When did you know you were a psychic?

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So many people have asked me when did you know you were psychic?  And then the follow-up question: So what am I thinking now?

I think I’ve always known I was psychic, but I could not put a name to it for a long time. Things became clearer when I was 13.

The Voice Inside My Head
That was when my family took a 2-week trip in a Winnebago out west.  While we were traveling through Los Angeles I heard a voice inside my head say: make sure everyone is secure. So I walked around and made certain my mom and dad had seat belts on and my brother and sister were sitting and sort of lodged against a table. I took my dog and headed for the back of the vehicle and wedged myself against a wall with my dog in my arms. A few minutes later, our vehicle struck an immobile car and everything went flying. My mom’s head hit the dash but she was held in place by the seat belt. My brother and sister fell beneath the table and I fell forward in the back. No one received anything more than scratches that day. When question markI look back, I would say that was the first very clear act of cognition I can recall.

So What Am I Thinking Now?
Psychics are used to being asked the question what am I thinking now?  The answer is not always simple. For me, if the individual is thinking a million thoughts at once (and you know who you are!) it’s hard to get a fix on one or two things. But if the person has a singular thought or image in a moment
than I can see it fairly clearly.  It was in my early 20’s that I first realized I could hear someone’s thoughts. It was a disturbing realization because, let’s face it, not everyone says what they think. Today, I try not to delve into someone’s head out of respect for the person’s privacy.

Communicating With Pets

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Pets are sometimes perceived as simple creatures with basic needs. What I have come to realize is that animals can have more complex thought patterns and are capable of communicating at another level, if we are just willing to listen.

We carloco muge about our pets, certainly, and want what’s best for them, but we don’t always understand what their needs are. Sometimes it helps to understand a pet’s history.  Did they face early trauma – were they abused or dumped? When we lash out in anger does it bring those old, buried traumas to the forefront? Do our pets act out and do bad things based on old fears?  Do they act out because you no longer give them attention? Do they respond positively to someone you’ve just met because they are reminded of someone who was kind?

Animals respond to our energy and emotions and perceive in ways we don’t always understand, such as the way they may respond to changes in the weather or the threat posed by a stranger.

I believe in practicing mindfulness when spending quality time with my pets. The term Right Mindfulness is based on the teachings of  the eight-fold path of Buddhism, and can be defined as being aware of (in) the present moment while being connected in body-mind-spirit.   Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh  believes mindfulness comes when we do not assign thoughts to a situation. Likewise, Eckhart Tolle, who defines mindfulness as the Power of Now, teaches us to walk in silence.  Mindful meditation has created a heightened awareness which is useful when communicating with pets.

Mindfulness can be practiced by doing simple things such as taking a walk or washing the dishes or drinking a cup of coffee. The main objective is NOT to think. Rather, just remain firmly in the present and enjoy the moment for what it brings.

“Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly,” – Thich Nhat Hanh

As a healing channel, the practice of mindfulness is helpful to me with animals because I am less distracted by my own thoughts.  I have had experiences where my pets and even other people’s pets come up to me and ask for help with a physical ailment or past
trauma. Sometimes I am able to help and sometimes not. In one situation, I was able to help the dog’s “parents” understand what the dog dealt with in the past. I was able to give them sound advice on ways to reassure the pet and socialize it. Other times the pet may ask for help with a physical ailment such as aching joints. Giving your pet a massage is terrific and helps connect the two of you on a deeper level.

My first experience with a clairvoyant pet happened when I was six. My schnauzer and I were at the playground when a man with malevolent intentions came up to me and said a friend said it was alright to walk through the woods with him. Before I knew it, my dog started growling and looked into my eyes. I clearly heard the word, “run,” which I did. My dog started barking and snapping at the man, which caused the man to back up a little bit, and my dog ran home after me. It was at that moment that I realized that animals can communicate on the psychic level.

Take the time to practice mindfulness in daily life. It’s amazing how this one simple action can open up the lines of communication for you and your pets.






Picking Mr. or Ms. Right

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Sometimes clients come to me to ask me about the mate they are with or the mate they hope to meet. In these situations I refer them to the teachings of the Law of Attraction (http://www.loveorabove.com/blog/law-of-attraction-relationships/) and Abraham Hicks (http://www.abraham-hicks.com), which means you need to get out of your own way to let love in.  The philosophy of the Law of Attraction is like attracts like.  Make space for the right person in your life and believe it will happen and it will – create that vision board, or that picture of the perfect couple, list the qualities you are looking for, and believe you deserve it. Erase self doubt and stay positive and bring more positive events to you!

M and JIn one way, the Law of Attraction espouses the same philosophy – know what you want and hold that positive vibration for 17 seconds or more to bring that person into your reality.  The key to both is positive thinking. Certainly, you know what you don’t want – so why focus on what you don’t want? Chances are if you focus on what you don’t want you may bring a new relationship into your life, but the problems remain the same.

If you want a new relationship in your life, write down what you are looking for and keep your focus on it. You may be surprised at the results!

The Voice Within

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Every day, we are guided by unseen forces. Each of us has the gift of clairvoyance.
Some call it an inner voice, others refer to it as deja vu’, or call it a gut feeling, such as having a sense that we have been somewhere before, or when we suddenly stop what we are doing when we get that feeling in the pit of the stomach that we may be entering a difficult situation. Most of us dismiss these feelings as being invalid for one reason or another. When you are not able to tune in to your own situation, a psychic can help.Pretty Girl small

Psychics are able to look at a situation dispassionately and see what’s ahead, providing you with clarity and guidance needed to make better decisions.

I rely on the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, The Ancient Ones and my ancestors to provide me with information to help you gain a better understanding of your life. Sometimes messages come to me about things you are not asking about but may need to hear.

If you would like a private reading, reach out to me on my contact page. I would love to hear from you!



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