Harnessing the Power to Heal Yourself

Psychic Viewpoint

Recently, I received a psychic message as I was waking up one morning: Illness appears in the auric field before it manifests in the body. Heal the auric field. Heal the body.

I wondered aloud, “What does that mean?”

The auric field can best be described as an interconnected energy layer that surrounds the outside of our bodies. This energy layer connects to each person’s body via the chakras (energy centers), which directs this energy into the body via the 12 major meridian lines. So not only do meridian lines interconnect planet earth, but our physical bodies are intersected by meridian lines as well.

The medical practice of acupuncture works on this premise: small needles are inserted (depending on the health issue) at designated points along meridian lines. In all, there are 365 acupuncture points on the body located along meridian lines. It’s believed that illness and diseases occur when chi energy is blocked, and acupuncture works by reestablishing the flow of energy.

Stop the Train … of Thought

While genetics, environmental factors and eating habits can have a negative impact on human health, there are other factors that may contribute to illness as well. Critical self-talk, exhaustion, stress, fear, anger, negative emotions and angry words, even loneliness can cause illness and disease.

The key to making a change in your health is becoming aware of the thought patterns and negative emotions that directly impact HOW you feel.

Illness is caused by disharmonious thought processes that mis-program the etheric template, and that gets passed on from the higher to the lower levels. When the gross physical cells are not supported by the proper set of frequencies, they start degrading or dying.

– Dr. Ulla Sarmiento, DVM, PhD, DACVP, Bigpicturequestions.com

Heal the Energy Field, Heal the Disease

Dr. Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA, now deceased, was a forerunner in the study of bioenergy. She believed disturbances of the energy field could negatively impact health and emotions. She created an instrument to detect and record energy being emitted from the human body and discovered that atoms, which are measured from the surface of the body, vibrated at a level that was 1000 times faster than other known frequencies.

Everything is Composed of Energy

In fact, free energy is all around us. The sun provides us with free energy, we just haven’t found a cheap way to harvest it …. yet.  Of course, I am referring to solar energy, which is created by collecting the heat from sunlight on specially designed glass panels, converting it to DC power and storing it in batteries for later use. This free energy from the sun can be used to operate LED lighting, DC-based equipment, electronics and more.

In a recent development, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a way to harvest energy from the air around us by focusing on temperature fluctuations.  The power generated is enough to keep a cellphone operational without a battery.

Connecting with Source Energy

If we can collect and convert energy from the sun, and produce Vitamin D for ourselves in the process, why not connect with energy on a much greater scale?

I am talking about Source Energy, which may also be referred to as divine energy, Christ consciousness, universal energy, and unconditional love, among other things. A regular meditation practice is one path you can take to get there. Acceptance, self-love and a lack of judgement are important first steps too. For more on this topic visit: http://mannabliss.com/what-is-source-energy-how-tapping-in-can-change-your-life/.

The Story of Edd Edwards

Edd Edwards understands Source Energy, and he taps into it for human healing, he says. He believes he can manage the energy fields around us. It’s what he calls bio intrinsic resonant energy, to facilitate healing. Scientific instruments at the University of Virginia are used to measure Mr. Edwards’ ability to manipulate energy.

Lynne McTaggart and Intentional Healing

International author and speaker Lynne McTaggart sees all of us as being part of what she calls a giant energy field – vibrating packets of energy going back and forth between everyone we meet, which creates a larger field of energy encompassing all of us.

Your thoughts are your most powerful tool of all. They have the capacity to affect other things. – Lynne McTaggart

Ms. McTaggart believes the combined factors of the power of intention and group consciousness can heal people. To prove the concept, she created the Intention Experiment to see if small groups, working in unison, can heal each other. The result: yes they can.

When I lived outside of Chattanooga years ago, I had the opportunity to participate once a month in meditative healing practices with a small group of energy healers. Everyone in the group focused healing energy within the group and extended that healing energy outside the group as far as we could. After each session we felt fresh and renewed on a profound level.

Of course, anyone that has participated in group prayer at church or with friends knows it’s a powerful way to focus our intentions on promoting better health and well-being for those that need it.

Psychic Fun: The Practice of Self Love and Healing
This is an activity you can do by yourself that will help raise your awareness.

