The Clairvoyant Experience: Connecting with the Dead

Psychic Viewpoint

Life can be filled with struggles or beautiful moments, depending on your perspective. Once we die, there are no more struggles, pain or worries. In its place is a sense of freedom, energy, and all-encompassing love. Other times, those that have departed may feel they have unfinished business that needs attention and will come back to let you or someone else know they have concerns that need to be addressed.

Sometimes loved ones come back in spirit form to assure us that there is no more that we could have said or done at the time; it was simply their time to go. If someone died with unresolved family issues, the person may want to extend an apology for their behavior. Also, they may want to let us know that they are nearby and watching over us.

I have found that despite the trauma the departed may have experienced at the end of life, death can offer a sense of peace and tranquility. What I hear often is they will help in any way they can if we ask them.

When departed loved ones come back in spirit form, they may come to us in our dreams because we are are more receptive to receiving messages when sleeping, or they may leave signs such as pennies, feathers or a familiar scent or balls of light. Oftentimes, you will start thinking about the person because they provide what I call an “energy signature” with their spirit presence, which causes you to think about them.

When a friend of mine passed away unexpectedly in 2011 and needed to get in touch with me before her funeral, she knew to contact me by messaging me through my cellular phone and computer. Using my devices was effective in gaining my immediate attention!

How Clairvoyants Determine Who is Visiting from Beyond

As a clairvoyant, I receive a combination of images, words, emotions, scents and physical sensations to help me understand who is trying to make contact. Sometimes I see the person but don’t know who it is. A day or two later, I will receive a phone call requesting a reading, and it’s typically someone from beyond who wants to contact the person who needs the psychic reading.

I may hear a name or see the person in my mind. If the visitor wants to make contact with someone specifically, I am able to help that individual determine who is visiting from the other side by describing the person’s posture, height, body shape, hairstyle or other identifying factors. I may get a flash of insight into phrases they used or things they liked to do, such as playing card games.

The deceased person will indicate how he or she passed by sending a brief burning sensation through my chest, or by causing my breath to catch, which could indicate a heart attack or pulmonary issues. I may “see” tumors, a misfiring heart valve or other malady, or experience a sick stomach, brief headache or a shooting pain in some part of my body indicating the origin of the problem; the physical sensations help me describe the manner of death as well.  If the individual was murdered, I may see the murder scene “play out” before my eyes. If the individual died in a traffic accident, I may see a car or bright headlights.

After Death, Memories Shine Through

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When people die, they retain favorite memories of what they loved to do in life. I may see an image of heavy or thick hands or small, delicate hands. If a man enjoyed working with wood or mechanical objects, I will see these things. Likewise, if a woman liked to bake, paint pictures, tend flowers, or surround herself with children, those images will be shown.  If the person had a great laugh or a sense of humor, that portion of their personality will shine through and may cause me to smile or laugh. If the deceased person had a faithful pet, I may get an image of a dog or cat or other pets. They may also provide flashes of favorite memories, such as a father reaching out to his daughter as she learns to walk.

Sometimes when a dog or cat dies before the owner, I will see the pet still attached to the person, which to me is beautiful because it shows that unconditional love exists beyond death.

Gone Too Soon

So why do some people seem to die early in life? The simple explanation, in my experience, is their lives were meant to brief. I’ve never forgotten a little girl named Kathy I once knew who had a heart condition. She finally received a new heart at age 12, which caused her to grow rapidly over the course of a year. With her new heart, Kathy was able to experience life as a normal preteen. Unfortunately, her body rejected the heart she was given, and she passed away. While it saddened me that she was gone, I understood later that she discovered true happiness by “being normal,” and that was all she wanted.

When older people die unexpectedly, it may be that they prefer not to prolong the process of aging. Perhaps they did not want to end their days in a nursing home, or create a situation where another family member would be required to care for them. It may be that the individual was losing the ability to think or communicate as he or she wanted to do, or the person was no longer able to walk or move around without pain.

Sometimes death comes as a surprise. For example, if someone dies in an auto accident, or has a fatal heart attack or aneurysm, there may be words left unsaid. In those situations, you may be visited by the person while you are sleeping, or you may sense their presence when you are awake. If that is the case, find a photo of the individual, and speak to it. Let the person know you are thinking of them and they are missed. Light a white candle for them and wish them peace. If there is something that needs to be said, ask them to tell you in your dreams so you can share the information with the people that need to hear it.


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