made Me Laugh

In 2005, I lost a lifetime friend named Jim Warner. He died of cancer. At 1 a.m. the morning of his death, he showed up in physical form. I knew the time because my dog started barking. My boyfriend looked out the window and said, “Someone is beside your car,” and he grabbed his keys. As soon as my dog realized she was barking at a ghost, she whimpered, tucked her tail between her legs and ran inside her doghouse. I was flattered that my dear friend Jim had come to say goodbye.  Meanwhile, before I could stop him, my boyfriend had jumped into his truck to chase down the “stranger.”

Although I knew who it was, I did not stop my boyfriend from leaving as I did not know how to explain the apparition. After all, I never told him I was psychic or that I had ghostly visitors. I had to laugh at Jim’s sense of humor. He was making my boyfriend chase a ghost, especially since Jim had seemingly raced up a nearby hill at record speed to get in his own vehicle and drive away.

I’ve always been told that people go back to the age they like best when they die. Standing there, Jim looked like he was in his 20s again. With his broad shoulders and long blonde hair, he looked FANTASTIC. I smiled and thought, good for you. You are out of pain and happy once again. Jim died at 11 a.m. that day. His legacy is a disc golf course, which was named after him.

Psychic Fun: Trying Out Astral Projection

One of the best ways I have found to have an Out of Body Experience is through meditation. With meditation, you can reach higher realms of consciousness while detaching from present day concerns. Also, and this was purely by accident, I’ve left my body when I was in a boring situation. That’s always a surprise!

Another way to experience an OBE is to get to the point of almost falling asleep.  When you are about to drift off, give yourself a little push and – BOOM – you are out of the body and on your way. Just make sure you visualize a silver cord connecting your “spirit self” to your physical body so you can find your way back to you.

WikiHow offers a number of ways you can prepare to experience an OBE. The basic steps are (1) sit or lie down and relax in a quiet place. (2) Tell yourself you are going to experience an OBE. (3) Close your eyes and almost fall asleep while concentrating on being conscious of your sensations and mental state. For other methods visit:

Have fun!

The Story of the Talking Fish and the Power of Water to Heal

Psychic Viewpoint

Several years ago, I was walking along a stream near my rental house outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, when I heard a voice calling for my help. As I ventured closer, I realized the voice I was hearing was not a voice at all; it was a clairvoyant message I was receiving from the fish swimming in the stream. They said their habitat was going to be destroyed the next day and could I help? Not knowing what I would find, I came back with a camera the following day and took photos of a landowner on the other side of the creek. He was using a backhoe to change the creek’s configuration so it would be shallow and flat. I submitted photographs of the altered trout stream to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), which prompted an investigation. I would like to say the story ended well. Unfortunately, a state senator stepped in on behalf of the millionaire property owner and stopped the investigation.

I understood that day just how important it was to speak up in order to protect the water, regardless of the outcome. This belief is shared by Native Americans who consider water sacred; Anishinaabe women are known as the “water keepers.”


Water has to live, it can hear, it can sense what we’re saying, it can really, really, speak to us. Some songs come to us through the water. We have to understand that water is very precious.

Water is considered an important element in Celtic mysticism as well.

The Celts would perform ritualistic cleansing in spring-fed pools during Beltaine and Samhain. They would leave offerings and trinkets to make amends for offending someone, activate their own powers and appease the spirits and guardians of the water.  It was believed that drinking water from a spring would connect the Celts to the earth.


Springs, lakes and wells, rivers and the ocean are important touchstones in the Celtic quest for Wisdom. Sojourning at springs & wells, awaiting encounters with spirits and divinities, is a discipline to which the Celts were prone.

The belief that water has the capacity to heal and protect can be found throughout the world and in a number of religions.  The Hindus believe specific waterways are sacred and offer spiritual cleansing. Even today, several Christian religions use water to bless and baptize constituents.

Why is Water So Important?

It is estimated that we cannot live for more than a week without water. If a person is dehydrated, the time span can be even shorter. At the end of life, a person will stop drinking water and eating food, which is an early indicator that the person is preparing for death. It’s especially important to hydrate because a human adult’s body weight is made up of at least 60% water.