Choose a day where you can focus on positive thoughts and feelings of love for an entire day. When you hear the thoughts in your head turning towards negative things or if you find yourself saying negative things, stop and refocus your thoughts. Take time to appreciate simple things such as sunshine, flowers, laughing children. In other words, stay positive as much as possible.

At the end of the day, express gratitude for all the good things in your life, regardless if you are thrown a curve ball during the 24-hour period. Then, when you are about to go to sleep, ask yourself: How do I feel? Chances are those nagging aches and pains won’t be quite as bad as they were the day before.

It’s not easy, but I promise you, it’s worth doing and will bring you closer to source energy and collective consciousness. Good luck!

Did I Just See a Ghost?

Psychic Viewpoint

Sometimes ghosts or spirits can appear when we least expect them. You might spot something odd while driving, or when you are rummaging around the house, or even when you are going for a walk. It may be a mist, a bright light, a shadow, or a clearly outlined human form that is faint or almost translucent in appearance. If you’ve experienced this phenomenon in your life, did you turn around to get a better look only to find that nothing was there? Chances are you’ve seen a ghost or spirit.

Consider the Signs

There may be other hints that a spirit or ghost is near, such as a feeling a breeze in an otherwise warm, still room. There may be an unusual scent released in the air, such as the smell of food cooking (it was toast in my house), or pipe tobacco being smoked, or the scent of perfume, cologne or flowers in bloom. You may hear your name called or what sounds like indistinct voices chattering as if a radio is playing with the volume turned down low. Sometimes you can feel a change in the atmosphere before you see it; if so, it means your intuition is becoming more pronounced and ghosts or spirits are reaching out to you.

Ghosts and spirits are not limited to people. Pets can stick around after they have passed away. In the case of one family, the family dog Spot stayed behind to make sure they were OK.

I believe we see apparitions from the corner of the eye as they don’t want to scare us with a full-on view. Peripheral vision enables us to see quick movement from the corner of the eye but not color as that is the responsibility of the cornea, which is located in the center of the eye.

So how do you know if it’s a good or “bad” ghost? As I write this, I am certain some people will disagree, but I believe ghosts are neither good nor bad. All of us have the light of God within us (the spark that gives us life), so that when we pass on, the light remains as energy, and the “bad” or human part falls away. However, some people that die may get lost or stuck in the physical realm and may not know how to ascend to the next level. Also, the person may not realize he or she is dead. These lost souls may be wandering around until they can find someone that responds when they make the effort to get their attention. If it’s you they are reaching out to, don’t be surprised if you hear banging noises or the sound of footsteps. Your electronic device may go a little wonky, or you may even feel something brushing up against you.

The Ghost in the Door

I had an experience in college where the ghost was able to get the attention of a sleeping roommate. His wishes – which were not positive at all – were spoken to me as my roommate was sleeping. Afterwards, a ghostly scowling face appeared on the closet door. At that point, I was awake for the night. Not knowing what to do, I called my mother, who helped me say prayers to calm down the old man. It seemed to do the trick. I received confirmation the next day that he would be more pleasant. He wanted to stay.

Over the next few days, I looked into the history of that apartment complex. It turns out it had been converted from an assisted living facility for the elderly into an apartment complex. It was my Ah Ha! moment of understanding. The apartment was the old man’s final resting place, and he didn’t want a trio of college kids making a racket in his “house.”

Ghost or Spirit – What’s the Difference?

In my experience, ghosts seem to hang out in the location where they died or where life had meaning for them. If I am in a graveyard, ghosts will call out to me. One day, I heard a prayer repeated over and over and over in my head. I began saying it aloud as I walked. After a short while, I stopped and looked, and there before me was a large headstone – a monument really – and on it was inscribed that prayer. The man seemed to enjoy his final resting place and had no intention of “going towards the light.” I wished him well and went on my way. In the case of a child reaching out to me from his or her grave, I take the time to talk to the child, and I let the child know that the final resting place is peaceful and beautiful. I always hope the child will find peace.

Just One More Thing

Sometimes a ghost may have unfinished business and will seek out people that can hear, see or sense spirits, then reach out to that person. I’ve spoken to a number of people who have had these experiences; they want nothing to do with it, or they choose to ignore it in the hope it will go away. I believe it’s a gift to be contacted for help from the other side.  If this situation happens to you and you don’t know what to do, consider lighting a white candle, asking the ghost what it wants, and letting the ghost know that loved ones are just beyond the light. The other option is to ignore the request, of course.

