The Raven. The Dark Spirit. And the Chihuahua.

Psychic Viewpoint

This is a story of the hold of heroin on the spirit of a young man and how the raven showed up to tell the tale.

One day a few weeks ago, a raven showed up in my backyard and perched itself on the base of a limb not far from my back steps. He cawed and cawed as he looked at the ground in front of me. It was then that I saw and felt a dark spirit before me. It was small, about 2 feet by 3 feet. It was dark in the center and gray and blurry on the edges and hovered just above the ground. The raven showed up the next day and perched on a tree limb to the right of me, looked at the ground and cawed and cawed again.

I wondered what the small entity was as I sat on the steps and watched it hover. I knew it was looking for something to attach itself to, but it could go no further. It did not have the strength to enter my house.

The raven had brought a message to me three days before I was contacted to provide a psychic reading for a grieving father.

The evening following the reading, I let my Chihuahua outside in my backyard. He stood just beyond the bottom of the steps and strained his neck to look up. I called his name and asked him what he was looking at. I saw the shining, beautiful spirit of a handsome young man. He was tall. He was smiling.

It was then I realized that the dark spirit I had seen hovering above the ground had been attached to him during his lifetime. The dark spirit was his heroin addiction. It was no longer attached to him. He was now free. He was happy.

In the ensuing few days, the young man told me more. He said heroin was more than a drug. The addiction was akin to a religious experience. It created a sense of euphoria and connectedness he had not found in life. He did not know there were other things he could do to achieve the same state of being – such as prayerful meditation.

After I received the message and delivered it to the young man’s father, the raven did not return. The dark entity departed.

While it was sad that a beautiful young man had to die in the face of addiction, his loss provided a greater understanding of those that use heroin to find a state of rapture. In his death, this young man finally found peace. I am hopeful that by sharing his experience, others who face similar issues with themselves or family members will realize that there are alternatives to the hold of heroin.

I hope you find peace as well.



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