The Story of the Talking Fish and the Power of Water to Heal

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Several years ago, I was walking along a stream near my rental house outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, when I heard a voice calling for my help. As I ventured closer, I realized the voice I was hearing was not a voice at all; it was a clairvoyant message I was receiving from the fish swimming in the stream. They said their habitat was going to be destroyed the next day and could I help? Not knowing what I would find, I came back with a camera the following day and took photos of a landowner on the other side of the creek. He was using a backhoe to change the creek’s configuration so it would be shallow and flat. I submitted photographs of the altered trout stream to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), which prompted an investigation. I would like to say the story ended well. Unfortunately, a state senator stepped in on behalf of the millionaire property owner and stopped the investigation.

I understood that day just how important it was to speak up in order to protect the water, regardless of the outcome. This belief is shared by Native Americans who consider water sacred; Anishinaabe women are known as the “water keepers.”


Water has to live, it can hear, it can sense what we’re saying, it can really, really, speak to us. Some songs come to us through the water. We have to understand that water is very precious.

Water is considered an important element in Celtic mysticism as well.

The Celts would perform ritualistic cleansing in spring-fed pools during Beltaine and Samhain. They would leave offerings and trinkets to make amends for offending someone, activate their own powers and appease the spirits and guardians of the water.  It was believed that drinking water from a spring would connect the Celts to the earth.


Springs, lakes and wells, rivers and the ocean are important touchstones in the Celtic quest for Wisdom. Sojourning at springs & wells, awaiting encounters with spirits and divinities, is a discipline to which the Celts were prone.

The belief that water has the capacity to heal and protect can be found throughout the world and in a number of religions.  The Hindus believe specific waterways are sacred and offer spiritual cleansing. Even today, several Christian religions use water to bless and baptize constituents.

Why is Water So Important?

It is estimated that we cannot live for more than a week without water. If a person is dehydrated, the time span can be even shorter. At the end of life, a person will stop drinking water and eating food, which is an early indicator that the person is preparing for death. It’s especially important to hydrate because a human adult’s body weight is made up of at least 60% water.

Does Drinking Water Increase Psychic Ability?

Absolutely. Because water represents the emotions and feelings, it may be a link to improving your psychic ability, according to Drink water, take baths, buy a water fountain, or walk in the rain – all are ways you can improve awareness. And while I don’t really believe there are specific foods that can make you more psychic, I do believe water provides greater clarity, because it makes you more fluid so vibrations can come through more easily.

Enlightenment, Health and Qi (Chi) Activation

Martial artist Erie Montaique believes water can serve as an energy source by activating a person’s Qi, or lifeforce energy. He recommends drinking water when you start your day – before reaching for that first cup of coffee.

First thing in the morning, after cleaning your teeth and doing all of those early morning things, take some pure water into your mouth and hold it there for a count of 7. Then spit it out! This is important. Do this three times in all. On the fourth time, take the water into the mouth and drink it. And that’s all there is to it. You must of course drink water throughout the day at least a glassful one half hour before every meal or snack.

Note from Patricia: I have tried the technique of drinking water before coffee using the method described, and it definitely will make you feel more awake in the morning!

According to, drinking warm water offers the additional benefit of “moving stagnation” by enabling better mental health, relieving depression, anxiety with tiredness and digestive problems.

Drinking More Water Changes Your Vibration

Ayurveda, a traditional Hindu medicine which focuses on health via the mind-body connection, suggests that drinking water from a copper vessel offers additional benefits as it balances the three “doshas” and is believed to “heal wounds, slow aging, fight cancer and combat arthritis.”

To further improve the outcome, you should (1) swirl the water and (2) send healing energy to it, (3) use a neti-pot, (4) consider taking hot/cold showers, (5) consider a water massage (watsu), (6) use steam to sweat out the toxins, and (7) start the day by chugging warm or hot water.

According to NDTV of India, additional benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel include: better performance of the digestive system, weight loss, speedier wound healing, heart health is maintained, aging is slowed, it lowers the risk of cancer, helps the thyroid gland, offers anti-inflammatory properties, improves skin health, and reduces the risk of anemia.

Whether you drink water from the tap or from a copper vessel, it’s important to consume plain water (versus tea) on a daily basis. According to, drinking enough water can:

  1. Help maximize physical performance
  2. Help with brain function and energy
  3. Drinking water helps treat headaches
  4. Helps relieve constipation
  5. May help treat kidney stones
  6. Helps prevent a hangover
  7. Can help with weight loss

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

While much of today’s tap water meets federal clean water standards, not all tap water is the same. To see how your community compares and determine what your tap water supply contains, enter your zip code on the Environmental Working Group’s website: The organization is a great resource for information on water filtration as well.

Can pure water exist? According to, such water would be too positively charged to drink.


In the ’90s, it was proclaimed that Lake Baikal had such pure water that if you were to take a glass of this water, the water would start to etch the glass,” Nyman said, “because water likes ions, it would just take the ions right out of the glass into the solution.

So What is the Best Source of Water for Your Health?

Spring water may be the best water you can drink because it’s full of oxygen, it’s hydrating, it tastes good and offers minerals that may not be available in tap water. To find a qualified spring water source near you, go to:

If there is no nearby spring, you may want to consider filtering your drinking water using a filter attached to your faucet or through the use of a pitcher which contains a carbon filter. Plain water without additives is best as the additives may be considered to be food by the body.

Psychic Fun: Making a Water Witch

Perhaps you’ve heard of a water witch, which may also be called a divining rod or dowsing rod? Dowsing rods are used for a variety of purposes including finding water, wells, energy paths (Chi) or lost objects. While it’s nice to purchase a pair of handmade divining rods from your local metaphysical store, it’s not necessary because you can make them yourself. I made mine using cut up metal hangers, straws and cut up material (for handle wraps). For more information on making divining rods visit:

After I built my rods, I used them in the backyard to find low spots (where water is close to the surface), as well as an old well. I had fun trying this out, and I hope you try it too!

Good luck!

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