She Just Wanted to Say I Love You

A neighbor of a friend found out I was able to communicate with the dead. He asked me to come by and talk to the former owner who had passed. She was in his house still and was making a lot of noise, he said. The deceased lady let me know she never had the chance to tell her daughter she loved her. She never had the chance to say goodbye. I let the homeowner know the lady’s final wishes. In an unusual twist, the daughter heard the request when I did. She visited the homeowner the next day and said goodbye to her mother.

Another time, there was a lady that lived nearby that was mentally disabled. She had been stabbed to death by her sister’s husband. The moment she passed, she visited me and asked me to help her. For three nights I read passages in the Bible until I found the one she wanted: Psalm 23, the Lord is My Shepherd. I sent an anonymous letter to her sister where I let her know that in death the lady was OK and forgave the woman’s husband.

A Soul at Rest Becomes Spirit

It is my belief that spirits represent those that have died and who have ascended into heaven or their final resting place beyond the physical realm. The individual has found peace or is now joyous as he or she is out of pain or discomfort. Unlike ghosts who are earthbound until they are released, spirits have the ability to travel back and forth from level to level and place to place. They can become angels or protectors as well. While not everyone who has passed comes back to the land of the living for a visit, there are many that do. If you wonder if the messages or signs you are seeing represent your loved one, I would say absolutely.

I’m Dancing Again

I had an elderly friend that volunteered with me at a local non-profit organization years ago. While I knew her, she developed macular degeneration and other ailments. She could no longer drive or read and had to move in with her daughter in South Georgia. She was a strong and independent lady, and the decision to leave her home was difficult. I visited her once in South Georgia, then did not hear from her again. A few months later I had a dream. She was smiling and said, “Look! Look! I’m dancing again!” I knew in that moment that my friend had died, and she was happy.


Psychic Fun: Seeing Beyond the Obvious
This is an activity you can do by yourself that will help raise your awareness.

One of the keys to increasing your awareness is to sit quietly WITHOUT THINKING. The idea is not to define or judge what you see.

For example, try sitting outside for about 20 minutes (set a timer if you need to) and watch a bird as it flutters around. Don’t say, “Oh look at the beautiful red cardinal. Isn’t it pretty as it flies to the branch of that oak tree?” Instead, say nothing and just watch the bird. When you don’t define what you see, you will notice that more of the environmental sounds around you can be heard.

Spending time quietly watching what goes on around you opens your mind, which allows enlightenment to come through. Eckhart Tolle says, “The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.”

Sitting quietly can be a challenge, but it’s necessary if you want to channel information from another dimension. Good Luck!

How Do I Know If I Have a Guardian Angel?

Psychic Viewpoint

I’ve been asked many times if I see angels around the people I meet. Once I am asked, an angelic presence will or will not make itself known, but typically, the answer is a resounding yes!

Angels are commonly defined as supernatural/metaphysical beings that help us when we need it most and serve as an intermediary between God, heaven and humanity. They also carry out God’s work.

Your guardian angel could be a relative or dear friend that has passed away, an angel from a higher realm that is assigned to you when you are born, or an archangel (an angel of high rank). Each archangel serves a special purpose, according to Angel Intuitive Gina Sendef.

Michael: Life Purpose and protection
Raphael: healing mind, body and spirit and safe travels
Gabriel: creativity, communication and conceiving children
Uriel: emotional healing and recalling information
Jophiel: watches over artists, brings calm, “beauty of God”
Haniel: works with the lunar cycles
Ariel: helps create prosperity or abundance, guardian of animals
Zadkiel: helps us remember
Azrael: helps with healing from grief
Chamuel: helps with love, self-love, romance and finding lost items
Metatron: time warping, creator of Sacred Geometry Healing
Raguel: harmony and justice
Raziel: healing from past trauma and pain
Sandalphon: music
Jeremiel: helps newly crossed over souls

How to Determine if an Angel is Nearby
An angel may appear as a slight breeze near you on a day that is perfectly still. You may feel a light tickle around your shoulders, neck or head, which is an angel’s way of letting you know you are not alone. You may see a bright light or “small fog” around you or near someone who is ill. You may feel as if someone is next to you, but when you look there is no one there. You may have an inspiration that you know was not generated by you alone. All are indicators that there is an angelic presence nearby.  Other common signs of angels, according to ask-angels.com, include:

  • Finding feathers in your path
  • Angelic looking clouds
  • Sweet scents with no known origin
  • Angelic music
  • Coins
  • Sparkling light
  • Rainbows
  • Feeling the presence of an angel
  • Temperature changes
  • Messages or signs
  • Whispering voice inside your ear
  • A series of single digits such as 333, 11:11, 222

Calling All Angels!
So how do we access the angelic realm? Remain Positive. Radiate Love. Meditate. Pray. Be Present. Ask for help then be prepared to listen with all of your physical senses for a response.