Does Drinking Water Increase Psychic Ability?

Absolutely. Because water represents the emotions and feelings, it may be a link to improving your psychic ability, according to Drink water, take baths, buy a water fountain, or walk in the rain – all are ways you can improve awareness. And while I don’t really believe there are specific foods that can make you more psychic, I do believe water provides greater clarity, because it makes you more fluid so vibrations can come through more easily.

Enlightenment, Health and Qi (Chi) Activation

Martial artist Erie Montaique believes water can serve as an energy source by activating a person’s Qi, or lifeforce energy. He recommends drinking water when you start your day – before reaching for that first cup of coffee.

First thing in the morning, after cleaning your teeth and doing all of those early morning things, take some pure water into your mouth and hold it there for a count of 7. Then spit it out! This is important. Do this three times in all. On the fourth time, take the water into the mouth and drink it. And that’s all there is to it. You must of course drink water throughout the day at least a glassful one half hour before every meal or snack.

Note from Patricia: I have tried the technique of drinking water before coffee using the method described, and it definitely will make you feel more awake in the morning!

According to, drinking warm water offers the additional benefit of “moving stagnation” by enabling better mental health, relieving depression, anxiety with tiredness and digestive problems.

Drinking More Water Changes Your Vibration

Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu medicine which focuses on health via the mind-body connection, suggests that drinking water from a copper vessel offers additional benefits as it balances the three “doshas” and is believed to “heal wounds, slow aging, fight cancer and combat arthritis.”

To further improve the outcome, you should (1) swirl the water and (2) send healing energy to it, (3) use a neti-pot, (4) consider taking hot/cold showers, (5) consider a water massage (watsu), (6) use steam to sweat out the toxins, and (7) start the day by chugging warm or hot water.

According to NDTV of India, additional benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel include: better performance of the digestive system, weight loss, speedier wound healing, heart health is maintained, aging is slowed, it lowers the risk of cancer, helps the thyroid gland, offers anti-inflammatory properties, improves skin health, and reduces the risk of anemia.

Whether you drink water from the tap or from a copper vessel, it’s important to consume plain water (versus tea) on a daily basis. According to, drinking enough water can:

  1. Help maximize physical performance
  2. Help with brain function and energy
  3. Drinking water helps treat headaches
  4. Helps relieve constipation
  5. May help treat kidney stones
  6. Helps prevent a hangover
  7. Can help with weight loss

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

While much of today’s tap water meets federal clean water standards, not all tap water is the same. To see how your community compares and determine what your tap water supply contains, enter your zip code on the Environmental Working Group’s website: The organization is a great resource for information on water filtration as well.

Can pure water exist? According to, such water would be too positively charged to drink.


In the ’90s, it was proclaimed that Lake Baikal had such pure water that if you were to take a glass of this water, the water would start to etch the glass,” Nyman said, “because water likes ions, it would just take the ions right out of the glass into the solution.

So What is the Best Source of Water for Your Health?

Spring water may be the best water you can drink because it’s full of oxygen, it’s hydrating, it tastes good and offers minerals that may not be available in tap water. To find a qualified spring water source near you, go to:

If there is no nearby spring, you may want to consider filtering your drinking water using a filter attached to your faucet or through the use of a pitcher which contains a carbon filter. Plain water without additives is best as the additives may be considered to be food by the body.

Psychic Fun: Making a Water Witch

Perhaps you’ve heard of a water witch, which may also be called a divining rod or dowsing rod? Dowsing rods are used for a variety of purposes including finding water, wells, energy paths (Chi) or lost objects. While it’s nice to purchase a pair of handmade divining rods from your local metaphysical store, it’s not necessary because you can make them yourself. I made mine using cut up metal hangers, straws and cut up material (for handle wraps). For more information on making divining rods visit:

After I built my rods, I used them in the backyard to find low spots (where water is close to the surface), as well as an old well. I had fun trying this out, and I hope you try it too!

Good luck!


Interview with Stan Holt, Energy Healer



Advice and opinions provided here are for entertainment purposes only and is not to be construed as legally binding in any way. If you have a medical or legal concern, please contact a professional who can address the issue. Thank you!