Time Travel and Other Dimensions At Your Door

Psychic Viewpoint

A couple of interesting experiences occurred recently, which made me realize that if you think about something long enough or talk about it, it can come into being in a most unusual way.

The Birds

Last week, I began taking photographs to document the variety of birds in my backyard. It occurred to me that I did not have a picture of a blue jay. The next day, I glanced at the birdbath in the backyard, and there, perched upon it, was a baby blue jay. I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures as he sat there looking at me with sweet eyes. I thought, “I wonder if he would let me pet him?” He did, so I petted his soft wing for about 5 minutes. However, when I reached up to rub the top of his head, he became alarmed and flew to a nearby tree.

The next day, I described the experience to a friend. He said, “My mom used to keep her windows so clean that birds would fly into them all the time. I tried to save the birds; sometimes I was successful and sometimes not.”

That afternoon, I heard a loud THWACK against my window. I thought, “What in the world was that?!” I ran outside and found a large cooper’s hawk lying on the ground below the window. His right wing was extended as if he had used it to brace himself when he fell.  All I could think was – “No, no, no, please be OK!” I did not want to touch the hawk because he had sharp talons and a strong beak that could break my fingers. Instead, I called out to him from a safe distance, “Are you OK? Are you OK?” The bird lifted his wing, shook his head as if shaking out cobwebs and turned his head around to look at me. Once he realized a human being was asking him questions he flew into a cluster of distant trees. As I watched him fly away, I thought about the conversation I had with my friend earlier in the day about birds hitting clean windows. I asked my friend not to talk about the subject again as  it caused a bird to hit my window. He smiled and said, “Let’s talk about winning the lottery instead!”

The two experiences made me think: If talking about something can make it happen, can alternate realities be brought into being the same way?

A Wrong Turn or the Right Moment?

Stories abound about people taking a wrong turn and finding themselves in another place entirely, even other dimensions. There is the story of Lerina Garcia, who woke up one morning in different pajamas under different sheets then the ones in which she fell asleep. Her old boyfriend was her new boyfriend, and she worked in a different office within the same building.

There’s another story about two young brothers who decided to go out exploring in the area where they lived. They happened upon a paved road, which was odd as the roads in the area were composed of gravel. When they started walking down the paved road they noticed non-native trees. As it was getting dark, they decided to go home and explore the road again the next day. They returned to the same spot the following morning only to find that the road was gone and native trees covered the area where the road had been only the day before.

Parallel Universes and Time Travel

Astral Projection (Time Travel) is one method you can use to enter different dimensions. Regular meditation practice can enable you to travel to other dimensions and higher planes of existence as well. Likewise, psychics will sometimes leave the body or enter an altered state of consciousness (a higher plane) to access information that may be relevant to you.

Astral projection is not limited to the metaphysical community. If someone undergoes a traumatic experience, the person may leave the body temporarily to avoid what the conscious mind can’t handle in that moment. Also, as you are drifting off to sleep, it’s possible to leave the physical body as well, which means you can literally travel where you want to go in your dreams.

It’s All About Your Vibration

According to the famous physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, alternate realities can exist in the same space and time, but we do not see these other dimensions because we don’t vibrate at that particular frequency. Dr. Kaku calls it a 10-dimensional universe unified by superstrings, which allow for the bending and warping of space and time. Dr. Kaku hopes this unified theory of everything, which cannot be proven using present day mathematics, will eventually be proven and used to explain everything around us from protons to atoms to our own DNA.

Are There Portals to Other Dimensions?

You’ve heard about the Bermuda Triangle and its supposed effect on planes and boats. But are there other geographical locations around us that would allow us to step into other dimensions? Mike Chen, in his Youtube Channel Beyond Science, describes five possible vortex/portal locations including Lake Michigan, Stonehenge, and Sedona, Arizona.

Shifting Conscious Thought to Reach Other Dimensions

My grandmother used to say, “Don’t borrow trouble,” because she did not believe it was a good idea to worry. Of course, it’s only natural that we sometimes find ourselves worrying about possible outcomes before something has taken place. It may seem OK to worry, but if our thoughts can create an outcome, why not change the way we think? Granted, sometimes we are meant to go through unpleasant events to achieve growth or enlightenment. However, there is an entire universe of possible outcomes that may be better if we change our focus. Next time you decide to worry about something, stop for a moment and consider shifting your focus to love instead. The results may surprise you.


Psychic Fun: Experiencing Astral Projection
This is an activity you can do by yourself that will help raise your awareness.

Sometimes, astral projection can occur entirely by accident. For instance, as you are drifting off to sleep, you may feel your body give a sudden lurch; this may be a sign that your light body is “on the move.” It’s that easy. So why not give astral projection a try?

wikiHow offers step-by-step instructions on the subject, which can be found here: https://www.wikihow.com/Perform-Astral-Projection.

Good luck!

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