Angels know the best way to respond to you and your request. Contact may be indirect by sending you signs, numbers in sequence, or messages while you sleep, or contact may be direct via the “quiet, still voice within.”

How Do I Identify My Angel?
Find a quiet place. Remove electronic distractions. Ground yourself by visualizing yourself connecting to the earth below your feet. Breathe deeply to calm the mind and body. Let your angel know you are ready to release all outcomes (surrender), and you are willing to follow your angel’s direction for your highest good. Then ask for a name and listen for an answer.

Meditation and Prayer Can Open Up the Higher Realm to You
In the last few months, I have been meditating for 20 minutes every day. Besides making me calmer and more productive, the 20 minutes I set aside for myself enables me to connect to the higher realm where I receive information and direction.

During a recent group meditation session, I called on my angel to come in. Through my closed eyes I saw a brilliant, warm white light. I wasn’t the only one who saw the light. Following the session, another lady in the group asked, “Did you see that white light, what was that?!” Her question made me smile.

Cleansing Techniques for Mind-Body Balance

Psychic Viewpoint

What does it mean to be balanced? Everything in moderation? Eating the right foods, getting plenty of rest, drinking water, or exercising? A proper work-life balance? What about making a difference in the world or with humanity, following your dreams, experiencing joy, or just having fun? All of these things are important, but what if we were born to experience even more?

Why Being Balanced is Important

Did you know there are an estimated 100 billion stars and an estimated 10 trillion galaxies and possibly more? If this is possible, why would we assume there is just one planet like earth?

What does this have to do with creating a mind-body balance? If we achieve balance, we can connect with universal consciousness – which is also a great source of information for ideas – in turn enabling us to communicate beyond the physical realm (and speak to loved ones who have passed on) or even talk to people outside of our galaxy. After all, it’s not like we can travel there by commandeering a neighbor’s space ship, so why not connect in another way?

Blocked Chakras Don’t Feel So Good

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. The word Chakra (pronounced shock-rah) comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel, disk or circle. When our chakras are out of alignment or not fully open we experience problems. People can get stuck in life due to a blocked chakra.

The root chakra is our foundation. When it’s blocked, we feel sluggish, stressed, abandoned or exist in survival mode.  A blocked sacral chakra can mean a lack of healthy self-image, inability to have an emotionally and sexually intimate relationship, or we may experience a lack of trust. The solar plexus chakra, when blocked, may cause us to feel anxiety or experience a feeling of powerlessness.  Likewise, a blocked heart chakra can prevent us from giving and receiving love. A blocked throat chakra may make us be afraid to speak up. The third eye chakra, when blocked, may make it harder to make decisions.  And the crown chakra – which is where we connect with universal consciousness – when blocked can cause us to feel lonely and insignificant. For a more detailed discussion on blocked chakras please visit: https://blog.mindvalley.com/symptoms-of-blocked-chakras/.

The First Step Towards a Better Life Experience is Being Kind to Yourself

When you have done something you regret, you might be inclined to beat yourself up verbally, which tends to create even more stress and problems. You’ve heard the saying: If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? When you have unkind thoughts towards yourself you may veer down a path that causes depression or bad feelings about everything.  One of the best ways to stop this behavior (and serve as a reminder to you) is to say to yourself: Be Kind to Self. The second step is to realize there really is a connection between the body, mind and spirit, and there are ways to improve these connections and get more out of life.

Of course, daily meditation/prayers can help you along the path to self-realization as well.

Feel Better Today Fast by Clearing Your Chakras

This portion of the post was updated 4-7-18. I’ve begun using this technique prior to meditation, and I can honestly say I FEEL the difference. Updated content represented in italics. 

WikiHow has a great article that describes each of the seven chakras and the best way to clear them. I’ve condensed the information for this blog and included illustration provided from the WikiHow post. If you are seeking more detail on this subject, see: https://www.wikihow.com/Open-Your-Spiritual-Chakras.

