Transforming Consciousness Through Compassion

Psychic Viewpoint

If you keep up with the daily news, you may think the world is becoming increasingly uncaring and people don’t show compassion for each other anymore. Instead of focusing on the drama playing out in the national press, consider shifting your focus towards what is going on around you.

What is compassion exactly? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines compassion as: “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” That may seem like a tall order to fill. Know that you are not expected to change the world. By lending a helping hand, a listening ear, a genuine smile or a caring touch, you are being compassionate, and those simple acts can create transformational change in yourself and in others. After all, we don’t know what battles someone else has been through before interacting with us, so it’s best to take the path of caring and kindness when we can.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”  – Ronald Reagan

What does compassion have to do with the psychic realm? By letting go of judgement and increasing our level of awareness by tuning into others, it’s possible to reach a higher level of consciousness and become empathic.

A Word on Empathy and Empaths

Feeling empathy towards others allows us to feel and show compassion. Empathy is also a well-known term in the psychic world. Empathy, also called clairsentience (clear feeling) means taking the time to understand someone by establishing an emotional bond, even a temporary one, so you can sense the person’s feelings and emotions. Once you are able to connect with another person in this way, it’s easier to transition to the next step: psychic impressions. A true empath can feel everything, including the physical and psychological pain of plants, animals and people around them. Of course, no one wants to be empathic all the time. To prevent feeling the emotions of others 24/7, take time to shield yourself daily by visualizing a bubble of white light around you. Ground yourself by picturing roots growing from the bottoms of your feet that travel deeply into the soil. Take deep breaths before stepping out of your front door to face the world. And when you come across feelings that you are unsure of, ask yourself, “Are these my feelings or do they belong to someone else?” You should get an answer.

Controlling empathic capabilities is a great way to increase your own psychic awareness.  For more information on controlling the empath in you visit:

Take the first step towards increased awareness by becoming more compassionate in daily life.

  • Establish a daily ritual, such as meditation, taking a walk, and/or setting an intention where you contemplate compassion.
  • On a regular basis, express gratitude to yourself and others.
  • Practice empathy by first being aware of your own pain. Recognizing it in yourself will help you see it in others.
  • Acknowledge your similarities with others.
  • Understand the various problems inherent in individuals, animals, and nations.
  • Consider the regular practice of lovingkindness. For example, smile or say kind words as often as possible, even with strangers.

Give it Some Time

Deciding to be more compassionate doesn’t mean the change will occur immediately. While some people have a natural ability to maintain a compassionate focus in life, it is a learned ability for most of us. Give yourself time to adjust.  For myself, I volunteer my time with several organizations; this helps shift my focus beyond my own needs towards the needs of others.

Opportunities to be compassionate with others go hand-in-hand with increased awareness. Increase your awareness by …

Appreciating the beauty of the moment. Enjoying quietude.
Understanding the great qualities that make you uniquely you.
Accepting what you cannot change. Releasing control.
Letting go of the outcome. Keeping the right focus.
Understanding the connectedness of Body-Mind-Spirit.
Feeling love. Sending Love.
Taking the time to breathe deeply.
Forgive yourself and others for past experiences that prevent you from enjoying your life

Activate Your Awareness

Recently, a gentleman at my gym noticed me and made eye contact, as if he was seeing me for the first time. I had noticed him before as I like to be aware of my surroundings when I work out. As he walked by I noticed something wasn’t quite right. It dawned on me that he was exhibiting the first signs of a heart attack; he just didn’t know it yet. I called one of the trainers over and asked him to help him. I said, it looks like he’s having a heart attack. At that moment, the man became pale, sat down and started sweating. The trainer called an ambulance.

While I don’t know the outcome to the story, I am hopeful that early intervention helped him. Had I not been aware of my surroundings and “in the moment,” I may have missed the opportunity to extend a helping hand. This experience and others keep me going in the right direction.


Psychic Fun: Raising Your Vibrational Level

To raise your vibrational level you need to get out of your own way. Simply put, it’s difficult to get past “ground zero,” if your thoughts and feelings dominate your mind and heart. Empty your mind by taking deep breaths. Ground yourself then focus on something simple like a candle flame or by saying the word ohm over and over (or a word of your choosing). Your body will let you know if a change or shift is occurring. You may experience a quickening heart rate, beads of sweat on your forehead or a sense of free-falling (Don’t worry, you have a parachute). You may experience a moment of panic as the sensation is unfamiliar. Know that it will be OK, you are simply experiencing an expanded state of consciousness. 

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