For these series of exercises, you should be in a place that you are comfortable and have enough time to take part in the activity undisturbed. The time limit depends on you. If you can sense how your body feels before you clear the chakra, you will know when your body feels a little different, or a little clearer, which means you can move onto the next chakra clearing exercise. Since the root chakra is the foundation for all of the other chakras I’ve provided a little more detail. The chant should take place when you exhale, and it’s OK to chant silently. If your time is limited, it’s OK to work on one chakra at a time.

Root Chakra – Muladhara – body – color red – represents physical awareness, feeling comfortable in situations. Being in the moment: what is happening right now. Located between the anus and the genitals. Actions: Get active. Housecleaning, yoga or a walk around the block. Do a body scan. Does anything feel out of whack? Visualize sending healing energy to it. Accept your physical self – that means every part of you (even if you think your toes are misshapen for example). Get grounded by positioning yourself on the grass outside (see graphic). Once grounded, sit in a cross legged position, place your hands on your knees, loosely touch your thumb and first finger with each hand forming an “o” with each hand, visualize the root chakra and Chant: LAM. Visualize a closed red flower then watch it open up again.

Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana – mind – color orange – represents feelings, sexuality, and an ability to be passionate. Located at the sacrum (low back). Actions: Open it up by cupping your hands together, palms up, left hand beneath the right hand, thumbs touching gently, while sitting on your knees with your butt on your heels. Chant: VAM.

Solar/Navel Chakra – Manipura – intelligence – color yellow – represents the power center, gives us confidence. Location is just above the navel. Actions: Once again, get on your knees, but this time you will be forming your hands in the prayer position – fingers straight and pressed together at the top, one thumb crossed over the other, arms at a 90-degree angle aligned with the chakra location. CHANT: RAM.

Heart Chakra – Anahata – heart/maturity – color green – love, caring, compassionate about others. Friendly. Actions: Sit cross legged and place your right hand in front of your heart, forming a circle with your first finger/”pointer” finger and your thumb. Place your left hand on your left knee with your fingers in the same position. Chant: YAM and focus on the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – internal power – color light blue – self-expression and communication.  Communication can take place by using your voice or by being creative. Located at the base of the throat. Actions: Sit on your knees with your butt touching your heels. Take your hands and cross your fingers within the other hand. Let your thumbs touch at the top and pull them up. Chant: HAM while focusing on the throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna – knowledge via the paraphysical – color indigo/deep purple – clairvoyance, insight. Located at a point between and just above your eyebrows. Actions: Sit cross legged. Form a heart with your fingers somewhat. Take your first finger on each hand and fold it in so the backs of the fingers are touching. Take the second finger and extend it out, touching the finger of the other hand the same way. Take the remaining fingers and point them inward in the same way as you do the first finger. Take your thumbs, make them straight and touching and extend them towards you. CHANT: OM or AUM.

Give yourself enough time for each chakra. You need to be able to feel the shift or change in your body before moving on to the next chakra. This is particularly true before attempting to open the crown chakra, which is the gateway to universal consciousness.

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – bliss – color purple – wisdom and your connection to your higher power and the universe. Located at the top of the head. Actions: Sit cross legged. Cross your hands and point your little finger away from you while touching the other little finger, which is also pointed outward. Your left thumb should be beneath your right thumb. Chant: NG (I achieve this sound by holding the back of the tongue up towards the roof of my mouth).

What About the Use of Crystals to Balance Energy?

There are other ways you can maintain balance outside of the clearing exercise including eating certain foods, taking part in activities that relate to the chakra, and keeping crystals with you that represent the chakra. For a detailed description on the subject see: https://www.quora.com/How-long-does-it-take-to-balance-each-of-the-7-Chakras-in-our-body.

For myself, I meditate daily, which helps me connect with universal consciousness and to those that have passed on. I am looking forward to incorporating this chakra clearing exercise in my daily regimen too.


Psychic Fun Test: Take the Chakra Block Test
Making a connection with the spirit world and universal consciousness begins with clearing out what no longer serves you including negative thoughts, piles of papers (I am guilty on this one!), and dust motes. There are a number of books on Feng Shui which can provide guidance on this subject.

If you are interested in knowing where to start with chakra clearing consider taking a test to find out how blocked or balanced you are. Here are three to choose from, and good luck!





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